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  1. I was on the Port of Miami webcam today and noticed it was pretty empty - wondering where they'd all gone. Thanks for sharing!
  2. OK thought I would circle back with an update. Finally had the refund of taxes/fees, pre-paid gratuities and cruise planner items show up on my credit card this morning. Looks like it was "posted" on April 27 but didn't show in my account until today. My refund took 48 calendar days or 35 business days. As others have posted, it came in two different amounts but equal what was owed after backing out the FCC amount. To everyone else waiting, hang in there!
  3. Thanks for sharing the article but I have to admit I'm getting a little tired of all the finger pointing at the cruise industry. Where's the exposé on the airline industry and how they helped spread the disease globally before everyone really knew what we were facing? Very easy to sit here a few months into this thing and say travellers and businesses should have acted differently. We could also say that we in North America should have seen it coming once we saw that it was gaining ground in Europe. And yet, even in early March, a week before the start of school break for students, our premier in Ontario was saying "go and enjoy your vacation." Less than a week later, it was all about social isolation, school being cancelled and travellers needing to self-isolate for two weeks once back from a trip. Prime Minister Trudeau was telling Canadians abroad that it was time to come home while they still could. We were due to cruise on the Anthem for March break. We decided to cancel on Tuesday (03/10) after the Canadian Medical Officer said in a news conference that Canadians needed to avoid cruise ships (with four children, we were concerned: What if we couldn't get back through the border after the cruise? If we did get into the country, what if we were directed to quarantine at a military base instead of being able to go home?) Thursday afternoon (03/12) as the kids were getting home from their last day of school before the break came the news that school was cancelled for the rest of March (extended to mid-May and now to start of June). Friday (03/13) Royal themselves suspended operations. That's literally how quickly things developed. Again, very easy now to look back and say "How come the cruise lines didn't do more in mid-February?" We can ask the same of our governments. How come we didn't close borders sooner? How come we didn't recommend social distancing sooner? etc, etc. Hindsight is always 20/20.
  4. I'd be curious to know this too. Currently at day 46 waiting to be refunded for port taxes/fees, cruise planner items and prepaid gratuities for a cruise I cancelled on 03/10 that was supposed to leave 03/15 (if I had had a crystal ball I would have waited out Royal and been able to get the full refund option). Pretty frustrating to read that people who initiated a cancellation after me for cruises in the fall are getting refunded first. It got me thinking that perhaps there was an issue with my file as some others have reported. When I sent an email to my TA to ask about inquiring if there was a problem, I was sent a reply to "just be patient." At this point I'm going to wait it out a full 60 days and then contact Royal myself. I think that's being very patient!
  5. We are in a similar boat. We were due to cruise 03/15 but cancelled just a few days before Royal on 03/10. We received our FCC but are still waiting for cruise planner items, taxes/fees and pre-paid gratuities to be refunded. 44 days and counting. My parents were due to cruise with us and they received their FCC and a refund of cruise planner/taxes and fees on the same date on 03/19. Not sure why their refund was processed so quickly while we're still waiting. You would think that since we cancelled ahead of Royal's suspension of services we would have seen our refund before the onslaught of all the mass cancellations but I am reading here of people who cancelled after us getting their refunds so who knows what is going on over there. You might want to reach out to your cc in a week if you don't see anything by then. Good luck!
  6. Agree with what others have said. We cruised from NYC the past two Decembers and had similar experiences. I will note that for both cruises, the first full sea day were extremely rough. For the December 2018 cruise, our sons were with us and my youngest was quite sick and vomiting. A frequent cruiser that we met on an excursion later in the trip said that she was sick for the first time in all her many cruises (think 60-something cruises) and that a lot of the staff she was speaking to had also experienced sea sickness. We came to understand later that there had been a nasty storm in the Carolinas as we were passing the coastline and chalked it up to that so we were very surprised to encounter it again on the cruise in 2019. Barf bags out everywhere and a very quiet ship the first day. We had been severely delayed boarding the day before and in speaking with staff the delays were due to rough conditions in the harbour on embarkation day. In terms of weather, as others have said, don't expect to be outside. In 2018, my sons did go to the kids splash works on the second sea day but I would say it was no warmer than 15 Celcius and too cold for me but your kids might think it's just fine. We are also eyeballing this cruise to replace the March break one that was just cancelled. We're only concerned about the amount of days we would have to pull the kids from school given how much they are missing right now so are in a holding pattern. The itinerary looks amazing and the length is a nice break - if you do book, happy sailing!
  7. I am assuming the same thing but wondering if anyone here can confirm? Would be great to have a bit of wiggle room and possibly extend to March Break 2022.
  8. I have the reverse scenario. We cancelled our cruise on 03/10 just a few days before Royal suspended operations. We have since received two emails with FCC amounts (the first one 03/19 and then a revised one on 03/26) but have not received a refund of our cruise planner items, taxes/fees or pre-paid gratuities as of yet (38 days and counting). Since you already have your refund, you should be receiving your FCC email any day. Please let us know when you do and if it's presented in Royal math (your fares are evenly split, not based on actual passenger spend).
  9. Thanks for this info. I am in the boat of having my FCC's divided up equally instead of being based on fare paid. Because we were two adults and four children split among two cabins, the math is frustrating as the FCC stands due since my 10 year old son's FCC is worth $676 (as pax 2 in a cabin for 2) whereas mine is $542 (pax 1 in a cabin for 4). Do you happen to know if I want to have the FCCs moved around more equitably for a future booking (given that four of the passengers cannot cruise without an adult), can I contact RCL directly or would I have to work through the agent I booked the cancelled cruise through? Thank you so much for posting new info as it's becoming available.
  10. Don't get *too* excited yet. I have the same cruise planner cancellation email dated March 11th and I still have not been refunded. We cancelled March 10th (so no full refund option for us) and while I have received an email with our FCC value, I am still waiting on a refund of the taxes/fees and pre-paid gratuities even though it's now past 30 days. We were due to board the Anthem on March 15th and like you, we received the app notifications of shows and dining reservations through the week which we enjoyed from our living room. Do keep us posted on when you get your money back!
  11. Yesterday marked 4 weeks since we cancelled under CWC just four days before Royal cancelled the cruise anyhow. Have received notification of FCC (second one two weeks ago tomorrow) but still no refund of our cruise planner items, taxes/fees or prepaid gratuities. Contacted our agent yesterday to ask about investigating the hold up and was told to be patient. My parents were due to cruise with us and they received both their FCC and refund of taxes/fees and cruise planner items three week ago which is why I'm concerned we've fallen through the cracks. I felt that to ask for a follow-up after four weeks and knowing my parents have been refunded was being patient!
  12. Sounds like the OP had made full payment for a cruise in January 2021 well ahead of final payment and thus is entitled to 100% of his money back. With final payment due 120 days prior to the cruise, it would be due sometime in September I would assume.
  13. Yeah, my husband was really getting a kick out of our Royal app notifications that we had a dinner booked or a reserved show in half an hour while we were sitting in our family room. If you are on that app, you may very well get those notifications as well!
  14. I cancelled our 03/15 Anthem cruise on 03/10, a few days before Royal ceased operations so we are unfortunately locked into the FCC option. I received an email of cancelled items from my cruise planner on 03/11 but have not received the refund. I have now gotten two separate FCC letters (first two weeks ago, the second last week) with different amounts but still no refund of the taxes/fees and prepaid gratuities, almost 4 weeks later. I'm surprised we haven't seen any money back because my parents, who were to cruise with us, cancelled on 03/09 and were issued their FCC and received a refund of their cruise planner purchases and taxes/fees two weeks ago. Frustrating - but nowhere near as frustrating as the way the FCCs are being issued split evenly among the passengers rather than based on what my invoice shows as what we paid per person (my 10 year old was PAX 2 in a cabin for two so his FCC is worth more than mine as PAX 1 in a cabin for four. It is also for more than what we paid for him including taxes and fees). Would rather see either the actual amount paid per person in FCC or a total for the cabin in our cases as we were cruising with four minors. They can't cruise on their own by Dec 31, 2021!
  15. Sorry to hear that you are out of pocket, especially given the circumstances. I had to cancel a cruise once because of a medical emergency with a family member. It was before the penalty phase with the cruise line but I still got dinged a $100 PER PERSON USD cancellation charge. It was the first and last time I used that particular online agency. I now only book with companies that have no cancellation or change fee or are willing to waive it to get my booking.
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