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  1. In the past, the kid center would affix a sticker corresponding to your child to your cruise card. How does this work with the medallion? Photo attached for reference.
  2. I'll be on the Caribbean Princess in July 2021. The only info I have is "Roatan, Honduras". I've just heard good things and was thinking about venturing over there when we are in port. Thanks!
  3. Has anyone visited this place? How long was the taxi ride? Was the food good? Family friendly? How much did the taxi cost to get there? I keep seeing things about it and it looks like it is a blast! Is there snorkeling right there next to the bar? Were there larger taxis, like for 6 people? Thanks in advance!
  4. Don't get me wrong. I am very thankful and super looking forward to it. We'll see how it goes!
  5. My mom offered to pay for our trip in the summer of 2021. She and my three daughters are going to share a mini suite, and my husband and I will be in an inside cabin. I haven't been in an inside cabin in 15+ years. I don't normally spend a lot of time in my cabin as it is, but I will miss seeing the sun. Anyone have any helpful tips to get me more excited about an inside cabin? I've already put in my Amazon cart those goofy porthole stickers...
  6. Just booked East/West Caribbean Adventurer this morning and it just seems so far away! I know time flies....
  7. Just looking to see if anyone is looking at 2021 yet and what they might have to offer. My Princess lady emailed me about some possible dates and I was wondering if you all thought it would be too early to book?
  8. My mom is completely blind (been so for almost 40 years). She loves cruising. We go on trips about every other year, and my daughter(s) usually stay in her cabin with her. She is also a type 1 diabetic, but that's a different story. To answer your questions: 1. YES, let them know. The more they know about you before you get on the ship, the better. You can call and also when you fill out your info on the website, note something there. Especially with this being "new", having them know will help him along the way. 2. Nothing specific, same as a sighted cruiser. If you're lucky, sometimes they will escort you to a shorter line; keep that cane visible! 3. I don't know how far along he is, or his progression, but you can totally decorate your door! If he can see shadows, some dark paper or other items to contrast the door could help him find it. Or, especially if you are celebrating, some balloons that stick out a tiny bit in the hall could help him find the cabin along a long hallway, again, depending on how much he can see. 4. Excursions: something where you can feel the "adventure" is great. Maybe a small boat ride, or the dune buggies, or even just renting floats to float along the shore. I think my mom's favorite excursion was one we did where we got to swim with the dolphins; it was fun, interactive, and the only thing she couldn't see were the photos. A couple of other sight-challenged tips. Have assigned seating in the dining room. The wait staff is amazing! Once they realize that someone is blind, I've always seen them go out of their way to help; whether it be cutting the meat up, explaining where the extra sauce is, or even just being a friendly hand. The best thing about cruising with someone who is blind is they can familiarize themselves with the cabin, and still be able to go to cool places! If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact me. Liz
  9. They will provide one. Here is my then 6 month old in the life vest...she wasn't happy. This is June of 2010....check out the old bed spread! HAH
  10. Definitely more diapers than you need, but you can stuff those in everywhere. Kids will make messes, so extra pieces for them. But for yourself, look into a capsule wardrobe (there are a ton of options on Pinterest). Couple of day pieces, couple of evening pieces, one formal outfit. Don't bring a ton of shoes, that takes up a bunch of space. Also, if you tend to overpack (like me), I bring those duffle bags with wheels so I can shove the suitcases under the bed and then there is space in the closet/cabin. I also would suggest bringing a largish sheet/blanket to put on the floor for your baby to play; helped me feel better about the germs lurking around. In common areas, I would use the outside of my nursing cover so she could sit on the floor. If you have any more questions, or need some more advise, I'd be happy to tell you my suggestions. Feel free to dm me.
  11. We've only cruised princess with our little, starting from babies, and our last cruise they were 11, 8, and 5 (all girls). My kids love cruising; there was always something to do, kid center, ping pong, pool, other games and activities. We got some sort of deal and we all got the drink package. I LOVED it and will never sail without it again. I enjoyed the cocktails all day and wine with dinner (plus the specialty coffees afterward). Though it was part of the package, I'm debating on getting it for my kids again on the next cruise. My oldest thought it was so cool to go to the bar and get virgin drinks, etc. I doubt they drank as much of the package as it would regularly cost, but it was worth it for their happiness and experience. At one point, my husband had to cut my kid off from pina coladas. HAH
  12. I don't know which cruise line you are planning to go on, but Princess has a way of tracking "friends" you add to a list on the ship, which you can go to any screen and find them, and there are apps that you can get to monitor them also. My previous experience when I took my then 11 year old last year to Alaska, we looked at the day and figured out places and times we would meet up (I made sure she had a watch on). We would say something like "check in at the pool at 10", or "meet us at trivia at 11:00", so there was constant checking in time. I also didn't want her eating throughout the whole day so we would have meals together. She also enjoyed the youth area on the ship so that was nice to know when she was there. She made friends and the "pack" would travel around the ship together. Like in regular life, communication is key! One of the dorky things I would do is get the activities list and highlight the places and times where I would be so she would always know where I was if she needed anything.
  13. You have definitely made it better!!!!
  14. Buahahahahahahahaha!!!! That's a little much, but its better than nothing!!!!
  15. Absolutely delish!!! Depending on the type, it is some tropical juices, white rum, all blended with a float of dark rum on top!
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