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  1. Obviously not going to take Legend to Europe at all. There goes my Med/TA B2B. Now what am I going to do with all these Carnival gift cards I'd been buying to pay for those sailing?!? LOL.
  2. Did I suggest that? No. But ships have been struggling to find ports to allow passengers to disembark for the past couple of weeks. Once a line decided to stop sending out ships, why didn't they stop the ones already at sea, get permission to disembark the pax BEFORE people started getting sick? Seems it would've been much easier to do this before this pandemic had spread so much. Now that they have sick people on board, it will most likely spread to others (since we now know that people can be contagious for days before they realize they're sick). And finding a port to allow pax to disembark has gotten more and more difficult as time goes by. It would've been the prudent thing to do. Too late now, though!
  3. And still no cancellation of our 4/21 FLL-Montreal sailing on Zaandam. I'm trying to be patient. Not sure why the cruise lines didn't immediately stop all sailing on the date they announced that they were temporarily suspending all cruses. But those that were at sea continued to sail. Maybe I would've sailed had i been booked but I think that even by 3/7, it was becoming apparent that this wasn't "just the flu" and that being on a cruise ship would be just about the worst place for the spread of a new illness for which no one had any immunity. Oh well. It's obvious that steps that could've been taken weren't, and not just the cruise lines. Hope they recover and that if it is Covid-19 that they didn't spread it around South America when they were asymptomatic!
  4. I'm due to sail on Zaandam 4/21 and no word yet. I believe she's still at sea. HAL has ships out there with passengers that they have to get home. Then they have the cruises that have already been cancelled. With over a dozen ships, I'm sure it's taking a lot of time to deal with everything/everyone. I'd love to go ahead and cancel, but I'm going to continue to try to be patient and wait until HAL cancels it. As far as I know, the situation is still that if I cancel, I get the current offer - FCC for my fare paid. That's it. So, I'm hoping that if HAL cancels, I'll get that (or better yet, a refund) PLUS an offer for future OBC, which is what some other lines are doing. Since our cruise was a repo FLL to Montreal - and Canada is closed for business - I'm 99.9% sure they will have to cancel it. Can't change the itinerary since Caribbean ports are turning ships away, too. I get it. It would be nice to know. Just because we believe they'll be cancelling cruises farther out doesn't mean that they're going to say, 'Hey, folks! All cruises cancelled for the next 2 (or 4 or 6) months! They need to take care of things in order. In my business, this is referred as FIFO - first in, first out. They'll get around to us eventually.
  5. Pretty sure this is a personal decision. What I or anyone else would do should have no bearing on what you feel is the right thing for you to do!
  6. Our 4/21 sailing FLL-Montreal is in limbo as well. We just have to wait and see. Would I like to know right now? Sure. But I also understand that the cruise lines have to deal with the situation as it evolves, which means those of us outside the 30-day suspension range will just have to wait. Obviously, the people who were due to sail this weekend, or who are on ships and have to be disembarked and returned home take precedence. We all have to wait our "turn" to see what's going to happen. I do expect our cruise to be cancelled because we had 5 stops scheduled in Canada and the Canadian suspension is until July 1. But I'm trying to be patient and give HAL time to deal with the most-immediately-pressing issues first. I'm hoping for a policy to refund my fare rather than just a FCC since I paid a low casino rate and this 1-time sailing for 2021 is currently showing as 4 times the usual fare! And I only paid 25% of THAT fare! So a FCC wouldn't get me far to rebook. Supply and demand. If this virus abates and doesn't kick back up next fall/winter, I imagine the demand for cruises will be very high with everyone having those lovely FCCs and OBCs to spend, which will drive the prices up. And then people will complain about how they're having to pay more for the same cruise that they couldn't take. Again, supply & demand, folks. Just how it is.
  7. Yeah, I'm on 4/21 FLL to Montreal. So even though Canada won't let us dock, HAL hasn't cancelled the sailing, which is ridiculous. But this is obviously changing daily, so I'm going to just wait and give them a few days. I know we all want instant answers but I do feel for the people having to make these decisions and the logistics involved in it all!
  8. Not what I'm reading. Last I read a couple of hours ago, Carnival wasn't giving full cash back. I'm booked on the 4/21 Zaandam FLL to Montreal. Had to pay-in-full when I booked (a discounted casino fare). Still waiting to hear from HAL. And, no, they haven't had plenty of time to evaluate this. The Canadian government only today said no ships with >500 passengers could dock. How quickly do people think they can respond? I've received no emails from them since the first offer for OBC to sail or FCC to cancel and rebook. But I'm still annoyed that the offer for me to continue to sail was only $100 OBC because I booked solo. So what? I paid for two people. How is that fair? I really like HAL and was looking forward to me 4th sailing. After 30 on Carnival, I'm tired of them. But I'll tell you what. I really enjoyed the 3 cruises I took on MSC last year. They may end up being my new go-to line. Just haven't been impressed with how HAL has handled all this. Still, some of y'all just need to settle down and be patient.
  9. Booked on the 4/21 Zaandam FLL to Montreal. Have been expecting this.
  10. "Similarly, any person with a chronic medical condition who could be at an increased risk if they were to contract COVID-19 should be barred from getting on a cruise ship. Ridiculous. So, you could be 78 and healthy but need to get a doctor's note saying so. But if you're 50 with COPD, they'll let you board because people aren't going to voluntarily admit that they have an underlying condition. How could they possibly enforce that? Only way would be if EVERYONE has a doctor's note saying they were fit to travel. Imagine how much fun check-in would be! Hey, sounds like a good way to scam the public and the cruise lines. Set up an online "MD Cruise Health Verification" business and charge everyone $10 to provide a phony certificate of health. 😆
  11. My wish is to cruise on 4/21. But, since my main purpose was to visit the 5 Canadian ports, I don't see much point in it if we can't disembark. Since I paid a very low casino rate ($199/pp), my FCC won't get me much if I rebook. When I check this same sailing for 2021, it's over $2k for an inside guarantee (including taxes & fees). 😝 I don't think so! So I may have a credit to apply to another sailing, but if this calms down and doesn't come back with a vengeance in the fall, demand will be very high with all those people wanting to rebook, which will drive the prices up. Trying to not worry too much (YET) about my Carnival Med/TA B2B leaving from Venice on 10/20. We have an airbnb booked for 4 nights in Venice prior to sailing. At least I haven't booked my air, yet! Don't want to get stuck with that! Although I'm 67, I'm in pretty good health but have a minor underlying heart issue. I'm going to wait a couple of weeks and then contact my GP and see if she tells me not to cruise. This is such a mess. Part of me thinks the world is way over-reacting. The other part of me would be really annoyed if I put myself at risk and it kills me! 😉
  12. I personally much prefer Curacao to Aruba. For me, Aruba is just another over-priced, touristy island with pretty beaches. I've found Curacao to be much more interesting. Yes, it really helps to get out there away from the port area and see the islands! And also, imo, I could do without Jamaica. I've been to both Montego Bay and Ocho Rios. It is pretty (away from the pier). I did the climb at Dunn's River Falls and enjoyed it more than I expected, but I have no burning desire to ever return. I thought Divina was a beautiful ship. Hoping to sail MSC again before much longer and would like to see Ocean Cay.
  13. I'm also booked on the 4/21 Zaandam, which I believe is the first ship scheduled to call in Canada this season. She's coming right out of dry dock so there shouldn't be any virus hanging about on the surfaces. But that doesn't mean some of us won't pick up something on the flights to FLL! I haven't booked my return flight from Montreal and think I'll use HAL's Flight Ease. I believe that if we then end up just sailing around the US East Coast that HAL will be responsible for getting me home, right? Still ticked off that although I paid for 2 as a solo, they'll only give me $100 OBC. Solo cruisers get screwed yet again. 😡 Anyway, if Canadians aren't supposed to cruise, I'm thinking ships unloading thousands of pax in multiple ports aren't going to be welcome in 6 weeks. Starting to wonder if HAL might end up simply cancelling this sailing if the 5 Canadian ports aren't going to let us dock. I have until the end of the month so still going to wait and see.
  14. I could've sworn I read that it was for new bookings only but now I can't find it. But that may have been Carnival's policy I read. We have until the end of the year to re-book (I'm sailing 4/21 and not yet thinking about cancelling). There's no need for the cruise lines to make decisions that will impact sailings 3 years out. They can always modify/revise/update/add as this plays out. I have a Med/TA B2B on Carnival sailing 10/21 out of Venice. No idea what's going to happen with that. Haven't booked my flight over and won't for a while yet. Who knows. We may not even be able to enter Venice (we have an Airbnb booked for 4 nights pre-cruise). Things may calm down significantly this summer but pick up speed again in the fall. Who knows. We're just going to have to wait and see.
  15. I was denied the SH credit on my Zuiderdam sailing. It was a discounted casino offer (NOT free but significantly less than the "regular" fare). Sailing (hopefully) on another of these fares on 4/21 and will submit for the OBC, but expect to again have it declined. We'll see. Maybe they'll feel generous because I'm actually going to sail rather than cancel.
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