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  1. I've sailed Sunshine twice and didn't hate her. But the things I do when I cruise don't typically involve being in the high-traffic areas at peak times. I think Sunrise has an even worse space ratio that Sunshine, though. And the changes to the layout just don't look like improvements to me (at least just looking at the deck plans). I may end up on Sunrise in January if my HAL B2Bs are cancelled (and I'm afraid they will be AND they were virtually free casino offers 😞 ). I didn't realize Ecstasy had had a recent drydock because I had no plans to ever sail her again. I was in a 1A midship on Riviera and the bathroom flooring had a huge "soft spot" that felt like it was about to cave in. Friends took the upsell to the Owner's Suite, which was gorgeous, but very noisy from the blasting music on Lido. And their little balcony as in poor shape. Anyway, I know there are lots of cruisers who think they just have to sail on the newest, biggest, most bells-and-whistles ships. But there are those of us who prefer smaller ships with a more "personal" feel to them.
  2. Not sure why Ecstasy isn't one. IMO, it was definitely in the worse shape (at least cosmetically) of any Fantasy-class ship I've sailed, and I have about 80 nights on those ships. Even dear, old Fantasy was in better shape when she was in Charleston. Replaced by Ecstasy, and I thought she was pretty rancid. As a fan of older, smaller ships, this makes me sad. I understand that newer builds are probably more efficient to operate, but the re-built Destiny-class ships have an absolutely horrible space ratio, so even if sailing at reduced capacity, they'll feel more crowded than the older ships. Been saying for a while now that if/when there's a viable vaccine, demand will spike and so will prices, especially with so much inventory being removed. Partly why I have 8 cruises booked between Jan 2021 and Feb 2022 - prefer to have my deposits in limbo but have reasonable fares locked in. Supply and demand, folks. Econ 101.
  3. I don't see that the Legend sailings for next fall are cheaper at all! In fact, I'm rather hoping that our final med/TA cruises are cancelled (haven't they cancelled the eastbound sailing so my question is still 'how & when are they getting the ship to Europe?') because I absolutely love the final med/TA I found on MSC and would much prefer to sail. Have cruise friends booked on Legend, though, or I'd go ahead and cancel myself and re-book on MSC. Is OP comparing Carnival fares to sailings on other lines that include perks? Of course those will have a higher starting price that Legend. I haven't been on Legend but have sailed Pride & Miracle. Love the Spirit-class ships. One of the reasons I've liked HAL so much is that the ships are very much like the Spirit-class. I don't like the Farcus-designed ships but I don't really care about decor.
  4. I was sort of joking about the gelato, but, hey, I'll take it! Had some very, very good gelato on MSC Divina (that wasn't supposed to be included in my drink package but I was never charged for it, so maybe that's why it tasted SO good). Two subsequent sailings on MSC Armonia, which only has a limited offering by the pool, but I managed to have it several times each week. I'm not much for sweets, but ice cream is definite weakness of mine. Not like I need any extra calories when I cruise but at least I take the stairs. Gotta work them off at least a little!
  5. I haven't been paying attention to which activities I've done. I know I haven't done any of the social media, so probably just surveys/polls. I haven't yet sailed X (am booked for a March 2021 Infinity sailing), but I already have FIVE club points! Woot!! I'm most excited about the One complimentary scoop of Gelato and Earn Double Club Points when traveling solo. With the double points for my solo inside cabin, after the cruise I'll only need another 125 points to get to Classic. 🤣
  6. Saint Greg - interesting. I'll check with my cruise pals to see if they have received any refunds for the gift card purchases since we were sailing together. I wonder if my TA was able to have them just transfer over the purchased Cruise Cash. I had asked her if that was possible. Since I bought them with discounted Gift Cards and paid less than face value, it made sense to have that transferred rather than refunded to keep the savings intact. I know there are lots of folks out there that don't want the cruise lines keeping their funds, but I figure that if I can't live without a few hundred $$s for a while, maybe I shouldn't be planning any vacations at all. As it is I have EIGHT cruises booked between January 2021 and Feb 2022. Got to make up for the ones I didn't get to take this year. 😄
  7. Did you get a physical card or an eCard emailed to you? I've received nothing from my 1/31 Breeze cancellation. I did not request a refund but I did purchase Cruise Cash when it was on sale and used Gift Cards for the purchase. My TA posted online that people were receiving eCards for the refunds rather than physical cards.
  8. This is why I have 8 cruises booked between Jan 2021 and Feb 2022. I wanted to lock in what I felt were very reasonable fares. I had replaced my cancelled Zaandam sailing with NA in Jan 2021. Price was high but included the new perks and I had an FCC to use. Luckily, I received a casino offer and re-booked that plus the following sailing. Lost some perks but got others and $200 fare can't be beat! The other sailings are on X, NCL and Carnival. And I still have my FCC for HAL. I've been saying for months now that with so many ships being taken out of service, the possibility that ships will have to sail at reduced capacity, and the pent-up demand for replacement cruises, that prices were bound to be way up. It's supply and demand, folks. Supply has been reduced and demand is up. At least for now. Of course the cruiselines will price cruises at the highest prices they can get! If people will book at those prices, then there's no incentive to reduce them.
  9. I really don't know if Carnival Corp has much say in what the individual lines decide. They're all separate corporate entities. Without taking any time to do the research, I imagine they all have their own Board of Directors who, along with upper management, makes the decisions. Too many threads like Princess is doing this, so HAL should do the same. Costa isn't doing this, so Carnival shouldn't either. Yes, most of them are in very similar circumstances right now, but that doesn't mean that they have to proceed in lockstep with each other. And for OPs original question, my Magic 8 Ball says "Who Knows?"
  10. I have >30 Carnival cruises and while I get casino offers, they're not that impressive. I've sailed HAL 3 times and get much better offers from them. I decided that since I almost always have at least one Carnival cruise booked (I currently have 4), they know I'm going to sail so why offer me incentives to book? And they know I'm going to play slots and Roulette in the casino but I'm not a high roller. HAL, OTOH, seems to want me to return, so they give me much better casino offers. Yes, they know I'll not only use the $250 casino credits that came with my offer, but I'll spend more. Of course it ends up not being free! But I'd already booked the 1/9 sailing and would've spent time in the casino, so although I don't get the Have-It-All perks, I do get perks. And, like I said, I now have my FCC/OBC available for the future. I really don't believe the casinos base the offers strictly on past play. I know there have been people who got much better casino offers than me and claim they spend very little. I spend much more time in the casino now that I play Roulette. But, if anything, my offers are not as good as they were when I only played slots. Let's put it this way - I almost never play enough to earn the Drinks on Us card. I think I got it twice. Once on the last night about 30 minutes before I needed to cash out. The second was about halfway through a 14-night Transatlantic. So if I'm playing that little, why send me an offer for a free cruise?
  11. Pretty sure we're all aware that sailing in early 2021 is not terribly likely. I booked the cruises anyway IN CASE they're a go. And, if HAL has to cancel them, then I'm accumulating FCC/OBC for when I finally DO get to cruise. Am I out-of-pocket (for now) for something that may never happen? Yes. If I can't afford to let HAL keep my funds for a few months, then I probably shouldn't be cruising. But most hotels/airlines have very lenient refund/cancellation/rescheduling policies in place for now. What travel insurance will and will not cover is discussed in detail on the travel insurance board. If I decide to cancel because I'm concerned about the virus, that's a personal decision and trip insurance isn't going to cover it. Maybe if I purchase a cancel-for-any-reason, but I typically don't do that. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/499-cruisetravel-insurance/ DaveOKC, I don't have enough points with any hotels to get a free night, but I may have enough to get a discount using $ + points. I've been known to purchase some points when they're having a "sale" on them to get me to a level I need. I'll look into that.
  12. I'm actually a big fan of inside cabins. I love it totally dark when I sleep, so not thrilled with an OV since I'll wake at the crack of dawn. I thought about buying the insurance but, again, the insurance was half the cabin price, so I decided against it. I have SW credits from a couple of trips I didn't get to take this year, so I can use those for the flights. Last several cruises (from both Ft Lauderdale and Miami), I've taken a 7 am non-stop flight. Arrive in FLL about 9:20, get my bags, grab a bagel and coffee and even waiting for a shared shuttle to Miami, I've been at the ports and on board before noon. Stresses me out a bit, flying in the morning of, but I've probably done that the past 6 or 7 cruises with no problem. Of course, it only take one mechanical/weather delay, right?!? And I don't typically sail in January, so there is weather to think about. But the cost of a hotel in FL in January is also considerably more than I usually pay. So, not sure what I'll do. Look, I had already booked a cruise for a week that was going to cost me about what I just paid for the B2B and I wasn't obsessing over the travel costs. Geez, I'm so cheap! 😁
  13. Jacqui, you already have me down for NA on 1/9/21, but I added the 1/16 Eastern sailing as well for a B2B. Couldn't book it as a 14-night because it was a casino offer. Now I have my fingers AND toes crossed hoping we get to sail and that my GP doesn't forbid me from going! 😁 I'm not going to bore you with the other 6 cruises I have booked between March 2021 and February 2022 (on X, NCL and Carnival).
  14. I had already re-booked from my cancelled April cruise on Zaandam. I already have cruises booked (on other lines) for March and April and had a January cruise on Carnival cancelled, so I picked the 1/9 NA sailing for the itinerary. For whatever reason, I never get emails for the casino offers (although they have the correct email address and I've opted in), so by the time the mailers reach me, the free cabins are gone. I did take a deeply-discounted ($199/pp for a large IS on Zuiderdam for 11 nights). Anyway, I got this mailing and saw FREE and it included the date I'd already booked. And the following week! Told my TA, but this was this past Saturday when website and phone lines were down. She finally got through on Monday afternoon and cancelled my original booking and re-booked me for the B2B. Yes, full payment when booked, non-refundable. But if HAL cancels because sailing is still not feasible, I imagine we'll get a refund or FCC offer. And my FCC from Zaandam is back in my account. My concern is that when I see my GP in December that she'll tell me that I should NOT sail. I'm in pretty good health but I'll be 68 by then and have some minor heart issue. Not holding out much hope that there will be a vaccine by then, but who knows? No point in worrying about it. If I have to cancel and lose my payment, oh well. I don't like it but I'm guessing if I do sail, I'll spend that casino credit, plus my OBC, plus considerably more in the casino anyway. So will I really be out-of-pocket if I cancel? 😜
  15. Well, the Carnival "personality" is rather what I'm trying to get away from. Yes, I'm getting old, but I've always liked to find somewhere relatively sedate to read and relax on sea days. That's virtually impossible on Carnival ships. Even early in the morning when few people are out and about, the bad pop music is blaring in all locations. Hey, I sail solo and I sail in inside cabins to keep the cost down thanks to Carnival giving no break to solo cruises. So I hate to have to retreat to my cabin to get even a little respite from the FUN FUN FUN being shoved down my throat. I know HAL has a reputation for being a floating retirement home, but the demographic on their Caribbean sailings isn't quite as old. Their ships are very much like the Spirit class. Beautiful ships; good food; good service, and you get to go to Half Moon Cay every time! The space ratio on their ships is much better than on most of Carnival's. The space ratio on the refurbished Sunshine class is just awful. I love the Fantasy class. I probably have enough nights on those ships alone to make Platinum. Fantasy was my 2nd Carnival cruise and I sailed her many times, especially after she moved to Charleston. Ecstasy is my least favorite. When she replaced Fantasy, I was surprised at how much more worn out she seemed. But I believe that if people want a smaller ship, they'll just have to sail on other lines. I really can't see the trend of BIGGER, MORE BELLS-and-WHISTLES and more people crammed into public spaces going away. Not for Carnival, at least.
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