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  1. Hey. Thought I would post and see if anyone else is going. My husband and I were looking forward to a cruise this summer, but it got cancelled (though we are not sure we wanted to go yet at this point). Anyway looking forward to counting down the days again.
  2. We were rebooked for June this year on Celebrity Venice to Rome. Sadly, though not unexpected, that was cancelled. That was rebooked from a July 2020 cruise to Bermuda. So now we just rebooked again this time 10 night leaving from Civitavecchia (Rome) and going to Dubrovnik, Croatia, Kotor, Montenegro, Corfu (Kerkyra), Greece, Katakolon (Olympia), Greece, Messina, Sicily, Italy, Naples, Italy, and La Spezia (Cinque Terre), Italy. Feeling good about this since it is not until June next year. Fingers crossed.
  3. I am assuming they are holding out hope that other countries might follow the lead of Greece. I am guessing the is unlikely at this point. We are booked in mid June but I am not holding my breath.
  4. Well...who knows what it will actually be but tomorrow could be something interesting. https://www.*****.com/2021/03/16/royal-caribbean-teases-update-coming-the-news-weve-all-been-waiting
  5. We are supposed to be sailing on the Infinity from Venice the same day and noticed that check in was available. Guess that means that final payment was due. We were supposed go to Bermuda last summer but when that was cancelled we took the FCC and then booked this one. It more than covered the new cruise so we didn’t have a final payment. We are doubtful it will sail, but also doubtful that we will be able to get into Europe. Just waiting to see what will happen.
  6. I wasn’t sure how that might apply to a cruise that sails but I am choosing not to go one now. Maybe there is nothing to worry about. I certainly hope that is the case. 🙂
  7. Thanks everyone. And just to be clear. We are expecting it to be canceled. I do have this lagging fear that some how the cruise will go but with not less than desirable conditions, however unlikely that might be, and we wont be able to back out. But really I was just asking cause I haven’t seen anything and wanted to make sure that I hadn’t missed it.
  8. Just wondering if anyone has heard anything about cruises in June in Europe. We used FCC from a cruise that was supposed to be last summer and were hoping by June this year things would be better. Right now we are not certain if it sails if we want to be on it, but also not certain about foreign travel even being possible. I will not be surprised to see it get cancelled, but I havent seen anything yet. Like I said, just wondering and dreaming about being on a real COVID free vacation.
  9. Thanks Hank. Yeah, not book yet, just excitedly waiting for the flights to start coming available. I love to travel and planning travel is a sort of hobby of mine. Probably wont buy for another six months unless I see really good flight deals and also probably not before a ban on US citizens entering Europe is lifted. But that is good advice and I am only booking things that I can cancel right now.
  10. Well there are a few things at least I am considering. I have never flown into Venice and only once domestically into Rome. I didnt know if there might be better choices between the airports. I was also generally interested where people found the best pricing to be, knowing that nothing is guaranteed to be the same. Why? I also am just curious about what others done and hearing the experiences of others. Also our vacation for this year was supposed to be a cruise in a week that obviously had to be canceled, and I really understand why, but we are still disappointed. I am trying to channel
  11. We are booked next June on a cruise starting in Venice and ending at Civitavecchia (Rome). Flights are coming available now and I was just wondering what others recommend or have done. We are not planning to do anything outside of the cruise other than flying in a day early. Last time we were in Italy we flew in and out of Milan and then took the train to Venice and to Florence and then Rome. So the question is would you fly in and out of Rome, in and out of Venice, fly into Venice and out of Rome, or something else?
  12. Yes I have seen that, but so far it looks like it is a voluntary move by RCCL and from what I understand no other cruiseline has followed suit. But it also wouldn't be the end of the world for that change to happen. We spent the start of our honeymoon in Venice a few years ago and would likely still plan an overnight in Venice before boarding the ship. As for the age. In a weird way I am looking forward to it. I spent about 5 months living on the Millennium and so going on Infinity has a nostalgia quality to me.
  13. So we are like a lot of folks looking at cruises because we are getting the 125% FCC for our canceled cruise that was supposed to be at the end of July this year. We are looking at the June 2021 to take a the Venice to Rome cruise on Infinity. Anyone have thoughts about the ports Venice, Split, Corfu, Kotor, and Naples. I used to work for Celebrity so I went a lot of places but of these, I have only been to Venice and Naples. Any thoughts about this by those who have done something similar?
  14. Right now this is where we are with our cruise. We are booked on the Summit to Bermuda at the end of July. Hoping it sails but preparing for it to not sail.
  15. I wonder how long things will continue like this. We dont sail until July and the ship is still mostly full. Only aqua class has a substantial number of staterooms remaining.
  16. What I find challenging with this new advisory is that it does not include a reassess date. As in “for those scheduled to be cruising between now and July 1 we recommend not traveling” The way it is worded one could read a 2021 cruise should be cancelled. Part of the reason I am thinking about it is that I am cruising at the end of July. I am not sure they are recommending we cancel, but the recommendation is not very precise or clear.
  17. My experience was that typically, no matter how many or how few, 50% of the kids onboard will not participate. Anytime school is in session that means a lot more individualized experience.
  18. It should be the regular evening opening time so unless they have changed things that would be 7pm-10pm.
  19. Celebrity specific question. We are sailing on the Summit to Bermuda this summer and I was just curious about port day discounts. I know that on many cruises when the ship is in port they sometimes offer discounts on things to entice those who might be going ashore to stay onboard and spend money. Our cruise is docked for 2 1/2 days basically so I am just curious about what kind of discounts they offer. I know discounts vary and no guarantees. This is just a curiosity question.
  20. I have a feeling folks are going to say this is a bad idea, but I would really love to hear from folks who might have done something similar. We are cruising out of Cape Liberty for the first time in July. Leaving on a Sunday. We live in the DC area literally a mile from the Beltway and the next exit over is the exit onto I-95 (about 200 miles). Mapping it out on google it is saying about 3 hours without traffic but more like 3.5 - 4.5 hours in reality depending on traffic. We are in our mid 30’s so getting up a little early and driving doesn’t bother us, plus we both work and are used to
  21. The roll call is pretty quiet so I am guessing this will probably be as well but here goes anyway. My husband and I are heading to Bermuda on the Celebrity Summit this summer for our summer vacation. Looking forward to it already and counting down the days. Anyone else going with us?
  22. We took a January cruise on the Pride a few years ago and it snowed that morning so as we departed there was snow on the ship. It was nice a few days later to be in the Bahamas and leave the coats in the cabin.
  23. What’s nice is Celebrity lets you use it in advance, at least the part that is already showing up. That is why I am leaning toward and excursion. Leaning toward one on our first day in Bermuda. We do not arrive until Noon and there is one on a catamaran that looks like fun.
  24. To be clear, I am looking at it because we have a good bit of OBC and we dont gamble and drinks and gratuities are covered so basically this seems a good place to spend OBC and get and experience we might not otherwise get. We have 52 hours docked so we are definitely planning some kind of just head to the beach trip.
  25. Hey! So we are going to be heading to Bermuda on Summit in July. In all my cruising time Bermuda is a place I have never been. We are there for the almost three days with two over nights. We also got all four perks and a good bit of OBC when we booked. With the perks taken care of I am looking into an excursion and that is why I am here today. I was thinking it might be nice to book one of the snorkeling ones, you know go out on a boat, float around, see fish and such, you know relaxing. Anyway, I would love some suggestions if anyone has any. Thanks!
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