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  1. How much does cappuccino cost at breakfast in the main dining room and do four star Mariners get their discount on it?
  2. When I was about twenty, I went to Europe on Holland America. Roughly fifty years later, my husband and I began a series of about twenty Holland America cruises. At that time, I notified the Mariner Society of that log ago cruise; they retrieved my Mariner number and I received credit for it, so I have always outranked my husband.
  3. I'm a restrained tipper; cabin stewards, MDR dining stewards, and room service, but it's as a modest increment to the service charge. I have been troubled by the question of what to do in the Pinnacle and Canaletto. I do not like the idea of introducing cash into what I like to think of as a "club-like" atmosphere, unlike commercial restaurants ashore, so I don't. I've consoled myself with the thought that the stewards there seem to have a much more leisurely pace to enjoy as compared to the MDR stewards. (Maybe it's only leisurely when we go, a half hour or an hour after it opens.) I expect that almost everyone who was ever employed in a tip receiving position will disagree with me. Does anyone agree with me?
  4. We like Istanbul and Kusadasi the best, but I've learned a little travelers' Turkish, so I'm prejudiced. Otherwise, Naples or Sorrento stand out above all the others for us, because there are so many alternative things to do there. Venice, Crete, Malaga and Malta rank high because real people live there. The least spoiled Mediterranean towns we've stopped at were two in Tunisia, but they're not often visited by cruise ships. Monaco, Cannes, St. Tropez, etc. should all be visited at least once.
  5. Thank you very much, Stephanie. I think I'm all set .
  6. I'm planning to book a cruise tomorrow, but first I want to explore the available shore excursions. Unfortunately, I've spent almost an hour looking for them without success. I'm a four star Mariner and I've never had this difficulty before. Would someone please help?
  7. If one books a cruise departing and returning to Amsterdam, for example, with air and transfers, at what point does Holland America take custody of one's luggage; at the carousel in Shiphol airport, not until boarding at the dock, or somewhere in between?
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