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  1. We Have the Miracle booked for Thanksgiving 2020. Embarkation port was Long Beach, but CCL moved the Miracle to a new home port--San Diego. I read about it on the news so I called my TA. CCL had already changed my intin to the new home port, which is where we live. I'm so excited. No driving in the traffic from San Diego to Long Beach. If anyone is flying in, you may want to check this. Patti
  2. Thanks for the review. 🙂 We've done about 35 cruises, but will be sailing a Royal class and medallion for the first time. We are a bit apprehensive because we like the smaller ships, but decided to give the new "girls" a try. Patti
  3. Oh my gosh ! How cute. Last October, we took our then 5 year old granddaughter with us for a 14 dayer on the Splendor. She absolutely loved camp. We couldn't get her out of there. 😄 It was a bit hard for her to catch up because 14 days is a long time, but we booked again for fewer days. She is so excited for Camp again. Patti
  4. How great !! Sophia will be 7 when we take this cruise. We co-parent, for several reasons, and we have not told her parents yet. 🙂 We usually go to the Bahia Resort here in San Diego for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. Her dad works at Sea World and usually works holidays, so we are starting to take her somewhere during school vacations. She is very excited to go on this cruise. She loves cruising and she loves Camp. Patti
  5. Great review and love the photos. We are long time cruisers who are now back with CCL because we sail with the granddaughter. We are booked on Miracle in an aft suite for a Thanksgiving itin to Cabo. This veteran cruiser is excited for this ! 🙂 Patti
  6. Hi Pam !! I remember you saying this. The above photos look beautiful. Can't wait. Patti
  7. Alaska cruises are fun! We sailed another line from San Francisco, but just being there is a treat. You can't miss with this itinerary. 🙂 Patti
  8. PS: chocolate how did you add recent cruises? I've been off the boards for awhile, and I can't find the info. Patti
  9. Thank you chocolate. 🙂 I will look for those forms. We are taking her on Disney in Oct. and they have their form. We were on the Splendor last October and attended the Seuss breakfast. I thought it was fun. I may be old, but I love all the kids activities. 😄 Patti
  10. Thanks for the form. We will be taking her for the first time without her parents in October. Is this a CCL form or cruise line generic? Patti
  11. Thank you for the info. We are seasoned cruisers but wanted to try the Royal. I had heard mixed reviews so I was a bit anxious. Ours will be a shorter cruise though. 🙂 My friend said the buffet was so good and big, that she didn't eat in the dining room much. Patti
  12. We have done this a few times too. Ditto for the above. It's a fun cruise. 🙂 Patti
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