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  1. such a terrible tragedy. I leave on Royal Saturday. Although the photos of the flight tours are beautiful, air tragedies are not uncommon in Alaska and I'm petrified and only booked ground tours. My heart goes out to all those affected and thanks to Princess for always trying to do the right thing and take care of passengers and their families affected by tragedy. I've been on a couple of cruises that have had tragic deaths and it's so hard on everyone including the staff. I hope they find the missing person and all those hospitalized get to return home.
  2. the few cabins all the way forward on Emerald deck have huge balconies but they are steel not glass. We had E110 and 109 and the balcony was 81 sq ft! I didn't mind the steel instead of glass. It was nice to be all the way forward too. There is also one odd deluxe on Emerald that juts out significantly; can't remember the number right now. It is glass.
  3. dcrow72


    ] But the wine absolutely IS permitted in writing and policy therefore there is NO inconsistency here; bring as much as you want at the beginning, middle or end and be prepared to pay the $15 a bottle. That is the policy.
  4. dcrow72


    you can bring as much wine as you want on board; as long as you are willing to pay the $15 corkage fee. That is the worst case scenario. They won't be taking away your bottle of wine at the xray machine. Booze is never allowed and is a totally different beast. That they will collect. I have brought wine onboard many times in port without a single word uttered. There is no risk at all other than the $15!
  5. Hearing from someone on a medallion ship that they are still required to carry both the medallion and a cruise card off of the ship in order to return. I would have thought the medallion would take the place of the cruise card all together and photo id used to re-enter port area? Anyone with first hand info from Regal or Caribbean cruises that have been doing it for a while? Apparantly folks on the Royal cruise are being told that they must have both a card and medallion. thanks.
  6. thanks. I didn't think so but thought I would ask to be sure. Someone always has the answers on here! Forgot about that amazing M108 cabin! Should've gone for it. darn. Next time!
  7. I know there are "secret" doorways to open viewing areas over the bridge on some ships. Is there one on Royal? Thanks.
  8. I have had the "brewed" coffee on both Royal and Regal. I will continue to buy a coffee card/specialty coffee. It doesn't suit me at all. My husband didn't mind it but he would drink the last drop of a pot that sat on the burner for 3 hours! LOL. If you are a picky coffee drinker, get the coffee card (although no longer a physical card). It's worth it to me.
  9. dcrow72


    personally, Antigua is the only port where I take a ships excursion. Our first visit there in the late 90's was less than impressive and not only was I frightened by the locals screaming and fighting over where they were going to take us, but it left a very impression. I've been there at least 8 times and remain uncomfortable every single time. I would be happy without it as a stop. We have taken a Princess repositioning cruise out of NY 8 times and every single one has had to stop there. Not a loss in my opinion.
  10. They tell you to come later but I always arrive around 10:30 - 11 and usually board by noon. Royal is stunning. Her piazza is the place to be. 3 floors with food, drinks, shopping, entertainment almost all the time. I'm from New Haven, CT area, world reknowned for pizza and grew up making pizza with my Uncle and I love Alfredo's pizza. It's Napolitan style, thin crust but with great toppings like prosciutto and kalamata olives, artichoke hearts, etc or just fresh mozzarella. Their salads and pastas are good there too! All free. It's always my first stop when I get in the door! The international cafe on deck 5 is 24 hours of good stuff (although last trip they didn't change it up as much as in the past). Shrimp salad and Chicken salad at lunch are amazing. All free. Good morning pastries. I'm sure you will love her! Bon Voyage
  11. I'll let you know; sailing her in May. I thought about the Coral until I saw that Royal was heading there. I love the Royal class ships and missed their features when sailing on other ships. Never been to Alaska so nothing to compare it to
  12. I flew home a week after the cruise ended in Rome from Milan airport. No problem at all!
  13. We embarked in Barcelona this past summer. There is a liquor store after security, where you board the ship. There is no way for anyone to stop you from buying and carrying on there. I cannot speak for Athens, but I bought a couple of bottles of wine and carried it right on through.
  14. that was not true on the Regal in November. Platinum and Elite ended up with free medallion net for the cruise. I used my regular "free minutes" on my other device with no problem. They were still available. I always used my minutes and hubby's since he didn't use them. Easy to share! Not sure what they are doing now with elite and platinum and the $59 for a week internet.
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