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  1. Sorry to hear you are missing both Aruba and Curacao, but for me it was a good thing to hear that they are planning to sail. I get on the day you get off and I was wondering if it was going to be cancelled. For now, it sounds like they plan on going. I question some of the ports, but like everything else with covid, will go with the flow, protect myself and just stay on the ship if I'm not comfortable. Thanks for the heads up.
  2. I agree. When we first started cruising we were very fiscally conservative. I was always on the lookout to get the cruise, air, taxes and fees - the whole thing - for as close to $1000pp as I could. This has become much harder to do as time has passed and prices have increased. That doesn't mean I still don't try to do this.... But, I also am becoming more open with the purse and now will opt for OV and am willing to put a premium on balcony cabins now that there are only two of us cruising, not four. I have booked many guarantee cabins and have had some great ones and some not so great. For example, if I have a $20,000 per year travel budget I would rather spread that out than take one large vacation. I am not loyal to any one brand and have not reached a high level on any of them. I choose based on dates, price and itinerary. I have sailed on HAL and NCL more than the others because of these things. Celebrity is my favorite, but price generally prohibits - but I still check. What I have found is that the experience on all of the brands have changed. Not necessarily worse, just not like it was. Food is subjective by ship. I don't stop cruising a line because of bad food on one cruise. Have gone again on the same line and have had good food. When the ships started having multiple restaurants there was a time when there was no fee to dine there. I enjoyed that but am not willing to spend dollars on specialty restaurants in general and go to the MDR. The minimal fees are more than I generally spend going out for dinner in our area. I have never known the names of any staff member on any cruise I have been on. In general I have no idea which ships I have sailed on in any given line - do remember my first and one other. It's just not important to me. For others it is important and is a big part of their cruise experience.
  3. Our drive to the airport is about an hour. About halfway there I make my husband stop the car and I dig into the carry bag with all the paperwork and bonine to make sure I didn't leave something behind. Of course everything is there, paper clipped in the order it will be used. I also check to be sure my driver's license and passport are where I already know they are. This is not a one time thing, this is an every time thing. I do split the clothes and we are sure to have swimwear, underwear and sandals in the carry-ons. Can always wear our airline clothes to dinner, but need to be sure to get to the beach if the luggage is missing.
  4. Was able to log in and take a look. Still have no idea what the email was about. Everything looks the same, figure it's probably about testing or something. I went a step further and tried opening the pdf file on my desktop instead of my laptop and it said it wouldn't open because there were no pages. LOL Says I sail in 81 days. This is the Thanksgiving cruise on the Eurodam. Have been a number of comments/questions if these sailing will take place because of regulations that ships coming into the US from other ports need to wait 14 days with no passengers. At this time it's my understanding I would fall within that 14 day period. Of course all regulations could change and some of them are only suggestions, and some expire in October. So, just going with the flow at this point and will see what happens. So far everything is still listed in my bookings. If I get cancelled it will be number 4 which isn't too bad when I hear how many others have had.
  5. What makes this more frustrating is that I got an email earlier this morning labeled with urgent information about my upcoming cruise with a pdf file that won't open - says it could be damaged. So went online to see if my itinerary had changed, need payment or whatever and website doesn't work.
  6. I just had a good experience with my PCC. I had received the most recent latitude offer with up to 4 times the points. Already had a cruise booked which was on the list. I just sent an email to my PCC and asked if there was anyway to add this to my current reservation. Got an email back that I was already receiving double points, but that he switched it to the triple point offer. While he was at it he said that the price had reduced so he repriced downward $65. Not a lot, but every bit helps and he did this without being prompted. This was before final payment was due on the cruise.
  7. I disagree. My grandson got a vaccination for his 12th birthday. If I was a parent taking my children on a cruise I would be sure to get them vaccinated before getting on a ship. Yes there are those that aren't rushing to get them vaccinated, but I don't think they are rushing to get them on a cruise ship either. Especially if it limits what the family is able to do.
  8. I on the other hand have always loved Roatan. We stopped there early on when it was just starting as a port and had a wonderful experience. Love going over to what I think is called West Bay. You can snorkel from shore or just stand about waist deep and watch the fish swim around your body. Took my grandson a couple years ago and he had a starfish in a plastic bucket for a while. Not a real fancy port, but I've always enjoyed it.
  9. Last time I was offered an upsell on HAL the emails started arriving almost instantly after we booked. I will say that we tend to book close to the cruise date though - usually no more than 3 months out. What I noticed was that the price of the upsell continued to drop the closer we got to sail date. The first couple were close to what we would have paid if just booking the upgraded cabin initially. We finally bit when we could upgrade from an OV to a balcony for $150PP for a 10 day cruise. We had a number of comments from crew - check-in, etc - that we got a very good price.
  10. My sister used to live in MN and work in Atlanta. (When Northwest was sold to Delta she had just several years until retirement). She lived in Atlanta during the week and every couple of months her debit and CC would shut off and not work. She called both numerous times and explained the situation, they turned back on and then on schedule would cut off again. I had called prior to a vacation to let my debit card know when and where I was going. Called my home phone to ask if I had made the charge. Thank goodness my husband wasn't with me and took the call. They did say that I should use an ATM that requited a PIN number. This has taught me to always call and give itinerary and to take more than one card along.
  11. I have a casino cruise booked on the Nov. 24th sailing. I figured we were safe since the CDC stuff only went through the end of October, I may be wrong. Of course everything can change at any time. I have been questioning if this one will go anywhere near the original itinerary - Costa Rica, Panama, Aruba, Cartagena, etc. Most of these ports could still be very low on vaccinations.
  12. If you booked a cruise within the time frame prior to the promo, can you just contact your PCC to have them add the latitude points?
  13. My SIL just called from the ship. Said they were told to call home so that we knew they were okay.
  14. I like to get away from the cold and only unpack once and see something new everyday. All of the food and entertainment included. Just makes for an easy and relaxing vacation. I have met some interesting people onboard, but overall we just like to enjoy ourselves together and don't spend a lot of time going out of our way to meet others.
  15. On our very first cruise that the DSC was instituted we removed the charges from our bill and tipped our room steward, waiter and asst waiter as we normally would. Since then we've just left on our bill, just easier. Although I and my children have at one time or other worked in a job the relied on tips, I have a hard time being told who to tip and how much. I understand that this is a significant portion of the staff's wages, but feel that the cost should just be included in the overall price of the cruise. Because of my negative feelings about this whole thing I rarely tip extra. Would probably tip more if it was going to those I felt had provided great service.
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