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    Star Flyer - July 25 2018 - Venice to Athens

    We are home now. We had some crazy travel issues along the way but overall it was a great trip. I’ll do more of a write up in the next few days - still getting into the swing of things back at home. Suffice it to say, we thoroughly enjoyed our cruise and are looking into another one already and are talking family members into going.
  2. FandFmom

    Star Flyer - July 25 2018 - Venice to Athens

    Thanks for that information, and for taking the time during your trip to respond.
  3. FandFmom

    Star Flyer - July 25 2018 - Venice to Athens

    Hey there, I’m enjoying your updates as you cruise. Our hotel in Venice is right near the port at San Basilio, we’ll keep an eye out for the ship on the 25th.
  4. FandFmom

    Star Flyer - July 25 2018 - Venice to Athens

    I plan on doing some sort of write up when we get back.
  5. FandFmom

    Star Flyer - July 25 2018 - Venice to Athens

    Agreed, thanks for these updates. I am curious what people do if they don’t go ashore or only go ashore for a little while. I want to swim a little, is there opportunity to do that from the boat?
  6. beth555 - I see that you are cruising Venice to Croatia, what is your sailing date?
  7. I know it's a long shot, but, anyone else doing this trip? Might be nice to "know" someone else on board.
  8. FandFmom

    First and definitely not our last voyage. Star Flyer

    Vacation Nut, We are doing this same trip next summer. Thanks so much for posting this and the details. Are you up for answering a few questions? Did you fly in earlier/fly out later or did you come in day of embarkation/disembarkation? We are considering coming in a day early and leaving day after cruise to do a little sightseeing in Venice and Greece. Were your excursions through the boat or on your own? We are considering a little of both. Agree with other poster - would love to see a few pictures.
  9. FandFmom

    Back From First Star Clipper Cruise

    I'm considering this cruise July 2018. Did you ever do a review?
  10. FandFmom

    Booking Question...

    How did you book your cruise? Through Star Clippers or with a travel agent? I like the idea of a local agent that I can go to with questions, etc...but I'm having trouble finding one. If I book direct, is SC able to help me figure out pre/post cruise add on days, flight times, etc.? thanks BTW - we are looking at July 2018 Greece - Venice
  11. FandFmom

    Help on ncl Sun docking in Cozumel

    Dolly - Barring any changes between now and our cruise, we dock at the Punta Langosta (sp) pier, right in town. Sounds like the place you are speaking of. Looks like plenty of shopping and looking around right at the end of the pier. so excited, just a few more days :)
  12. FandFmom

    Sun Photos

    Joanne - We are on that cruise too. It is our first cruise on a big ship. We are hoping to escape the Christmas craziness at home and relax in the warm Caribbean. :p
  13. FandFmom

    first cruise

    Thanks for the replies. Your feedback on the ship was what I needed to hear. We've never been to any of the ports before, except Grand Cayman - we did a land vacation there, so we've already seen the rays - loved it! We plan to just snorkel there - there are a few places within walking distance of the pier. Now, off to research Cozumel excursions. Thanks again for the replies! :)
  14. FandFmom

    first cruise

    OMG - just booked our first cruise on a big ship. NCL Sun, Western Carib; Port Can - Cozumel - Grand Cayman - Ochos Rios - Great Stirrup Cay - Port Can ...12/24/11. Just excited and need a little reassurance that we made a good choice.
  15. FandFmom

    DAILY'S from NCL SUN?

    Can I get in on the copies of the Western Dailies too....elsam71 at earthlink dot net thanks!