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  1. The beaches are free and open to the public, but you cannot use the facilities, water toys, etc. unless you pay and have a wristband. I would walk past the Boatyard, Harbor Lights etc. to the empty area, and then feel free to put your towel down on an open spot in the sand and enjoy. :cool:


    Can I walk to Boatyard and Harbor Lights beach from the cruise port pier?

  2. I have taken the bus with no troubles to Valley church beach but that place is very popular now.



    Directionsto Valley Church Beach, Antigua

    The bus depot is on Market Street acrossfrom the public market just past the fork in the road you'll bear right. You'llwant bus #22. Just tell the driver where you want to go and ask him to let youknow when you arrive. The bus will drop you off across the street from theentrance to the beach. You will see a sign for the Nest Beach Bar. You'll walkalong a dirt road to the beach. When returning to the ship you'll wait on thebeach side of the road opposite of where you were dropped off. If you need anyother information let me know

    The Market Street bus stop is the West BusStop and the one straight ahead is the East Bus Stop. Valley beach is to theWest?



    Yes, the #22 bus located at the West BusStation on Market Street will take you to Jolly Beach, Valley Church Beach,Darkwood Beach, Turner's Beach and eventually end at Carlisle Bay Beach. Inthat order. It runs along Valley Road. Buy a bag of chips before I catch the bus.


    I see the Jolly Beach, Valley Church Beach, etc are all together at the western lower end of the island. I can walk from one to anothe right? Beach is all free to walk? Take Bus #22 stop along the way and just flag them down? I might do this. Thanks.

  3. The bus station is literally across the street from where the ship docks.

    You can ask anyone and they can point you over there. Then you buy a pass for the day (super cheap) and they'll let you know which bus you need.


    Locals are very friendly. Nice way to see some of the island, too!




    Here is the info: http://arubus.com/



  4. OBC is merely a reduction in the amount that you have spent during the cruise. So everything you charge to your room (beverages, on-board shopping, hotel service charges, minibar, etc.) will be reduced by the amount of your OBC when they charge your credit card at the end of the cruise.


    If I dont spent the OBC, do I get it back at the end of the trip?

  5. First time going to GT also. I am on Holland and there is only one port there right? I will be walking to Governor beach and check out the ship wreck for fun. Is there any other free things to do? Thanks.

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