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  1. The dining room was the only thing that fell short for us this cruise. We have always raved about the food in the MDR and, to be honest, the food was really good, but the service was not what we have experienced on other Carnival sailings. This was the first time that we were seated at a table for 2 and we were in a row of about 8 other tables for 2. We were on time each night for dinner, however, the waiter waited until the other 7 tables showed up to take our order. The first night we waited 35 mintues until we got our bread!


    We after the second night, we decided to enjoy the other options on the ship for dinner.



    They are able to accommodate my time from 8:15pm (which I didnt choose) to 6pm and we are happy. We also have the setting table for 2 with about 4 to 5 tables in a row. We got our bread quick and I thought our service was good. The dining food is alright but the buffet food is not good.

  2. What beach did you go to?


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    I get out of the ship and turn right where the cars are parked and walk around it and the beach is there. It is beautiful. There are many coves you can walk to. Be careful. There are no life guards. I saw people snorkel. People said there are sharks in the water.


    Here is where I walk:





  3. It is industrial right around where your ship docks - and like Las Vegas walking seems doable but not really - the distance is misleading, you have to go thru a terminal "gate" (make sure you have passport/ship ID!) and the beach is for walking and looking. Don't go swimming unless you enjoy sharks as company! There was (may still be) a eatery near the entrance to the port on the beach that served good local seafood.... AND all the leftovers (from making fish filets/lobster shells/etc) went right over the deck into the ocean at a set time. They promoted the "shark feeding" and many diners went just to see the spectacle.


    Can you do it? Yes I think so, we started to do it once, got to the gate and after a bit of "where are you going" and "where's your car/moped?" we just decided to go have a drink!


    Have fun and let us know what happens!


    I walk total of 5.21 miles near the port. The beach is pretty. The restaurant where they feed the shark is not open after the hurricane.


    Here is where I went:





  4. I see on Google map and using Google earth, its a industrial area. I see 18 wheeler trailers and giant petroleum container tanks.


    Have anyone walk around outside the shops. I will just walk around near the beach near the port. Anyone?

  5. Yes, before you get to the casino there are few shops outside. You can get into the casino, the food place, etc Further more, you need the wrist band. It is enough for me to see already.


    We took a few photos and sit on the King Tut chair?

  6. There is a water taxi that will take you from the pier to the island.


    Yes, you can take the water taxi or van taxi.


    We just walk. When you get off the ship, usually there are tourists that walk to the casino. It look safe to me.


    Bring umbrella in case it rain.

  7. That's common at all Port Canaveral parking lots as far as i can remember. Plus tax...


    Instead these guys, Go Port Canaveral, are doing a promotion of free parking https://www.goportcanaveral.com/services/cruise-parking.php just pay for the transportation to the ship and back to the lot for a flat tax free $10 per person!


    Did I read this correctly? $10 per person for transport and FREE PARKING? Is there any catch? I notice it only embark/leave the lot at 3 times?

  8. I was out of POM in Dec and I use Safe Cruise Parking. Heres my review:


    Checking in we have to wait. There was something going on at the front. We finally get on the ship. On our cruise back, we leave the ship before 7 AM. We wait until 7:12AM and the driver was here. Since it was so early, everything was easy. The places are surrounded by high walls. You do have to leave your car keys with them. Do not leave any valuable. Remember you save 50% so please don't complain and just relax. I WILL USE THEM AGAIN!

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