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  1. One of the problems with being on a scooter in a long and winding line is also that the battery can get used up with the start and stop and waiting etc. I never have to wait in that kind of line. I nearly always have a designated line for scooters and wheelchairs and it is straight and usually does not take too long.
  2. I seem to remember that is the ship that is in quarantine for 14 days because of the Coronavirus. Feel so sorry for those people - especially those in inside cabins with no window or fresh air. My husband would go crazy if he was stuck there for 14 days. I would not be too happy either. Hope you get to go on your cruise. What a stressful time for you watching and waiting.
  3. There is usually a special lane for people in wheelchairs and scooters. It is usually quicker that the other lines. If you are able to stand you can walk through the scanner and they check the scooter with a special wand. That's what I do. I rarely have to wait in security lines because they have a special lane for wheelchair and scooter passengers. It has saved me a lot of time in busy airports.
  4. I have flown about 30 times with my Travelscoot and it always gets taken to the hold with strollers and walkers etc. and it has never been damaged. I leave it at the door of the plane and they bring it to me at the door of the plane when we land. One time in inadvertently got put through as luggage from Ottawa and it arrived in Rome without any damage, but I have heard of people having their scooters damaged when they put it through as luggage.
  5. Good point about the battery replacement. For the Travelscoot I think the cost of the battery is about $900.00 (Cdn) or more. That's for one lithium battery. Mine has been used for about 7 years and it's still okay but I am thinking of buying a new battery or a new scooter next year. I have heard good things about the Smartscoot too so if you can check that out it would be good. I think it's around the same price as the Travelscoot.
  6. About only having one front tire on the Travelscoot. When I am on uneven ground I do have to try to lean a certain way so the scooter does not tip over. Having two front tires would make a scooter more stable I imagine. It's too bad that you can't have your husband try one. I bought mine without having tried it out and it was shipped to me from Vancouver. I had seen the videos and I ended up really happy with the purchase. I have had the scooter for many years and we avoided taking it apart and folding it up for a long time. We waited for special cars (taxis) to accommodate the scooter without folding it up but now we realize it's not that hard to take off the seat and remove the battery and then push a button to fold it. We are mad at ourselves for not doing it over many years. I was thinking to buy one of the folding up scooters that were advertised for a few hundred dollars but I read some reviews that were not that good. I think I will just stick with mine and buy a new one next year. Travelscoot will take mine on trade-in and sell it. Hope you can get to try one in your area or find a store that carries different models for you to try. If you lived closer to me I would offer for you to try mine. It would also be good to see how to fold it down but I think the video does show that. It's really not all that hard.
  7. I have used a Travelscoot for about 7 years and travel with it extensively. It is very light compared to most scooters - only about 15 kg or 35 lbs. I can lift it myself into my car. It does come apart if needed and folds up also like a golf bag. I never put it through as baggage because I have heard horror stories of damaged scooters coming off the luggage carrousel. I drive mine right up to the door of the plane and the airline personnel carry it down to the luggage hold. I take off the battery and bring it into the plane in the bag that came with the scooter. When I get off the plane the scooter gets delivered to the door of the plane and I drive it into the airport. I can carry a roll on suitcase (my carry-on) with my left hand and drive with my right hand. I can zip through airports very easily on my own. There are many types of scooters and I have seen the one that folds up at the touch of a button. Do your research before buying. Lots of choices. Good luck.
  8. The Travelscoot does not weigh 52 lbs. It is about 32 lbs with the battery and I take the battery off and put it into the trunk separately and I can lift it myself. It is about $3,000. (Cdn) and I have had mine about 6 years and love it. I travel extensively with it and it has been very reliable.
  9. You might check out the Travelscoot - it weights less and I can lift it into my car and it also folds up if needed.
  10. The Koningsdam on HAL we had an accessible cabin and we had automatic door to go out and return. Sure was nice.
  11. Some of the buses from the port area will stop near the Sheraton Hotel and you have to transfer to another bus. Some other buses go a little further towards town and end there. The small paper you get when you get on the first bus can be used for the second bus but it's normally not used as a transfer on other routes. You won't have to wait very long for the second bus. Most of the Centro buses go straight into town and you won't need to transfer but it's not a big deal if you have to take a second bus because they run frequently.
  12. Cruisewith - What a terrible situation to be in with Princess. I have been fortunate that I have not been on any ship with all of those problems. My biggest complaint so far is not having automatic door openers and having to wait for someone to come along and open the door for me when I am on my scooter. The last cruise we were on the Koningsdam our cabin had an automatic door. It was wonderful and the first cabin where I had that feature. We have booked the same cabin again for November because we enjoyed it so much.
  13. I can't even get prices for a cruise on the US site! It does not offer the possibility. Hard to believe the web site is so terrible. I sent an e-mail asking for prices etc. Not too encouraged. We took 2 cruises with MSC and always have trouble getting info.
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