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  1. Not all ships have handicap seating at the back. I have been on ships where I could park my scooter closer to the stage. They are all different.
  2. I had a serious health issue while on the Koningsdam in November and we had to fly home from Rome (missed the last 13 days of the cruise). It cost us thousands of dollars for medical care on the ship and many more thousands to fly home at the last minute. Still waiting for my insurance company to reimburse me. We have an Hawaii/Mexican Riviera cruise booked for November with HAL but unless there is an effective vaccination and we can get travel insurance we will have to cancel that cruise.
  3. Reading all these posts it's really sad to hear about all the cancelled cruises and I feel sorry for all of you. I am not impacted by a cancelled cruise, but we would have been unpacking from spending the winter in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We were supposed to fly home on April 9th but we left 16 days early and came back on March 24th instead. I am happy to be back home but there was a little bit of snow yesterday mixed in with the rain and I did miss the heat and sun of Puerto Vallarta. Let's all look forward to better days ahead and cruising again. We are booked for a 25 day Hawaii/Mexico cruise on the HAL Koningsdam in November and I am hoping it will not be cancelled.
  4. With someone as polite as you are it's no wonder people have tried to help you. Wish everyone was as nice as you. Congrats and hope your refund works out well for you.
  5. Enjoyed your review and hope you can continue with details about the trip. We were on the Koningsdam last October and loved it. We are booked on her again (exact same cabin) for November and not sure if that will happen. Hoping to be able to take that cruise and have life return to normal for everyone's sake.
  6. Yes, you are right. I always have the battery in my carry-on and not in the hold. What often happens though is when we put the battery back in place after getting my scooter at the jet way , is that the scooter keeps stalling - my husband has to unplug it and plug it back in and it keeps happening until the scooter warms up. I don't know why but it often happens. The scooter does not care for planes!!!
  7. Thank you neighbour (we live in Aylmer sector of Gatineau). I will tell my friend.
  8. Agree with all these comments. First time reading these posts. I particularly like having the questions and answers to the Trivia. I have a friend who is having some medical issues and I know she would be happy to find out what shampoo might remove the yellow cast to her silver hair. Can you tell me the name of the shampoo and I will tell her. Thanks.
  9. I have a Travelscoot and the battery does need to recharged after so many hours of use. When travelling it can be a long day with long distances in airports and changing planes and line-ups etc. Toronto airport is huge and after going all over that airport and others when travelling my scooter battery does get low. My husband had to push me in Toronto airport a year ago when my battery just quit. Being in the freezing cold hold of the plane seems to affect the battery as well. As well a policeman at the Ottawa airport had to push me when my battery quit. I was by myself and I had stopped to use the washroom and it was very late at night and the policeman was the only person around. He pushed me to the luggage area. It was quite the picture. I am planning to get a new Travelscoot in the next year and the battery will be better than my old one.
  10. One of the problems with being on a scooter in a long and winding line is also that the battery can get used up with the start and stop and waiting etc. I never have to wait in that kind of line. I nearly always have a designated line for scooters and wheelchairs and it is straight and usually does not take too long.
  11. I seem to remember that is the ship that is in quarantine for 14 days because of the Coronavirus. Feel so sorry for those people - especially those in inside cabins with no window or fresh air. My husband would go crazy if he was stuck there for 14 days. I would not be too happy either. Hope you get to go on your cruise. What a stressful time for you watching and waiting.
  12. There is usually a special lane for people in wheelchairs and scooters. It is usually quicker that the other lines. If you are able to stand you can walk through the scanner and they check the scooter with a special wand. That's what I do. I rarely have to wait in security lines because they have a special lane for wheelchair and scooter passengers. It has saved me a lot of time in busy airports.
  13. I have flown about 30 times with my Travelscoot and it always gets taken to the hold with strollers and walkers etc. and it has never been damaged. I leave it at the door of the plane and they bring it to me at the door of the plane when we land. One time in inadvertently got put through as luggage from Ottawa and it arrived in Rome without any damage, but I have heard of people having their scooters damaged when they put it through as luggage.
  14. Good point about the battery replacement. For the Travelscoot I think the cost of the battery is about $900.00 (Cdn) or more. That's for one lithium battery. Mine has been used for about 7 years and it's still okay but I am thinking of buying a new battery or a new scooter next year. I have heard good things about the Smartscoot too so if you can check that out it would be good. I think it's around the same price as the Travelscoot.
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