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  1. Most ships I have been on have a clothesline in the shower (from wall to wall). You pull it out and there is a slot at the other side to fasten it. Helps to have clothespins to keep the items from sliding into the centre. I believe as 4* you also have free laundry and dry cleaning as well as the pressing.
  2. I miss the ships that have a laundry room with irons and washers and dryers. There are some items that I like to wash in the machine but hang dry in my cabin in the shower area (cottons that shrink). For an upcoming cruise I am bringing the spray that's supposed to eliminate the wrinkles. I am keeping my fingers crossed. (On a cruise a few weeks ago my husband sent out a clean shirt for pressing and it cost $3.50 so I don't want to have to pay for all our clothing to be pressed on the cruise next week.) The last time we cruised with NCL they brought an iron to our cabin for a couple of hours and we called when we were finished and they came and picked it up. HAL do not provide that service.
  3. Do you know the price for the cellar master dinner? We are on the Koningsdam mid-October and I would like to book the dinner. Should I do it before we embark?
  4. We were also on the ship through Glacier Bay and like ErLee we found it very cold and windy. We were on the outside deck to get the best views. The scenery was nice but we were disappointed. We expected more whales and wildlife and better scenery. I don't understand people taking multiple trips to Alaska. We saw it once and don't have the urge to return. The whole week we were disappointed at every port and especially the lack of Glaciers = especially at Mendenhall. The shopping at every port seemed to consist of all the same items and none of it interested us at all. No need to buy any diamonds from the multiple shops at every port.
  5. How does one book Flight Ease? When you have a booking for HAL cruise who do you contact about the flight ease prices? I sometimes deal directly with HAL to book but sometimes with a online TA.
  6. I have gotten sick a few times on cruises and twice I ended up with pneumonia and had to have treatment at the hospital on the ship. First time it cost me $13,000 Cdn. and the second time $9,000. Luckily I had insurance to cover it. I try to be very careful now on cruise ships with the hand washing etc. and using a paper towel to open washroom doors. I am also happy to have the servers at the buffet line so I don't have to touch all the serving utensils.
  7. About your P.S. Do you mean you took one Alaska cruise and that will be the last? If so, we feel the same way. Out of 7 days we had some nice views from the ship when going through Glacier Bay. We stood on the outer deck in the cold and fierce wind to see them at their best. The other days all we saw from the ship was trees and mountains. We see those from our window at home so we were not too excited.
  8. Good for you. I hope you told them about her unacceptable behavour.
  9. I totally agree. I have had a scooter for about 6 years and have about 20 cruises with the scooter and never once injured anyone. Have had some close calls with people not looking where they were going and walking right out in front of me but I always managed to stop. That woman sounds like a danger to everyone and the cruiseline should have been of more help to the injured woman. Agree with your comments.
  10. We did not have to tender at those places two weeks ago on the Nieuw Amsterdam. We had very good weather except for a little drizzle one day.
  11. The whole ship (including the dining rooms) are air conditioned so no need to wear shorts to the dining room at dinner.
  12. Just returned from a one week cruise to Alaska on the Nieuw Amsterdam. I did find it a little confusing to know where the line-up started at different food stations. Invariable I would just sit down at a table and one of the staff would ask me if I needed anything. I too use a mobility scooter and I found the staff to be extremely helpful. Better than any other cruise I have taken. We are taking the Koningsdam next month and I will watch for the entrance signs at the Lido.
  13. Like you, sometimes my crystal ball is not working so I miss some of these bargains. But like you stated "what goes down, will eventually go up". Have seen this happen many times with CCL stock and I'm still in. Have saved lots of money over the years and happy to keep it.
  14. You can get $100 OBC or $250 for longer cruises so check that out before deciding to book separate cruises instead of back to back.
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