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  1. I have always wanted to sail on a WindStar cruise. Grew up in Boston with the history of tall ships and sails. I'd love to see one up close and personal.
  2. That happened to a friend a few years ago on an RCCL ship and they let her on no problem. She had a copy of her license and her birth certificate. I'm praying for favor for you. So sorry about the theft!😔 Sent from my SPH-L720T using Tapatalk
  3. Lol NavyVet1959. I really enjoy your adventures. Can't wait to meet you and your wife!
  4. For those of you already here in the Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo, in the Plaza de España where the Diego Colon house is, there is live music and dancing every Friday evening at 8pm.
  5. :) Leaving Dallas early in the morning for Miami and on to SDQ!!! See you all soon on board the Horizon. Happy travels and Bon Voyage! :)
  6. Thanks for the review @navyvet1959. You are adventurous! The driving there is ultra crazy. Glad you made it safe and sound. We will lay low and just be exploring the Colonial Zone when we get there Wednesday. I'll let you know if I find the good food. :) Generally I like the basic fare of the DR diet. My favorite is there recipe for oatmeal in the morning. Yum.
  7. What I was told by my TA. "CDF usually charges 72 Euro per person and per week. As this is a two week cruise, gratuities should be a total of about 144 Euro per passenger".
  8. The Horizon will dock at Sansouci pier. They have used that pier for 5 years. I've read a taxi from airport to port is around $40us. 6 days!!!
  9. My husband Tony and I speak Texan fluently. Specifically Dallisan. :) We are staying at a B&B in the Colonial Zone and will arrive on Wednesday. If you would like to meet for dinner or a drink sometime on Thursday or Friday, email me at colleen at foshee dot biz. Otherwise, we will see you on board ready to have some Texas size fun! Have a great flight! :)
  10. Welcome @NavyVet1959. Looks like we are going to have a good number of English speakers on board for this 2 week adventure. In case you are interested in meeting the other English speakers, we're doing a quick meet up at the back of the ship at the Terrasse Et Grill at the beginning of sail away. Wear some Mardi Gras beads so we know you are one of "us". Merci. :)
  11. Glad you'll be joining us Judy! My husband and I are from Texas too! We booked an airbnb apartment in Barcelona. Stayed in one there last October and couldn't have been happier. We're at a B&B in Santa Domingo but she only has the one room so that won't help you. Check this thread for where the other's are staying. In case you are interested - and any other's as well - any of you interested in meeting the other English speakers on this cruise, we're doing a quick meet up at the back of the ship at the Terrasse Et Grill at the beginning of sail away. Please wear Mardi Gras beads so we can find one another. :)
  12. Hi @DrJay. Glad you will be joining us on the cruise. My husband and I are arriving in Santa Domingo on 4/8 and are lodging at a B&B in the Colonial Zone - about a half a mile from where you are staying. We are open to meeting up sometime before the cruise if you are interested. Thanks for sharing the news about the AI too - there has been so much conflicting information given out about this - I'm hoping this is right! :)
  13. :eek: Hmm - we are rethinking this. Doing some more research. May just wing it and do our own thing. Thanks!
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