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  1. Closed-toe shoes were required for a Chef's Table dinner on Princess because a galley tour was included. I had to buy a pair of water shoes on board as they were the only closed-toed ones available. Looked kinda funny with my little black dress!
  2. We signed up for the late-night comedy shows for Oasis next week. Our cruise planner now says one show is at 11:59pm-12:00am (1 minute, so that's definitely an error) and the other show says 12:00am-12:59am. When I first signed up, I thought the shows were at 10:30pm. Does anyone know the actual times?
  3. Thanks, Everyone. We actually have those plastic Diamond Plus tags, but I was just looking for a workaround to get the printed ones with our correct cabin number on them. Finally did call customer service and they fixed our docs so they reflect our correct cabin. All is well. Setting sail in 10 days!
  4. You can buy blow-up inflatable hangars at Bed, Bath and Beyond or on Amazon. Work well, take up little space when flat.
  5. Thanks for all the feedback. I don't care so much about the D+ tags, I was trying for a work-around instead of calling the dreaded RCCL customer service line!
  6. I asked on the Diamond/D+ Chats board, but not many people participate there so I am posing here, too. We'll be Diamond Plus on our upcoming September 30 cruise, and I've seen mentions of D+ luggage tags on these boards. I just did an online check-in and although our cabin number is correct on the Set Sail Pass, the "print this" luggage tag has the wrong cabin on it. (We had switched cabins when one we particularly wanted became available.) I was not going to stir the pot by requesting a corrected luggage tag -- things that can go wrong often do when dealing with RCCL customer service. I was just going to get tags from the porter before boarding. BUT if there are some kind of D+ tags, perhaps I can get some from C&A. Any advice?
  7. Has anyone been able to use their Diamond Plus specialty restaurant BOGO for lunch at Chops? If so, can it be reserved online prior to boarding?
  8. I purchased the Internet package online two days ago for $15.99 per day. Today, I cancelled that purchase and bought the same package at $13.49 per day. I don't know how long this special will be on -- but I'll keep checking in case the $10.99 per day (that someone on this board mentioned) pops up!
  9. After many searches on this forum and two phone calls with different answers to the C&A desk, I still am not sure of the best way to purchase an Internet Surf & Stream package. The most confident-sounding answer was to buy the 2-device week package pre-cruise with a 20% discount and once onboard go to Guest Services to get a $39.98 Diamond Plus refund. The C&A rep said my D+ husband can also get a refund -- on the same package! Sounds too generous to be true. Does anyone who has sailed recently as D+ and bought an Internet package have a real answer from personal experience for me? Thanks.
  10. Thank you! I did mean Coastal Kitchen.
  11. The last time I was on Oasis of the Seas, the Solarium Bistro was complimentary for Junior Suite (and above) guests. That was a little over a year ago. Is the same true now?
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