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  1. I can’t answer regarding evening buffet; there is a normal buffet breakfast and lunch. Staff plates it for you. The patio is open for lunch. Boxes are currently offered for breakfast and lunch. Breakfast is being served in Aqualina for guests staying in suites.
  2. French chef’s table last night on Quest; food very good same as always. Ambiance just not the same. Missed the welcome glass of champagne too…
  3. Quest docked right in the middle of Trieste, so very easy boarding. We took a private transfer from Venice the day before and spent the night in a hotel directly across the street from the pier, so I can’t answer regarding the Azamara transfer.
  4. Spa is open as usual, including the thelasotherapy pool. We’re really enjoying ourselves! The food is wonderful, crew as happy and helpful as ever. Can’t comment yet on the living room yet, may get there tonight though. Prime C was full last night; people were being seated in Aqualina. Two chef’s tables plus two other special meals being offered this cruise.
  5. Yes, b2b guests were not allowed off the ship today. We were told about the extra test to take place on our sea day.
  6. The TrustOne QR codes are strictly for the covid test that's taken at embarkation; you don't need to upload your covid test that you take to enter Italy. They are two entirely different things.
  7. We’ve received a couple of emails for each cruise for the embarkation testing; I’d rather have the reminders than no emails at all. QR code’s printed and ready
  8. Celebrity has been extremely aggressive with emails lately; I've been getting 2 and sometimes 3 a day.
  9. Azamara pulled Labadee from their upcoming sailings and replaced with Virgin Gorda
  10. Azamara has their protocols outlined in the Sail Healthy At Sea section at the top of their website.
  11. Hmmm where have I heard it before….
  12. Love all the suggestions; we’re spending a few days in Venice before boarding the Quest on October 19th.
  13. laurieb

    Tanya Roberts

    Great news! Looking forward to having Danny onboard
  14. laurieb

    Tanya Roberts

    At least you have entertainment 😂😂
  15. laurieb

    Tanya Roberts

    She's been CD with Azamara for a few years now on and off. Very talented. Danny Turner is currently listed as the CD, with Amanda Poulson leaving during/after the cruise Tanya joins.
  16. laurieb

    Tanya Roberts

    Tanya Roberts will be joining the Quest in Nice; not sure who she is filling in for/replacing. Great news I think for Azamara to have her back on.
  17. Thanks for explaining the different name, bright night! Just as Azamazing Evening has a different name currently, it makes good sense to differentiate.
  18. Thank you for the report! Did you find most people wearing white?
  19. I’m not expecting to be able to get off in civitavecchia unless they offer some kind of tour for b2b guests
  20. I'm happy to hear that a rapid test should suffice!
  21. For any of you from the US, traveling to Italy for your cruise, which type of covid test are you getting?
  22. I believe dry dock for the Pursuit is complete or very close to it. Moving to Greece very soon to hang out until sailing for South Africa
  23. I haven't yet seen anything to that effect; did you get an email from them?
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