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  1. Any excursions booked ahead of departure will be charged at the time of booking. Excursions booked on board will be charged to your on board account which is paid at the end of the cruise. However bookings on board may be more expensive. i would recommend that you use a credit card for your on board account rather than a debit card. This is because they place an authorisation hold on your account on a daily basis based on your spend. No money is withdrawn but it effectively ring fences a sum of money to ensure that they will get payment at the end of the cruise. This may effect your direct debits if your account is running low. With a credit card you usually have a high credit limit so this does not become a problem. Brian
  2. No one knows yet as it all depends on what is agreed when, and if, we leave the EU. However, you do not need to be in the EU to join the EHIC system. Currently there are four countries outside the EU who are members. These are Norway Switzerland Iceland Liechtenstein We may end up the same as these but who knows? Brian
  3. They certainly will. This may be done on the ship prior to arrival. Brian
  4. Some, if not most, insurance companies require you to have an EHIC card also. Travel insurance is not compulsory if, for example, you were to drive across to Europe, but it is highly recommended. Brian
  5. Cadiz is an interesting place in its own right. The port is right in the centre so there is no need for shuttle buses. Seville is some distance from Cadiz so you would have to take a tour if you want to get there. Brian
  6. I received an email this afternoon from P&O confirming my shareholder OBC. About 4 hours later I received an email from my TA confirming the same and attached a revised P&O invoice showing the additional OBC. So the whole process took 8 days, which is a little longer than it has been in the past but we got there in the end. Brian
  7. I submitted my request for my next cruise direct to P&O this morning. I will let you know when I get confirmation back. Brian
  8. I don’t have a share certificate as my shares are held in a nominee account. I just download a current statement showing my holding, blank any personal data and then attach to an email. If if you have a share certificate you can just email the number and they can look it up on the share register. Brian
  9. I prefer to go direct to P&O by email. Works well. Don’t see the need to go via an intermediary. You still have to send them the same cruise details. Brian
  10. See the fact sheet referenced in my post #50 where 4 of 5 brokers forecast Carnival as a strong buy. This is based on fundamentals not including OBC. I do not buy a cruise just for the OBC. I am going anyway so the extra OBC is just a bonus. Each person can make their own mind up and it may not be suitable for some who do not wish, or are unable, to commit a large sum of money Brian
  11. Fact sheet on Carnival PLC https://www.hl.co.uk/shares/shares-search-results/c/carnival-plc-ordinary-usd1.66 Make your own mind up Brian
  12. The dividend on 100 shares is currently $200 per year which is around £160 at the current exchange rate. So you would get a total return of £310 which is around 8% on an investment of £3500. Where else can you get such a return. I agree that it is not worthwhile buying the shares if you only intend to do one cruise only but if you intend to do several in future, then it is a good investment. If you cruise with a dollar based ship, such as Cunard or Princess, then you get $250 on a two week cruise. This is worth about £196 at current exchange rates. Brian
  13. Info on P&O website https://www.pocruises.com/frequently-asked-questions.miscellaneous.Where-can-I-find-more-information-about-shareholder-benefits.summary
  14. I do the same. I use a PDF editor (available free on line) to blank out personal details on the statement. As it’s an online account access is available 24/7. The HL website is very good and user friendly unlike the P&O one. Brian
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