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  1. The schedule for next year is not fully complete. I would expect her to dock at either Ocean or Mayflower. It depends what other ships are in on the day. Brian
  2. Iona will always dock at Ocean terminal (dock 46) as this has been upgraded to allow LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) refuelling for Iona. When Britannia is in on the same day then she will dock at Mayflower terminal (dock 106). This is shown on the cruise schedule for next year so one would assume the same will apply in 2021. http://www.southamptonvts.co.uk/Live_Information/Shipping_Movements_and_Cruise_Ship_Schedule/Cruise_Ship_Schedule/ Mayflower is over a mile from Ocean so it looks like a taxi job. i don’t know anything definite about a new terminal being built although there have been rumours about a new one at dock 104 but obviously will not be available next year or 2021. Brian
  3. The thread closed is five years old. I can assure you that Neil Turnbull is no longer ill and has been back at work for some considerable time. We had him on Aurora in April and again on Ventura in August. He was, as normal, exemplary. Brian
  4. Tortola is on the British Virgin Islands, not US. Brian
  5. Britannia is also registered in the UK. All others in Bermuda. Brian
  6. Hellesylt is just a short stop (an hour or so) to allow passengers taking tours to get off. The ship then continues to Geiranger. Personally I think the best part of the fjord is between Hellysylt and Geiranger where the fjord narrows and you sail between high vertical cliffs either side with lots of waterfalls. You can only see this by staying on the ship although you do see it again on the way out. Brian
  7. If tips are not included in the fare, then where does the money come from? The money tree? Brian
  8. So in effect you are paying tips twice as you have already paid once included in your fare. Brian
  9. Ships time will be same as UK so 9am ko Brian
  10. Aurora have announced that they will show the rugby finals on the big screen in the Playhouse (cinema). To allow you to celebrate there will be quote - unlimited Buck’s Fizz, sparkling wine and fresh orange juice together with a delicious buffet lunch. Unquote. The cost for this will be £20 per person. Do you think this is reasonable and what are other ships doing? Brian
  11. You might like to try the Beach House which has a slightly American style menu. https://carnivaluk.metafaq.com/resources/carnivaluk/life-on-board/VE_beach_menu_1.pdf There is a cover charge of £7.50 and a small extra charge on some items Brian
  12. I am currently on Aurora and hot sausage rolls are served if you like that sort of thing. Brian
  13. There is no need to tip additional on P&O and you should not do it. Although there is no added percentage on your bill there is a tip or commission included in the price which the waiter receives. Hence they have an incentive to serve you well which they do. Brian
  14. You should try out the afternoon tea served in the Medina restaurant from 4pm to 4:45. You have choice of 7 different teas or coffee. Served with finger sandwiches, scones, clotted cream, jam and small cakes. What’s not to like? Brian
  15. Sounds like you will like Anderson’s lounge. It is styled on an English country house and there is NO music so easy to have a conversation. Brian
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