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  1. My impression of the new cabins is that they look very nice but there is less storage space than the existing cabins. The single balcony cabins look very good but it would be interesting to see the price comparison to the single occupancy of an existing double cabin. Brian
  2. Yes it all looks new. Have seen them wiping down sun beds in other areas as well. Maybe it’s a new initiative to keep bugs down. Brian
  3. Sanding and treating the teak floor around the Terrace pool has been going on for the last few days. This has now finished and a whole raft of sun beds and chairs have appeared. There is now a team of people wiping them all down. Brian
  4. For those tracking the progress of Aurora there is a change in the schedule. Due to a big storm coming up later today, Aurora will stay in port overnight in Madeira and not sail until at least 12:30pm tomorrow (Wed). Arrival in the Azores is still expected to be on time as originally scheduled. Brian
  5. The blown windows in the Crows Nest have been replaced. Brian
  6. There are new carpets virtually everywhere. For example Raffles has new carpets and new modern looking furniture and has a much lighter and airery feel to it. The whole ship is like new Brian
  7. Confirm that Neil Turnbul is the captain. Interesting that on the way down to check out some changes made to the engines we had to do a 3 hour full speed run and Aurora reached 27 knots. This was followed by a crash stop which involved putting the engines to full astern from 25 knots. There was a bit of vibration but the ship stopped in 6 lengths. Brian
  8. Not sailing till 11pm now. Apparently an engineer from Germany came to do some work and he has not finished. Brian
  9. On Aurora now. New carpets in cabin and corridors. New TV. New toilet. New cabins not ready yet but will be open for viewing when they are. Not sailing till 8pm. Just missed end of broadcast so don’t know why. Brian
  10. No one knows as the ship is just returning from refit today. Brian
  11. We are on the first cruise next week after the refit. Had an email today to say that the work on the gym will not be finished and the gym will not open until 17th April. Does not worry me but some may not be happy. Brian
  12. See website https://ask.pocruises.com/help/PO/life-on-board/wedding_package Brian
  13. Three or four years ago it was only £125. It has got out of step again with the recent drop in the value of the pound. It is only P&O that pays £150. Cunard and Princess pay $250 sailing from the UK. Brian
  14. Just to clarify, the number of guests stated on the Viking website is 930. https://www.vikingcruises.co.uk/oceans/ships/viking-sky.html The actual number is probably less as there will be some cabins with single occupancy. The 1300 figure includes the crew. Brian
  15. This website lists all the Southampton hotels who offer a stay and cruise package and gives the rates. https://www.destinationsouthampton.com/hotels-and-accommodation/accommodation-information/ Brian
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