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  1. What you need to realise is that the TC aircraft will still exist along with pilots and aircrew. Thus there will still be available capacity. What is needed is someone to take them over and operate them. Brian
  2. Interesting, that due to the devaluation of the pound, the sterling dividend has increased from the last dividend of £39.53 in June to £41.56 now. Brian
  3. Paid on 13 Sep. $50 per 100 shares converted to £41.56. Brian
  4. BrianI

    CPS Parking

    I was on Ventura three weeks ago at Ocean and the procedure was the same as it has always been so think you are correct. Brian
  5. BrianI

    CPS Parking

    If you are with CPS then you drive up to the terminal and hand over your car. Lots of people to direct you. Make sure your parking “pass” is on your windscreen. Brian
  6. We were on the Ventura 16 Aug cruise and went to the restaurant at various times between 1815 and 1930. Each time we went straight in without waiting although we were happy to share a table. The only problem we had was that there was a considerable delay between courses as though the waiters had too many tables to serve. On one night took 2.5 hours before we could leave. Brian
  7. Just received an email from P&O giving me £150 OBC for my next cruise. One hour later I received another email from my cruise travel agent attaching a revised P&O invoice showing the extra credit. Very impressed by the speed. Brian
  8. That is correct. They do it the other way round. They provide a coach from Gatwick to Southampton on your departure so your car will be waiting at Gatwick on your return if that is what you want. Brian
  9. P&O operate a free coach back to your departure airport. If you are repositioning the other way, they operate a coach from your arrival airport to Southampton. Brian
  10. So, when in Canada, where would you get a better rate? Brian
  11. The best way is to use your credit/debit card where possible. When in Canada, you can withdraw Canadian dollars from any ATM using a UK debit card. This will give you a much better rate than on the ship. Like in the UK use an ATM at a bank rather than a convenience store which may charge extra. Brian
  12. Have tried the various battery/electric milk frothers but found that the best one is a Bodum milk frother. Manually operated so no batteries required. Brian
  13. You may already be aware that if you change your passport, you need to apply for a new ESTA. Brian
  14. I have just come off Ventura and parked at Ocean terminal with CPS. The parking arrangement was the same as it has always been. However, I did notice that a large covered structure has been erected which sits alongside the existing drop off areas. If this is going to be used for Iona, then the extra distance to walk is very minimal. Brian
  15. Although not the cheapest, with CPS you drive right up to the terminal. Your luggage is taken from your car and you hand over your car for which you are given a receipt. You then simply walk into the terminal with your hand luggage. On your return you walk across the road to a small kiosk to collect your car keys. They tell you where your car is parked - usually just a short walk away. If you return to a different terminal, your car will be moved there. If you are offered free parking with P&O, then it will be with CPS. Brian
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