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    Ajaccio, Corsica

    Our ship will dock in Ajaccio, Corsica for one day. We are torn between exploring the town of Ajaccio on our own for the day, or taking a tour into the Corsican countryside. Is the countryside not to be missed? Which parts of Corsica would be most beautiful or enjoyable for the day? We will be very grateful for all advice.
  2. maggie3

    "Godfather" Tour from Catania

    We have visited Sicily previously, but had missed seeing the villages and sites where the Godfather movies were filmed. We will be in port in Catania on a cruise this fall. I have looked at tours with Mario and with Sicily Life. I like the Sicily Life Godfather Tour because it includes Castelmola, where Mario's tour does not. However, Sicily Life requires a credit card guarantee. Most of us on our cruise roll call are reluctant to give out our credit card numbers in advance and would rather pay cash after each tour is completed. Can previous cruisers please recommend another company which would give a similar tour, but would not require a credit card?
  3. maggie3

    Smile Tours, Halong Bay?

    We would love to hear from fellow cruisers who have sailed in Halong Bay on a daytrip shore excursion with Smile Tours Vietnam. We are looking at a seven hour cruise, beginning at 7:30 a.m., that involves entrance into two caves and a seafood lunch, vs. a three and one-half hour ship excursion with one cave and no meal. We may skip the caves, as we are not fond of caves, and stay on the boat to admire the scenery. Is there enough shade on the Smile Tours boat so that we will not be sitting in the sun for seven hours? Is the boat that Smile uses a junk with batwing sails? (Wouldn't want to miss out on atmosphere.) Did you feel that you saw more islands/rock formations on the Smile tour than you might have seen on the ship's 3 1/2 hour tour? Is there any option but seafood for lunch? Thanks for all advice.
  4. maggie3

    San Gervasio Ruins???

    We have visited Chichen Itza and Tulum, and just for something to do, we may book a shore excursion to the San Gervasio Ruins on Cozumel, and Playa Mia. Are these particular ruins at San Gervasio impressive at all, (I know they won't compare to the other two) or should we just stick to the beach?
  5. Must we be signed on for a HAL ship-sponsored shore excursion to buy visas onboard for Viet Nam and Cambodia? May we buy the visas onboard if we are signed on for an independent tour with a licensed local travel guide? What is the official word for Viet Nam and Cambodia in particular, please?
  6. maggie3

    MSC Poesia in Roatan

    Will the Poesia dock in Coxen Hole or in Mahogany Bay during the week of November 19? I thought I had read it was Mahogany Bay, but I cannot find the Poesia on the M.Bay port schedule.
  7. maggie3

    Poesia in Roatan

    In November, will the MSC Poesia be docked at Coxen Hole or in Mahogany Bay? I thought I had read somewhere it was Mahogany Bay, but the Mahogany Bay port schedule does not list the Poesia.
  8. maggie3

    Mahogany Bay to West End

    How much should four people traveling together expect to pay for a taxi from the cruise terminal in Mahogany Bay to the village of West End? Is there an easy to locate bus that makes the trip? How long would one expect the drive to take? Is the Mahogany Bay area itself a part of the island worth exploring?
  9. Is the water taxi/ferry to West Bay Beach easy to find if one is walking along the waterfront of West End village? Can someone please give a link or web address for a Roatan map that would show the location of the water taxi departure point from West End?
  10. maggie3

    Sanya Sights

    Our HAL cruise in January will visit Sanya for a day. The shore excursion offerings are limited. We can't decide between these two choices and hope previous visitors can please advise: "Chinese minority Village"--Visit a local ethnic village in the Ganshi Ridge National Natural Reserve and view a folklore show by the Chiyou ethnic minority group. or "Best of Sanya"--Nanshan Cultural Resort-Visit Nanshan temple encircled by mountains and facing the Chuina Sea; View the Guanyin Statue of Hainan, which faces in three directions. Any advice? Anything here not to be missed?
  11. maggie3

    Questions for MSC Cruises USA

    We have booked a November cruise on the Poesia with two other couples. They booked through a different travel agent than we did. I have written twice to MSC Customer Service, with booking numbers to coordinate a table for the six of us together at early dining. Neither time have I received a response from MSC. The other two couples asked their travel agent to coordinate the table, but she told them she can't do anything about putting us at their table because we didn't book with them. I expect I will get the same response from my TA. So, ultimately we do need MSC to coordinate our dining table request. How do I get MSC to do this? Another question: We have paid MSC in full for our cruise and we have a confirmed cabin number. I have also registered us with the MSC Club. The MSC site will not allow us to book shore excursions through their site for a cruise that is less than two months away. Must we also book shore excursions through our travel agent? So far I we are not enjoying the ease of sailing with MSC!
  12. Our cruise ship will be in port in Laem Chabang from 9 a.m. on the first day till 5 p.m on the second day. We are thinking that if we are able to book transportation to and from the port, along with a hotel for overnight, the temples we would like to see and the canal cruise pier for a short river cruise should all be within walking distance of each other. We hope to visit Wat Pho, The Grand Palace, The Temple of the Emerald Buddha and Wat Arun on our own. How much should the two of us expect to pay for a car and driver for a return trip, port to Bangkok, back to port the next day? Can previous travelers please recommend a reliable limo service or transportation company?
  13. Can previous travelers please advise? What is the most economical form of non-stop transportation from the Freeport Cruise Pier to CPH airport? We will be getting off the NCL Sun on a Sunday and we understand the #26 bus does not run on Sunday. Does that leave us with only a taxi as direct transportation? There are two of us, DH is 75, and we'd like to make this as easy as possible, without breaking the bank. If a taxi is the only hassle-free way, how huge a sum should we expect to pay? We may look into NCL transfers if they will be cheaper.
  14. maggie3

    Singapore: Independent Tour

    Our cruise will finish in Singapore, so no ship's shore excursions are offered, except for a quick tour on the way to the airport. We will stay on for a couple of days. We would like to hire a private guide or find an independent tour that would cover many of the most important sights or experiences in Singapore. We will be grateful for all advice.
  15. maggie3

    Hotel Near Hong Kong Cruise Port?

    Can previous travelers to Hong Kong please recommend a decently priced hotel ($200. U.S. or less) near the cruise pier for Holland America Ships? I have read reviews for the Salisbury, but one contained a report about bed bugs. We'd love a good harbor view, clean and comfortable room. Thanks for all advice.