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  1. Not sure about the fine, it’s advice not law. Agree it invalidates travel insurance.
  2. Apparently 5.2million shares equating to about $250m at yesterday’s closing price. Not a lot of money against the original deal. I reckon Manfredi is getting out while he can and it doesn’t portend well towards the future of Silversea, or indeed cruising for the foreseeable future.
  3. If that is correct, then Manfredi’s original deal looks great. That values Silversea at only $750m at today’s prices.
  4. After some serious thought about the latest UK Gov change, we have decided to tough it out. Today was our last chance to cancel without real penalty. If it sails we will be pleasantly surprised.
  5. Someone posting that they were offered a 10% reduction in price to move to the equivalent 2022.
  6. That is not good. I see the website is still showing the 2021 cruises. Given the current circumstances I can understand the move to cancel the 2021 Expedition WC and reschedule for 2022, but it’s not a good idea to alienate those who are already booked.
  7. No sweetener for the 12 month delay?
  8. We will probably do the same, but will wait until the end of the 1st week of July to make a final decision.
  9. I think I would pass, and that’s what we are doing for our WC2022 booking. It’s a long way out and we have yet to see whether we get a second round of infections later this year. Having waited 63 days for one refund I’m not rushing to give them a stack more cash before I have to. Good luck and let us know what you decide.
  10. Not at all surprised. The decision we made in April to cancel was the right one. Now waiting to see if the Moon t/a goes ahead.
  11. Why?, a magic wand was waved and the Muse arrives in Manila tomorrow!
  12. Cancelled April 8th via TA, refund took 63 days.
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