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  1. I would never do banking on any public network!
  2. IF you are cruising on Carnival then you leave from Long Beach and not San Pedro! You will still make a 12:35 plan at LAX. Just make sure you arrive at the correct port!! They are both called "LA" even though they are not LA.
  3. The first mini bar set up is free and you can switch out what you don't like to something you like better. Just call when you get on board and they will come and switch things(room service)
  4. The 2 large bottles of water that we got for free each day when having a suite was plenty for us! We didn't use it all and would not purchase a water pkg in addition to all that. Of course you can cancel your bottled water and get money back ,especially if you haven't even gotten on board the ship!
  5. Got the email. Don't see anything interesting about it. Just another rewards program. How many of them do you really need to use?? I don't need any more .
  6. We love to sit outside at Peohes and order small plates/apps. I think they do those very well! I know it is not a "foodie" spot but we have enjoyed many many lunches there!
  7. OK-Finally found the "sale" by signing into my account and clicking on deals. There is no change in price so all we'd get is $1,000 OBC which still makes the price higher by more than $3,000 I got off the price by changing my booking to a cruise compete agent.
  8. Which cruises are included?? I looked and didn't find any??
  9. Hmm? Sorry I did not know that about Ft Lauderdale. I would always prefer to have something booked but then that's just me!
  10. You'd have to prebook a car service or shuttle. Shared shuttles don't just hang around at the port waiting to see if they'll have customers.
  11. I suppose some of you who are into "rules" don't read much?? I said in the beginning that we were Platinum on Carnival so that should have showed you we were frequent Carnival cruisers! I have been on CC for many years as well! I am not telling DH about this rule because we've not been following it for any of our previous cruises and won't start now! It is silly to follow a "rule" that has never been enforced! Other lines enforce more stringent dress codes so we follow them even though it is not how we typically dress here in very INformal San Diego,Ca. I hope you all enjoy your cruising however you decide to do it! I am done with this conversation now!
  12. I am not even going to tell DH about this thread!! Our November cruise may well be our last on Carnival for a while as we really prefer the suite perks on Princess!!
  13. It will be very interesting to see on our next cruise in November if this whole conversation here on Cruise Critic has anything to do with the actual way folks on the ships are dressing! We have had several cruises since 2016 and not a peep has been heard from anyone about clothing on casual nights. Waiting to watch and see!
  14. On the Carnival ships t shirts have ALWAYS been allowed into the MDR on casual nights. Again, we've had lots of conversations about elegant night dress codes but NEVER have had a conversation about casual dress on Carnival ships before this one!! It is possible that the web site has always said this but since the info on line has been that it's been allowed for years then that's what we've done and so have the majority of people with whom we have sailed. Other cruise lines do it differently.
  15. Oceania ships are much smaller so I wonder how they'd handle the crossing compared to Princess ships?? We were going to go on Oceania to Cuba since she did that very well but did not choose to stay on board for the Caribbean when Cuba cruises were cancelled. With a lot of sea days I'd want a ship with more activities than what Oceania appears to offer.
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