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  1. Thanks for reporting back Lois W h at sightseeing are you planning from that location?
  2. Agree that the location looks great but I don't want to spend over $400 per night for just a room What did you pay?
  3. Tried to use the web site UNsucessfully
  4. I was going to add that Princess seems less expensive too
  5. December5 on the Grand P rincess picked arrival a week or more ago
  6. It may be differen for each port I have already picked arrival time for my December cruise out of San Pedro
  7. You might ask this question on the European ports section of this site or in Trip Adviser in the UK forum You might also try Google England covid requirements for USA citizens
  8. When I was in Rome I did a guided tour of the forum etc in the morning Then had a lovely lunch at Taverna del Fiori Imperiale nearby I too would wander through the other areas you mentioned on your own
  9. You can still book on the personalizer Just be patient as airlines don't always have their schedules set
  10. I appreciate your suggestion but after our oneNCL cruise to Alaska I vowed never to go on NCL again! We like Royal Caribbean and even Carnival better Different strokes
  11. I would never book a flight that early You will need to deal with immigration after walking off and I doubt your cruise ship suggests that early time as doable
  12. The difference is that airlines will call the 3 airports you mentioned as nyc airports even though 1 is inNJ I have not seen airline sites call John Wayne an LA airport If the airline site did call it anLA Airport then I can certainly understand your confusion
  13. Agree that staying near Piazza Navona puts you in easy walking distance to many sights Go to Tdip Adviser and use their hotel map function to see possibilities in your price range BTW I prefer the small DK Eyewitness city Top 10 guide books to Rick Steve's travel guides There's definitely one for Rome
  14. Since the cruiseport is an LA cruise port it is logical to me that the transfer would be from an LA airport which is LAX John Wayne Airport is not in LA city or county
  15. We tried to book midship suite for Europe next year and fou n d them all booked I think lots of folks rebooked cancelled cruises early We ended up booking an interesting 9 day on Carnival from Rome to Portugal Not our first choice of cruise line anymore but we got midship and for a wonderful price
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