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  1. Google says this is the number to call from the UK You may call us toll-free at 800-545-0008
  2. Did you book the rate that includes cruise parking for your car? I don't know when you are going but for my cruise the price is much higher!! Don't expect it to go lower.
  3. Yes of course!! Don't you know that the more complicated job that the computer is doing the more chances there are for something to go flooey! Until we had keyless entries into cars or driverless cars no one worried about your car getting hacked but oh wow! Look what the car can do now. Same with the elevator. Of course technology is here to stay and makes life easier and easier but it also opens up new problems that folks never dreamed of! BTW I don't really care about elevators doing what these new ones can do. We walk a lot on each cruise so the old fashioned elevators are fine with me.
  4. Thanks for the list. I looked on the web site but I guess my early morning eyes couldn't find it! Can you take a glass of wine from Vines into the MDR at dinner or is that a "no no"??
  5. OK I see that my next ship the Star has Vines so will look forward to using it for tasting!!
  6. Love it!!(LOL) A way to provide more jobs especially for poor seniors!!
  7. The MDR did not have many wine by the glass choices on the Coral. Which ships have Vines??? Haven't tried it yet.
  8. Sure-But the more bells and whistles it has , the more that can go wrong!
  9. Hi, You may well get other answers or go to the Huatulco forum on Trip Advisor for local tour recs but we just grabbed a taxi from the pier and went to Playa Entrega to snorkel from shore. It is one of the recommended places to snorkel. It has a protected bay and reef. My husband sat at the nice beach bar/restaurant with one beer(no one pushed more for him to buy) and I went into the water. There is a concession on the beach that rents snorkel equipment and has guides who will go into the water with you if you like.
  10. AGREE completely!! Don't start your lovely vacation with such a mess!
  11. It's all fine until something happens and the computer in the elevator stops working!!
  12. We collect Hilton pts but would not stay at the Long Beach Airport the night before a cruise from Long Beach. I'd suggest that folks stay closer to the cruise port or in downtown Long Beach. Staying at the airport is not the typical spot where you can have dinner and enjoy your evening before the cruise.
  13. Uber is not a "shuttle company". I found this one by just putting Long Beach shuttle into Google: https://www.longbeachshuttle.com/ You can find others that way too. Depending on your hotel's location a normal taxi won't cost much more than $10 +tip for 3-4 of your guests. I imagine that the hotel could also help you.
  14. My agent got back to me saying that the price was raised by exactly $200 so not a "sale" for me to add on the Air.
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