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  1. Looks like a bunch of 2023 dates have been released, at least for those with elite status. The prices are through the roof!!
  2. To each his/her own. 😀 For us the main draw of Club Class is the ability to be able to get a table for 2 without a wait. Also, the extra item and the attentive service is a plus. However, I agree it would make no sense for the OP if they were going to eat in the MDR.
  3. I'm not seeing that on the Princess website.
  4. In addition to these two accurate posts, the long term after effects for many folks that are infected is much greater than is typically the case with the flu.
  5. This might be encouraging. https://seekingalpha.com/news/3618303-modernas-covidminus-19-vaccine-shows-positive-effect-in-older-adults-in-early-stage-study This is the headline from today's article: Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine shows positive effect in older adults in early-stage study
  6. I you click on "Boarding Passes & Travel Summary" on the cruises main Personaliser page and then open the Travel Summary you should see all purchases..
  7. Just curious, what is a "Princess Travelcare Credit"?
  8. My birthdate is also off by one day (day earlier). I'm not going to lose sleep over it. My passport birthdate is correct. That's all that matters.
  9. My experience has been a 20 or 25% discount off the price listed in your personalizer. I can't remember which.
  10. Normally I would prefer the Royal, but for Alaska I would also prefer the Star.
  11. Would you assume this is some kind of website hiccup. I realize there's no pricing.
  12. Thanks for the clarification. I have my doubts about the 4/3 TA. However, even if it does sail, our going will depend on the current Covid-19 situation, the procedures that need to be followed on the ship and the situation in Spain (we were planning on spending several days in Madrid before flying home).
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