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  1. It is all mineral water that comes with and without gas (the bubbles) so you order what you want. TIP: If you can only get "with gas" water, there is a quick remedy. Take one of DW stockings and run the water through it, the stocking will filter out the bubbles.🍻
  2. Thats why it's called a Tomahawk Steak - you need an axe to dissect it, not to eat it but to carry out a post-mortem examination.
  3. One thing I learned a long time ago, NEVER order a steak in an Italian establishment (including Italian cruise ships). Pasta is wonderful, steak is like eating the sole of your shoes. Save your money.
  4. Depends on how much the ship is rolling.
  5. Not about communication but about treating people as equals. The butlers are there to make sure things run smoothly, not running around pampering to some "entitled" person as if they were in Downtown Abbey.
  6. Is the world going backwards. I thoght the slave / master era was long gone.
  7. How disrespectful can one get by wearing an American flag as a pair of swimming trunks. Show respect to your flag and all those who paid the ultimate sacrifice by returning home in a flag drapped coffin.
  8. Time to setup the offical various river threads for 2020.
  9. Happy New Year, Dinner for One, can confirm I have never see it screened in England even though it originates from an English script with well known English actors, but was filmed in Germany about 1962 by NDR. Saw some interesting facts last week, the number of cruise ships have doubled in Passau over the last 9 years and there has been an eight fold increase over the last 30 years. Is there an end in sight? The Passau Council has published a Cruise Manual, unfortunately I have not found an English version as yet: Happy New Year to all Ocean & River Cruisers, Lurkers and Trolls Passau Cruise Manual.pdf
  10. See if your hotel has a website in English / Arabic, search for the address / location in English then try to find the same information in Arabic, if successful print out the information. If not emal hotel and ask them for directions / address in Arabic, print out.
  11. Do you want to meet English Speakers or North Americans?🍻
  12. Really enjoying reading your travel tails. There was another review a day or so ago, same stretch of the Danube but they reported problems at every port. Just goes to show how some cruisers can take things in their stride. The thing that disturbs me were the rude shop keepers in Passau (my home town) can you remember the names of the shop at at least the type of shop. Happy Christmas
  13. Can you confirm you were moved from Budapest to Kelheim? Or do you mean another town in Hungary as Kelheim is in Germany at the start of the Main-Donau canal. PS All Christmas Markets are crowded - something to do with tourists.
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