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  1. No idea. Currently on our way to Lake Garda (as Host Jazzbeau says) to take the waters. originally planned for a week, could be longer if the wine and pizzas are agreeable.
  2. Tom Beck, thank you for message, I hope that everyone can live in peace and use their right to protest. All the very best for your granddaughter, tell her from me she has a wise Opa (Granddad).
  3. Again I am not afraid to answer questions, as some people are. To answer YOUR question (see I'm not afraid) I wasn't around in '45, but afterwards it was great for me we won the economic battle, we can protest without our police beating the hell out of us. Care to comment? Still waiting for an answer or are there no arguments or statements that can be made!
  4. I don't see where I was wrong, I did admit that some of our laws are lax, as you can see I answer questions when posed to me. So I will try again, this time typing slowly: " Some laws are lax but our gun laws are very tight, how about yours?" Ball is in your court.
  5. If the other CC member cannot or will not answer my question, then I offer you the oppolrtunity: " Some laws are lax but our gun laws are very tight, how about yours? "
  6. This is a standard answer from older generation, don't rock the boat, everyone has to be happy - if not give them D-marks or €€€s. Appeasment at it's worst, it has never work and never will. Protests i Germany have been around for more than 50 years: 68 Students Pershing Missiles Frankfurt Airport Startbahn West Hambacher Forest. The list goes on and on.
  7. Are MSC getting into the River Cruise business?🍻🥨🍻
  8. The River Inn is at fault from all the melting snow in the Alps, the Danube itsself is like a back water. You should have stayed in Passau having great weather at the moment, you are following the bad weather or vice versa. Have a great cruise.
  9. Interesting BBC article: http://www.bbc.com/capital/story/20190618-how-to-be-a-better-tourist
  10. My crystal ball only reaches out for two weeks. Too early to say. PS. As we are not allowed to advertise on CC, think I will have to rename the crystal ball. Any ideas?
  11. I bet the bridgewas in Payssau. The town missed a great opportunity when the bridge was rebuilt, instead of the suspension bridge they shoud have built a "Tower Bridge" what a sight that would have been.
  12. The Danube at Passau is still abit high - but falling, the Inn is very high and risng some but should start to fall beginning of next week. Weather for next 7 days, some cloud and sunny intervals at about 27°C. Normally ship swaps to not happen when the Danube is running high (except in Passau because of a low bridge, this would involve a coach journey of about 5 Km.). Ship swaps are when the Danube is extremely low and ships cannot navigate the shallows, e.g. the Danube situation last year. Have a great cruise.
  13. The upper reaches of the River Inn, around Innsbruck are experiencing high water levels of the century. This will hit Passau, later this week. As the Inn carries more water in volume, it will act as dam for the Danube and it's water will be backed up. Could see some flooding in Passau. https://tirol.orf.at/stories/1975/
  14. How about this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elbląg_Canal
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