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  1. What about the crew? Better to have a maximumof only 3500 persons possible infected as a country of 80 million.
  2. Nothing to do with the Diamond Princess, but reports are coming in of the first coronavirus fatality in Europe. An elderly Chinese person has died in a Paris hospital.
  3. Yes, even local residents living near the docking areas get the full range of stinking and smelly diesel fumes, when the ships runs it's diesel motors all night for the "comfort" of the passengers - what about the local inhabitants.
  4. You are correct that you had to either go to Munich or Freising to get the train to Passau, but in 2018 a spur was built between Freising and Munich that branched off to the airport. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neufahrn_Link
  5. Sorry I can't help you with recommendations, as we always park at the airport. These days you do not have to go to Freising to get the train. From the airport station take the regional train towards Regensburg, change at Landshut for the Passau train, no need to change platforms. At Passau main station there are elevators at each platform, taxis available outside. I think your best solution would be a van for all of your party.
  6. No Rathaussturmung here, only patches where Fasching is prevalent (based on the Mainzer tradition). Frankenland is the main Carnival area in Bavaria.
  7. Notarmermaid, not exotic! I'll have to show you the places I know.
  8. As with most cruise lines you get what you pay for. If you go with an open mind then you will be fine, if on the other hand you want o live in an Amercican cruise bubble while on the ship and just go ashore to soak up the European culture then Costa is not for you. No lobster, no ice teas, very limited free dinks (mostly at breakfast time), no art auctions. Food is food, I have never gone hungry on a Costa cruise, if there is nothing you don't like then there are usually 3 standard items always available. Pizza (chargeable) is great. The drinks packages are the most gen
  9. I used swoodoo, landing a day earlier so a hotel would be required.
  10. $1160? Is that first class.🥂 I find prices for London - Singapore, Dubai - London, per person: British Aiways €467 (Both legs non-stop) Emirates €448 (stop in Dubai on first leg) Still great prices, but with the coronavirus no thanks (probably need €1500 for face masks).
  11. How are you going to cope with dietary requirements let alone covbering religious and other beliefs. Who is going to deliver them? Who is going to prepare them? Also exposing the delivery team o possible infection. Bad idea and bad solution.
  12. I read somewhere that the Japanese government see their handling of this situation as some kind of thanks to the international community for their help in the Fukushima meltdown.
  13. There is a lot at the port - first stage of the journey HOME.
  14. "His" ship is under the control of the Japanese Health Minitry, as it would be in any other country. He speaks daily to the persons onboard, with news updates, including the lastest "casualty" list.
  15. David Abel, on his Facebook video read out a letter from the British Embassy saying that 50 Pharmacists, 50 Doctors and 50 Nurses (can't remember the actual number quoted) would be coming onboard. He surmised that it was for testing passengers / crew before the quarantine period had ended and / or checking up on the elderly or people with health problems, the captain had informed them that this lat group would be release a day earlier on Tuesday 18th. Feb.
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