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  1. Hi all - We sail this Saturday!!! We are currently scheduled for My Time Dining and would like to switch to 2nd Seating. Our TA called and was told 2nd seating ws closed but to try onboard. What floor of the Main Dining room do we do this and what is the best time to go? We plan to board between 11-11:30. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi all - silly question. Does anyone have any Nail salon recommendations near GalleryOne on Sunrise in Fll? Thanks!
  3. I called today to try and change our dining to 2nd seating from MTD. No availability right now. I know I can do it once I get on board. Where and what time can I do this? We are on the 12/21 sailing on Adventure of the Seas.
  4. We are on her Dec 21-29th! We were also on her in Dec 2001 - only her 2nd month sailing!
  5. We just got our email for our Dec cruise on Adventure. We are currently in an inside cabin on deck 8 (2 adults and 1 child). We can bid on an ocean view stateroom starting at $40 pp or $180 pp for ocean view balcony. As much as I would like the additional sq footage - about 10 sf I believe, I don;t want to end u on a really low deck. Any advice?
  6. I was reading that there is a shared shuttle service from Port Everglades to the Rental Car center - is this not the case?
  7. We have a flight out of FLL at 2:25 and ship is supposed to arrive in Port Everglades very early. Trying to decide if we should rent a car for the day or just drop bags at the airport and take an uber somewhere to kill time and go back around noon. Thoughts?
  8. Hi all! We will be arriving thurs eve Dec19 and staying 2 nights before our cruise which leaves On Sat from Port Everglades. There are 3 of us including out 9 yr old daughter. Lunch / dinner recommendations? What about spending time on the beach - is there any spot in particular we should go to or stay away from? thanks in advance!
  9. @SRF - does it take pretty good indoor pics too? That model seems to be discontinued.
  10. I have already posted this in the Camera Board but was looking for fellow RCCL passenger feedback. We will be on the Adventure in December. I am looking for a digital camera that is waterproof and takes decent indoor photos. Not looking to break the bank as it is for my 9 yr old. Appreciate any feedback fellow cruisers can give me. Thanks in advance!
  11. Hi all - looking for a digital camera that is waterproof (for snorkeling, peach, pool etc) and takes decent indoor pictures as well. I don't want to break the bank as it is for my 9 yr old... Thanks!
  12. Thanks all, I do have our RC booking # and have an account RC account. I have already booked an excursion. I was not sure about the check in as TA was sayign something about putting together a packet with papers etc for us. Maybe it means she is giving us some OBC???? LOL!
  13. Are you able to bring a third lounge chair over to here? there are 3 of us - one being a 9 yr old. we usually rotate who is in the sun....
  14. We booked with a TA - can we still do our own online check-in or will she have to do it?
  15. Hi all - We will be sailing AOS 12/21-29 and Hanukkah starts 12/22. Are we able to bring an electric Menorah onboard? TIA.
  16. I think Hoppy2Cruise was joking.... I went with Early Check in!
  17. Yes - I understand they are 2 different things. Was just wondering if one got you more bang for your buck!
  18. Both are $25 pp. Don't want to pay for both so which gets you more bang for your buck? Cruising out of Ft Lauderdale and flying out of FLL on Sunday Dec 29th
  19. We have this booked for our December cruise on Adventure of the Seas. Any feedback from folks that have done this excursion thru RCCL? Thanks!
  20. We will be docked at St Thomas for the day from Adventure of the Seas on Christmas Day. Will stores be closed for the holiday or will they be open due to cruise traffic. I assume it would be a mixture of both....
  21. Anyone familiar with this hotel? Booked 2 nights priot to AOS cruise in December. 67,000 points + $95 total for both nights.
  22. We got engaged on Adventure in 2001 and sailher again in December! Can’t wait!
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