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  1. I think Hoppy2Cruise was joking.... I went with Early Check in!
  2. Yes - I understand they are 2 different things. Was just wondering if one got you more bang for your buck!
  3. Both are $25 pp. Don't want to pay for both so which gets you more bang for your buck? Cruising out of Ft Lauderdale and flying out of FLL on Sunday Dec 29th
  4. We have this booked for our December cruise on Adventure of the Seas. Any feedback from folks that have done this excursion thru RCCL? Thanks!
  5. We will be docked at St Thomas for the day from Adventure of the Seas on Christmas Day. Will stores be closed for the holiday or will they be open due to cruise traffic. I assume it would be a mixture of both....
  6. Anyone familiar with this hotel? Booked 2 nights priot to AOS cruise in December. 67,000 points + $95 total for both nights.
  7. We got engaged on Adventure in 2001 and sailher again in December! Can’t wait!
  8. I have titanium rods in both femurs and a plate on right ulna. I dont set anything off . First few flights after I carried a note from my docor tgst he wrote on a prescription pad and had it laminated.
  9. We are on the Dec 20 - 29th sailing of Adventure of the Seas out of Port Everglades. Curious what the latest time we can disembark is? Our flight out of FLL is at 2:35..... Thanks!
  10. Those that have sailed over Christmas out of Port Everglades, when do you typically book flights? We are on the Adventure Dec 21-29. We plan on flying in on the 20th to FLL or PBI. Flights are outrageous right now! Fingers crossed when Southwest releases 5/23 they will be cheaper!!!
  11. We will be on Adventure of the Seas and stopping in St Thomas on Christmas Day. There will be 3 of us including our daughter who will be 9 at cruise time. Looking for recommendations for snorkeling excursions either on own own or thru RCCL. Thanks in advance.
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