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  1. I've returned from the gym when the party is going on and after a long run I tend to have .. err ... perspired quite a lot. Trying to get down the corridor lined with people keeping the maximum distance possible for propriety was quite difficult.
  2. Ah yes we used them too, the guy was super, had the same one from the airport to the hotel and then again from the hotel to the port. It was easy to book and relatively cheap from what I recall.
  3. Where's Ross Roberts these days?
  4. yes that's the standard welcome bottle .. people were asking whether you can order a replacement bottle when you run out or not.
  5. Seabourn Retreat .. preferably without one.
  6. To be fair, having just done a search, so does the Internet. If it's not San Francisco .. what is it? Excellent news about a) Chef Jes being on board and b) the new tea service. Perhaps slightly less excellent news that caviar privileges are being .. stretched.
  7. The cruise line, Seabourn.
  8. Might be a little early yet. We, too, have been monitoring a couple of cruises for summer 2020 and they've been through 3 sale events (the latest starting this week) and the price hasn't moved at all. The now nearly constantly running 'signature savings' event really just showcases current pricing and that doesn't usually seem to start to drop until 4 months before sailing. There are some good deals on the weekly specials, sailing-soon, and the recent 5% off for club members (which still appears to be running) on many voyages and the short-term 10% off one a smaller set (which I believe has now finished) were the only special savings I've seen in a while.
  9. I found a windows machine and that does show it, neither Chrome, nor Firefox, nor Safari on Linux or MacOS do; at least not on the versions of Linux or MacOS I have at work or at home. Thanks for telling me where it was .. that got me to go and try Windows.
  10. As in the below, which is the first cruise listed under the banner. There's nothing underneath View Itinerary, just blank space. If it's there on other browsers this may be another example of Seabourn's recent web upgrade which often appears to work only on Windows.
  11. So we have a new Seabourn Signature Savings Event a whole 4 days after the last one expired. If you go to the website you can see all the possible things that might be included, upgrades, credit, internet. If however I pull up the list of cruises and start browsing them I can't work out which of those benefits is actually included on any given cruise. The upgrade availability you can work out from the pricing of Ocean View vs Veranda, but the other benefits for a given cruise, I can't find a link to. There's an icon which says "special offer", but it goes nowhere. Anyone know of somewhere on the Seabourn site which lists the actual benefits for each of the cruises under the latest Signature Savings event? I'm sure I found one once, but finding it again has defeated me. Seabourn continues not to be very good at this whole internet thing.
  12. Not our experience ever in over 10 years of sailing Seabourn. The staff have always been happy to open any bottle we brought to the table and pour it for us. Never asked for it to be decanted so I have no idea whether they'd charge for that. They will often also provide 'revenue glasses' for us to drink it out of although that's random and depends on who's serving. I believe some eagle-eyed cruise critic member did note a year or so ago that the terms and conditions include a provision for corkage however those terms are likely uniform across all the lines under the company umbrella. As has been pointed out, on an all-inclusive line there's rather little point charging people not to consume the included selections.
  13. rols


    Amazingly on most cruises we take we end up making good friends and dinner companions from people my wife, the long-suffering Mrs Rols, meets in the laundry room. It's a remarkably social piece of the ship, they need to put a bar in.
  14. It is. On the one occasion it happened to us however it was a penthouse suite upgrade, which we didn't work out until we got to the suite, we just knew it was a different number. I'd been grumbling for an hour, but stopped after that.
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