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  1. @cruisin*trigger If you have an outstanding OBC balance and book an excursion or book a specialty restaurant etc, it will deduct the amount you owe from your OBC automatically. It did for mine anyway. Im new so I cant tell you much else, but I set up our specialty dinner and it just deducted the amount from my OBC balance. PS Celebrity is having the same issue with their website not showing all of the excursions.
  2. I wondered about that too because I was thinking there HAD to be more excursions available than what I am seeing. And despite showing me some things, it just keeps "thinking" , never completely populating. I was able to make our dinner reservations - I sure hope it worked because it did take money out of my OBC to pay for it.
  3. @gerelmx THANK YOU SO MUCH!! This was SO helpful. It's the first time I have seen it and it answers so many of my questions and concerns.
  4. Very helpful, thank you!
  5. Thanks cruisestitch. I did read about the generalities of a concierge cabin before booking. Just wondering if anyone here has stayed in this specific cabin and can tell me if I made a good decision or may have pictures of the balcony/room/view. Also need help with that missing info in "manage cruise" thing.
  6. I searched with the search bar and nothing came up. Im not finding that search function very helpful, sorry to say. So, we booked yesterday, through a Federal employee travel agent for the 2/8/20 sailing of the Equinox. Booked Concierge cabin 1405 Aft because it was actually cheaper than veranda balcony, even with the 4 perks and the OBC added by the TA & Celebrity. We did get the millitary discount as well. As part of my package, I was given 4 predetermined perks. 2 of which were gratuities and a drink package. Im not sure WHICH drink package it is and if it is the classic one, Id like to upgrade to premium. When I look at my "manage cruise" thing none of my 4 "perks" are listed, except for my OBC. How is one to upgrade from classic to premium drink package if it isnt listed anywhere? What is the Xpress Pass that you all are talking about? Does anyone have info, comments and or pictures of cabin 1405? I searched it on You Tube and Google and nothing came up. Good? Bad? Ugly? lol Im sure I will drive you all crazy with questions and comments well before we ever sail! lmao Thank you for your help! Sue 🤔
  7. Thanks everyone! I think we will go with Equinox. The only thing left for a balcony room, however, is partial obstructed and obstructed between 7 & 9. Any suggestions about THAT? lmao Next available is for $250 more pp for concierge.
  8. Hi, Im new and we live in Minnesota. Ive sailed once on Carnival (25 years ago) and Im REALLY excited to go again. My husband KJ is a first timer full of trepidation but loves me enough (apparently) to give it a try. lol I have narrowed down our trip to February 15th or the 22nd 2020 and the Western Caribbean; What we cant decide is which ship to take: Edge or Equinox. Both sale from Fort Lauderdale; Both have the same itinerary and both are pretty close to the same price. Can you guys, who have been on both, tell me which one you favor and why? Also are there any rooms on the 6th or 7th level that should be avoided due to noise? Im hoping to get a balcony, but there are so many categories of balcony Im also having a hard time deciding on what KIND of balcony room I should get. 1. which ship you like best and why? 2. Any areas or specific rooms to avoid noise on Deck 6 & 7? 3. What kind of balcony room do you reserve and why? And what side is best? Thanks for your help! Sue
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