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  1. Is Crystal a "Chinese" company? It is my understanding (but I could be wrong), that Genting Hong Kong was established when the British still "owned" Hong Kong. The "owner" of the whole Genting empire is Malaysian, but is ethnically Chinese. Either this person doesn't know what they are talking about or we have been "mislead" about Genting. Patty
  2. I have 39 Crystal cruises and have had the same email address the entire time. Went through the same routine as you. I did enter another email address I have for junk mail and do get the "generic" emails from them at that email address, but nothing like the ones from Crystal Society that indicate they know I'm a "regular". Oh, well,.......😏😵😜 Patty
  3. Please go back and review everything Vince has posted on this topic. It is no where as easy as you have portrayed it here. Now, that still doesn't excuse the slowness, except that they ain't got the money to refund everyone. 😜 Patty
  4. OK, and I can't seem to get back on the Crystal email list at all. 😲😜🤩 Patty
  5. I always assumed that, but you know what they say about assumptions! 😲 Patty
  6. It has been discussed here on Cruise Critic, but I don't remember which thread. Also, through emails and texts I've received from Crystal friends. Can someone please point me to the correct thread?? Patty
  7. Crystal is not currently taking any deposits or other payments for any future cruises. They stopped a few weeks ago. Patty
  8. Also don't see Silversea and such Carnival lines as Costa and the two P&Os. I'm beginning to believe, based on your absolute obsession with posting anything negative that you can about Crystal, that you'll have a conniption if they don't eventually go out of business. Please, try to chill. 🙄😲
  9. He's worked in the various Genting organizations for 40 years.
  10. There's a lot of that going on here! 😲😜🤩 Patty
  11. Larry, Considering everything, it's not like you are the one who is famous for "duplicate" posts!!😜😲🙄 Patty
  12. Bill, Please read all the various posts here on Cruise Critic Crystal board about the current situation. Much speculation, but no one knows for sure. The main owner of the corporation that owns Crystal has pledged his personal funds, which seems positive. You have to decide if you want to cancel your reservation and get in line for a refund. The refunds are taking 150 days recently. Everyone here is in the same "boat" and have to make a decision on what they feel comfortable doing. Good luck. Patty
  13. Don't believe they have stopped paying back totally. Are they paying back extremely slowly, yes, but they are still making payments. Patty
  14. There is no Indonesian operation. A Hong Kong corporation owns Crystal. The parent company to the Hong Kong corporation is Malaysian.
  15. From another thread here. The accuracy of this article is unknown, but it is food for thought. https://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2020/08/21/lim-kok-thay-puts-fortune-on-line-to-save-genting-hk Patty
  16. So, are all of us owed money for cancelled cruise "financial creditors" or are we something else? 😲 Patty
  17. Crystal hasn't done table side special preparations in a few years. Patty
  18. Wow! Guess I lucked out when it took 6 days for me to get my refund for United's cancelled flights to Lisbon and home from London. Patty
  19. Remembering the Swans Down Cake Flour in the red box that my grandmother always used. I think it's still available. I remember that it was milled much finer than the Gold Medal All Purpose Flour.🎂🍰🎂 Patty
  20. I find it interesting that so many assume that Genting is flush with money, if only they would give (or loan) it to Crystal. I'm just not so sure of that. And, how much would they want (or are they even able) to borrow? I'm hoping that Crystal will come back better than ever, but I am not at all sure that will happen. As my fellow Houstonian sang, "you gotta know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em" ! I'm still waiting for 2 refunds and I will either get them (eventually) or not. Might as well be chill about the situation as getting my knickers in a twist just makes everything uncomfortable. Peace out! 😜🙄🤩 Patty
  21. OMG, I've got to find my Christmas music CD with Angela Lansbury and cast singing "We Need a Little Christmas" from Mame!! You know, Angela Lansbury, Crystal Symphony's godmother!! Patty
  22. Do you have a deck plan of the Symphony before the Starlite remodeling, etc. (the 2006 dry dock). Thanks! 🤩 Patty
  23. About an hour ago I discovered that I had posted false information earlier today. I have 4 containers now and I think 2 are larger than the 18 gallon ones!!!😜🙄 Patty
  24. Well, you could be like me and have three 18 gallon rubber containers with junk from every cruise I've done since starting in 2007. Each cruise's junk is in one of those expandable folders with the general area - ship - date written on it. And when I die, it all goes in recycling!! Patty
  25. I had no idea! I've been under it on the Symphony and on the roadway in a coach, but walking it ain't me!!! Same with the Golden Gate Bridge, under it on both the Symphony and the Serenity and on the roadway in both a coach and a passenger car. Waved at the people walking it!! 😆 Patty
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