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  1. I would go earlier. If you book for October and something comes up and you need to cancel, you will have no time to rebook because your year will be up. I wouldn't take the chance of losing it.
  2. The cost of the drink package gratuity is about $20 a day which is equivalent to 3 sodas. If you keep the package, it enables you to have a drink if you want or even virgin drinks (pina colada, daiquiri etc)
  3. We always fly into LGB (Long Beach airport) when going to Disneyland. LAX is a zoo. You can rent a car, very easy, from there or Uber
  4. My husband and I are in 1 cabin and my 2 children are in a connecting cabin. Both cabins have the free 250 minutes internet perk. Can 1 of my children use my internet minutes from my cabin? If so, how is this done?
  5. Thank you, I did not realize that. I thought their cruise specialist TA was from NCL
  6. Right now I have the 20% off Latitudes plus extra point and the 30% off, I am going to assume the prepaid gratuities will replace the 20% off Latitudes which may come out to be about the same but I will definitely be checking the price on Monday to see. Thank you!
  7. My cruise discounted to exactly where it was before the big price increase
  8. Does this mean if you have a balcony cabin, you get all 5 promotions plus prepaid gratuities and 30% discount beginning on Monday? I'm going to assume the 20% Latitudes discount will be gone then.
  9. Interesting....On the app it says "Reservations are not offered" for all 3 complimentary dining rooms. This is for the Joy
  10. My Alaska cruise went up $600 per person. 2 cabins, 4 people at a total of $2,400. The fare now is what I originally started out paying in Sept when I booked before I requested several price decreases.
  11. Report back. I will too. We sail on the Joy in July
  12. I read that getting a taxi was a little crazy at the pier. We are going to just book transfers through NCL. Buses fill fast going from port to airport. It may cost more but it is just easier, reliable and consistent.
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