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  1. Does anyone know if the American Diner will be serving breakfast too?
  2. It was an extra perk at one time. Your choice was between free air fare or $50 port excursion credit. You must have said no to the free air fare. You now have a $100 credit per port to use.
  3. Loving this review! I can't stop laughing! Looking forward to more!
  4. Thanks! I haven't been on NCL in 16 years but the buffet is the area I always got a night time coffee or hot chocolate even though food was not available on other cruise lines.
  5. Do they lock the doors to the buffet and restrict the use of beverage dispensers? What time does the buffet area close?
  6. Are any on the cruises you have booked have the Latitude's perk? My 7 day Alaska cruise gives an extra point per day for a total of 14. If so, maybe you will hit platinum for that 3rd cruises.
  7. I don't understand, if NCL insurance is CFAR, why are people not getting their money credited. I know NCL insurance is not cash back but no one is mentioning getting a cruise credit either.
  8. I saw it this morning too while checking on my Alaska cruise. Not sure what it is though.
  9. 12 cruises and I got sick on 2, both were forward cabins. I avoid them now.
  10. New York doesn't have Cancel for Any Reason trip insurance.
  11. Why are the berth numbers important. Is it useful when booking private excursions?
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