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  1. Has anyone booked a cruise on PEARL SEAS CRUISES while on board an AMERICAN CRUISE LINES cruise and have you gotten a discount? Thanks in advance for the information.
  2. As of 2/2018 no stevia. Have been on NCL & Princess since then and no stevia. I always bring my own as I prefer my "green" sweetener. All lines seem to have white, pink, yellow, and blue sweeteners. Most have brown (raw sugar) and packets of honey.
  3. My DH and I have been on the Queen of the Mississippi 2 times. We are booked perhaps on the same cruise as you. America on 8/24/2019. Most food is quite good. You will be given a menu card at breakfast to choose what you wish to eat for lunch and dinner on that day. You will have a choice of 1/2 entre if you wish to eat less (and not feel so guilty for having dessert). If you change your mind later or cannot remember it's not a problem, they are just wanting an estimate of how much of each item to prepare so as not to waste to much food. I try to remember to take my cell to breakfast and take a pic of our menu cards after filling them out. Lunch and dinner both have beer and wine offered and sometimes people request a mixed drink or after dinner liqueur. This is at no additional charge. There is an hour long happy hour just prior to dinner at which is no additional cost. If you want something that they do not have, they will probably have it after the next port. They will have talks about the area you are visiting. There will be entertainment each evening, usually 1 - 4 people. Sometimes games in the afternoon with prizes (no additional charge). There will be at least 1 tour in each port that is included and sometimes 1 or more that has an upcharge.
  4. Are the laundry bags paper or fabric? When I was on NCL Star in 2011 the bags were paper. I always travel with duct tape which I used to reinforce the bags as it would tear easily.
  5. If there is I would also like to know how. I've been opening up the full description, then copy/paste/edit into a word doc, then print it up later. Takes a lot of time even though I only do the ones we might be interested in.
  6. Help! I can no longer find where to edit my signature I need to delete a count down clock and add another one. I see where to make the count down clock but cannot find my signature. Thanks in advance for any information. We are headed out for an overnight camping trip so will check this out when we return. Joyce
  7. We will be boarding her in Pittsburgh on July 18. She is scheduled to leave for St. Louis at 1:30pm. I have heard that if all are on board they sometimes leave a little early. I do not know the answers to your other questions. We are flying to Pittsburgh the day before, what is the best way to get from airport to Hampton Inn & Suites Downtown Pittsburgh? Does Uber pick up at the airport?
  8. Our 10 nt cruise plus 1 nt hotel starting July 17, 2017 has prepaid gratuities of $200 per person. Kinda steep but then there is the included hour long happy hour each evening and wine and beer with lunch and dinner, so if you were paying a gratuity on all those drinks guess not so steep after all.
  9. If you have a cooler or plastic tub with lid and set it outside you have a refrigerator or freezer.
  10. My phone number is always included in a note asking them to phone me if any questions. I also always request a confirmation email be sent to me and include my email address. This has always worked and I have received several thousands of dollars in onboard credit over the years. Only once did they need to phone me - I had sent a paper that did not include all the correct info as USAA whom I purchased the stock through had changed the format of their forms. Was easy to then find the correct form and faxed it in. It's never taken HAL more than 2 days to send an email confirming onboard credit. Sometimes only an hour. Great benefit and certainly no scam.
  11. Internet is not free in Neptune Lounge. There is a computer there that you can use, but you sign into your account that you pay for.
  12. We have dined with ship Medical Dr.'s on both Princess and Holland America. Both said that they have regular employment where they live either in Hospital or private practice and that they sign up with an agency that sets them up with 1 or 2 cruises. They are required to have ER experience. It is a vacation for them and their wives with regular office hours and on call hours.
  13. So glad to find this thread now in an easy to find location. We are booked on the Ohio River Cruise on the Queen of the Mississippi July 18, 2017. This will be our 2nd cruise with American Cruise Lines. Unless I missed it no one has mentioned the ability to request 1/2 serving for entre for lunch and dinner. We chose this option several times and kept us from feeling so overstuffed. Does this continue to be an option?
  14. Thank you nealstuber for information about when the Legend's next dry dock is. Now I'm hoping someone has the answer to my question about putting magnets on the walls.
  15. Is there metal in the cabin walls? I like to use magnets to hang various papers on the wall to help stay organized. Also, is there a wall that has a large amount of space to hang deck plans that I print up - usually at least 6 pages taped together? Does anyone know when the Legend is scheduled for her next dry dock? We will be on her May 8, 2017 for Alaska cruise. Thanks for the information.
  16. We got our assignment today. Upgraded from SB to SA. We sail 7/17/16
  17. Thanks for doing this review. We also are getting on as you get off. We will have a United Airlines flight Houston to Amsterdam with arrival time of 9:20am. What was your arrival time? If the same as ours is scheduled that not bad at all to be able to arrive and check into hotel by 11am. If your arrival time was earlier then not so good. How long does drive from airport to hotel take? Did you get dinner and breakfast on the plane? Thanks for the information, Joyce
  18. We book Cat. SB for upcoming cruise departing 7/17/16. For last 7 or 8 months maybe longer suites have all been sold out, so I had not been checking prices and availability but once a month or so. Then just a week or so back I checked and there were 2 SB's and 6 SA's available on the website. A couple days later and the SB's were gone and the 6 SA's remained. A day later and the SA's were all gone. We still do not have our GUAR cabin assigned. I'm checking luggage tags 3 - times per day. Starting Sunday which will be 14 day out will probably increase the number of times I check. I don't understand why they didn't assign us one of the SB's or SA's while there were some available.
  19. If there is an area to leave your finished book we could all start donating books so others can borrow and read.
  20. My DH and I are planning on an Upper Mississippi cruise on this boat in October. We will depart from St. Paul and end in St. Louis. We have never sailed with American Cruise Line but have sailed on the old Mississippi Queen, lower Mississippi, while she was under Delta Queen Steamboat Co. Then American Queen, Mississippi & Ohio River; and Queen of the West, Columbia & Snake River, while they were under Majestic America. Then the American Queen, Upper Mississippi going north, while she was under American Queen Steamboat CO. We do like the paddlewheelers. Any info specific to Queen of the Mississippi and/or American Cruise Line would be appreciated. Thanks, Joyce
  21. We received a very nice email from Kyle and received the corrected certificates so that now our friends each have 1 and we each have 1. Was sorry to hear there were several others that had not received the correct certificates that they had ordered. Very glad to see that once HAL received info concerning the errors they/Kyle corrected things.
  22. Hi Dave, Yes, her name is Joanne Gardner. I spoke with her twice. First to ask questions concerning possibility of purchasing Future Cruise Deposit's for friends not on board the ship. She said yes and that we would need their names and Mariner ID #'s. After communicating with the friends went back to see Joanne and she brushed us off quickly saying a form would be delivered to our cabin. I re-asked about purchasing for our friends and was told there was room for 4 on the form. Long story but we ended up with 2 for my husband and 2 for myself and 0 for our friends instead of 1 for each of us. I had checked both to receive the certificates in our cabin and to receive via email. Only got the emailed ones and my AOL email was not wanting to connect part of the time and locking up part of the time so I did not try opening the attachments to the email's until after leaving the ship. Had I received the certificates while onboard ship I could have went back to her for correction. I have send an email to HAL's Customer Service to try to get the certificates corrected. I felt Joanne only wanted to deal with people who wanted to book a cruise onboard.
  23. My DH and I usually get our food and head back to our cabin to enjoy on the Veranda. Thereby saving a table for others to use while we get to eat in relaxing quiet. We also eat totally different foods so would be difficult to find each other if we got our food and then searched for a table. If the weather is not pleasant for outdoor eating we will watch a movie or DVD that we have brought from home.
  24. Thanks for the information. Any additional info would be appreciated.
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