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  1. I was told by the Captain’s Club representative I spoke to that I could not upgrade my classic beverage package to the premium plus since it was an included perk on my reservation. Laura
  2. I did a chat with a Celebrity rep last evening. This is the information he sent me.
  3. I have thought of another question...Was the wine served at dinner included and paired with each course or was the wine ordered separately from the drink package? Laura
  4. Thanks to all who have responded so far. I'm getting excited about this experience. We rarely do ship tours, but this one appeals to me. The "live" Edge review was especially helpful. Our cruise is November 30, so I have a while to wait! Laura
  5. Has anyone recently been on a Chef’s Market Discoveries excursion through Celebrity, particularly the one in Cozumel? I am considering the excursion this fall on the Equinox because my husband and I are foodies, we’ve been to Cozumel many times, and have some onboard credit to spend. The excursion is expensive, and I would appreciate your thoughts, especially concerning the dinner back onboard. Thanks, Laura
  6. BuddyR


    Just curious...what is being said about the incoming weather in NYC? We board on Sunday for the transatlantic. Laura
  7. BuddyR

    OBC for packages?

    Ok...now I need clarification! So, am I understanding that I cannot wait until the last week of my 12-day cruise to activate the $130 off LCV benefit? In other words, I have to activate the $130 discount by day 3 if I plan to use it? Or, do you have to activate the complimentary minutes you are given as a LCV benefit during the first 3 days...if you plan to use those minutes rather than the $130 off the package? Which is it? I’m sorry for my confusion. We board on Sunday and I would like to understand my options as Discover Plus. Laura
  8. BuddyR

    NYC port

    Manhattan Terminal. See you on board! Laura
  9. BuddyR

    OBC for packages?

    On the Pursuit Transatlantic in November, I was not able to use my $130 discount on the Internet package on a prorated basis, only on the full voyage. I was told I would have to pay the full daily rate for the remaining days of the cruise. My disappointment is that my $130 Discoverer Plus benefit is the same dollar amount for a 7-day vs. a 14-day cruise even though the price of the Internet package is calculated at $19.95 per day. That is why I asked the question about the Ultimate Beverage Package. Laura
  10. BuddyR

    OBC for packages?

    Can you book the ultimate beverage package for just the last half of the cruise and still receive the LCV discount?
  11. I am trying to decide whether or not to book a couple of shore excursions prior to our Journey sailing on April 21. Does the price of a particular shore excursion ever go up once you’re onboard the ship? Also, is the OBC from Azamara the only OBC posted in the Voyage Planner and available to use to prebook excursions? Laura
  12. BuddyR


    I hope you will love Azamara! After many Celebrity cruises, we tried Azamara in November for the first transatlantic of Pursuit. We loved the cruise...the size of the ship, the food, the service, and the friendliness of the crew and passengers. We will be boarding for the Journey’s transatlantic to Lisbon when you disembark. Have a wonderful trip! Laura
  13. Almost a year later and after multiple attempts, I still do not receive emails from Azamara! How, then, would I be notified?
  14. I would also be interested in the Journey’s April 21 transatlantic. Laura
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