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  1. Hinda


    Nice to hear from you. I sent you an email. Hinda
  2. Hinda


    I would appreciate any info on the ships tours in Cuba. I am on the Dec 17 cruise out of Miami. Has anyone done any of the tours and if so how were they. Hinda
  3. Hinda

    April 28,

    We took a cruise to Cuba on the M/V Celestyal Crystal, on 4/28/2017. This line has being going to Cuba for about 4 years. We heard many good things about the cruise and this line. The ship was fine. The professor who lectured us about Cuba was great. What were the problems? Havana has only one working pier that the ship has used in the past. But other ships are now--or were using the pier. Our plans were to go on two tours on the first day and the Tropicana Cabaret at night. Well, the ship could not use the pier. They dropped us off in Havana at 9AM and we could not return to the ship until 6:30PM. We were exhausted. We cancelled our Tropicana trip as we would have to eat, change and be ready at 8PM. We spoke to the Shore Excursion people about a refund. They said they would and gave us refund vouchers. We still have not gotten our money back. The next day in Havana we again could not use the pier. So they would drop off at 6:30AM and we could rebord until 9PM. We decided to stay on the ship. We are 76 and 77 years old. This was really to much. We have written to the company to get our money back. This was not the trip we planned for or paid for!! We have heard nothing from the company. American Express is helping us with this. I would not use this company again!!! Lew Berman
  4. I now can look forward to seeing Perry Grant again. Hinda
  5. Does anyone know how long Perry Grant will stay on the ship. We are on the Oct 13 Wine cruise..... Hinda
  6. Hinda

    Savings Certificate = OBC???

    I just called Captain's Club and they said it could not be used because I was getting an OBC. Could you please explain exactly what you said to get the $50.
  7. Hinda

    Obc refund

    I asked the question because on my last two cruises with Azsmara they refunded the balance of my obc.
  8. Hinda

    Obc refund

    Does anyone know if Oceania refunds OBC if not used up?
  9. Hinda

    Livorno to Lucca by train

    We just did Livorno to Lucca in November.....there is a bus stop about a block from the port that takes you to the train station. It is one euro....you can check the train schedule on line....you will need to change trains in Pisa....there is a small train to the right of the first track which goes directly to Lucca. In Lucca you just walk across the street from the station and through the walls of the city. It is a lovely place, enjoy. Hinda
  10. Does anyone know the cost of a cab from the airport in Barcelona to the port? I'm trying to decide if I should take the cruiseline's transfers. Hinda
  11. I was told to leave out my CC number and the check in went fine. They were having some trouble with the numbers. Hinda
  12. Hinda

    shareholders OBC

    I couldn't agree more.......I think they are shooting themselves in the foot with this decision.
  13. Hinda

    shareholders OBC

    The reason this was not understood is that this page on shareholders credits has been changed since the first posting. On other cruises in the past this was never a problem. I was always able to combine credits!!!!!!!!
  14. Hinda

    travel insurance

    If you go to Travel Guard on line and fill in what you are interested in it will give you the price. You can either buy on line or call. I always get insurance and twice it has paid off for me. Why don't you check this out. Hinda
  15. Hinda

    shareholders OBC

    We booked a cruise with a $500 obc....nothing said no other credits could be applied and we paid the full deposit.......not sure what WOW stands for but the was the answer we got from the cruise line.