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  1. I didn’t know you could dim the lights. Turn some off and some on yes. Where are the summers?
  2. Glad we got lucky with our room then! The beds were queen sized and we had no issues with WiFi in the room once we called and asked for the password (which wasn’t whatever was asked for when I tried to log in). We were happy the AC worked well and the housekeeper didn’t mind bringing us ice. Only complaint was our view was to the parking garage. When I found out it was attached to the airport, I had been hoping for tarmac views like at the Hilton at the Mexico City airport. The airport itself is HUGE with all the apparently now required Hermès and Chanel stores (who goes to the airport to buy $20,000 purses?). They have closed most entrances to the airport and only let you in with a same day boarding pass and passport. We walked the 5 minutes from the hotel to the arrivals hall for lunch before retiring to our room for a pre-flight nap. Check in with Cathay was a breeze and there was no mention of us being too early. Security line wasn’t very long either. From leaving our room to being seated in the PriorityPlus Lounge was right at an hour. If you can use another lounge I would highly recommend. It was not up to the standard we have seen at other contract lounges. It was crowded, noisy, food was meh to awful and the furniture wasn’t comfortable. We ended up heading to the gate earlier than usual as it was more comfortable than the lounge. The Cathay flight (A350-900) was uneventful and we ended up being pleased with our included Viking air. We had initially put in a bid to upgrade to Premium Economy but when we saw the cabin was almost full we canceled the bid, figuring our 2 seat side exit row seats would be better than being stuck in the middle seats in PE. Well we won the lottery as the aisle and middle seat on the same row was empty so hubby moved to it and I had two seats all to myself. I know we had more room than the folks in the completely full PE even if we had to deal with plastic cutlery to eat the same food (which wasn’t awful). Best $189 each we have ever spent!
  3. That was an issue on our Transatlantics also but on our recently completed 😢 cruise on Orion, there was always a big advertisement in the daily as well as on the big screen by the pool whether it was being served by the pool or not.
  4. So here is a report on our disembarkation from Orion in Hong Kong today. 😢 Per usual, had to be out of our stateroom at 8 am. We left at 7:59:59 and headed for a final lamb chop breakfast in The Restaurant. We had received purple 4 luggage tags and told to be prepared to leave at 9:40 from the Living Room. Things were running a bit late and it was closer to 10 when they called the first purple group followed minutes later by a call for 2, 3and 4. After the usual confusion of getting luggage and people on the correct buses (not helped my some passengers from earlier groups who “didn’t hear our group called” ) we and our luggage were aboard Bus 4 and headed towards the airport. It appeared that everyone headed to the pre-flight hotel were in the Purple Group with groups 1-3 not receiving day rooms whereas everyone in group 4 was assigned a room. Apparently I was the only one who looked up the hotel (google can be your friend) and learned the Hotel is the only one connected directly to the hotel. When the “guide” (cat herder might be a better term) said we were headed to the airport several folks got upset saying “but we are supposed to go to a hotel”. We arrived at the hotel about 40 minutes after leaving the terminal. At the hotel, those of us with day rooms were directed towards a representative in the hotel lobby, while the others were sent downstairs to the meeting room level of the hotel. We were quickly given room keys and headed upstairs to our nice room. We were in our room 58 minutes after we left the port. I went to check out the hospitality room. It was a medium sized hotel conference room furnished with round tables of 8 with tablecloths and slipcoveres hotel chairs. In the pre-function area outside there was coffee, tea, and water. As I arrived so did several small trays of cookies. From what I overheard, it was the first snacks they had seen. I didn’t take any pictures of the hospitality room but if you’ve ever been to a conference at a hotel you should be able to visualize it! So, we are very happy with how Viking has taken care of us. I suspect those in the hospitality room are a little less so...but having been at international airports which have little seating landslide and where you can't drop luggage more than 2 or 3 hours ahead, the hospitality room here would be a big improvement. We just got back from the 5 minute (air conditioned) walk to the airport where we had some delicious wonton soup and chow fun at the airport outpost of what started as a Hong Kong street vendor. On the way over and back I saw a number of fellow Vikings enjoying the more comfortable surroundings of the lobby. Hope everyone who has a late flight gets the same great hospitality we are enjoying!
  5. Just saw an Instagram post with a HUGE Tomahawk steak. Y’all are like Barbie-you get everything! and you have our favorite Restaurant Manager aboard too-tell John that Vlay and Mike hello please! We miss him-our first cruise without him.
  6. Don’t be scared, just order something else! LOL They arrive split so the only cracking needed is for the claws. And they provide nice pliers and a long removal device to assist. You can see it under Mike’s left hand in the 2nd picture. Didn’t see anyone asking for assistance but I presume they would if you ask. I figured that was what coral was, but no sign of anything but clarified butter.
  7. Happy to report Hubby was very pleased with his split lobster this evening. Cookes perfectly (he did request it to be cooked lightly since we had noticed that most seafood aboard had been over cooked). Although the menu mentioned roasted with tarragon and coral (whatever that is) butter, he said he noticed neither and the butter in the little dish was just plain clarified butter.
  8. Unfortunately for our waistlines we are definitely doing that! I didn’t mention the wonderful diver scallops since I didn’t want to rub it in! lol
  9. Well if you want fabulous, be sure and order the Creme Fontage chilled potato and pie soup. Tonight was the first time we’ve had it. As per our usual, we share our appetizers halfnhalf (as an order of French Fries and Onion Rings is known at a burger joint in the South)and we both loved it. So much so that hubby ordered his own bowl for dessert! And we asked them for two bowls to go to have for lunch tomorrow! Seriously lucious!
  10. No lobster eclair either. Below are screenshots of this Wednesday’s menu which included the lobster. Oops, some of them loaded out of order. Hopefully you can figure out which are starters, which are desserts and which are the mains.
  11. I forgot the christening was there. I had thought Signapore. Good news, overnight there must have been some bribes offered as we were awakened at 7:20 notifying us that our original schedule was back on!
  12. Phew! The letter was a mistake, we are to have a day room! Thank you Viking!
  13. As does my hubby. And it’s back on the MDR menu with the tarragon butter so we changed our reservations at chrf’s Table again so he can try the lobster.
  14. Well this is disappointing. Returned to our room on Viking Orion this evening to find the letter regarding our Disembarkation in Hong Kong on Friday. It says we will leave the ship at 9:40 and be taken to an airport hotel where a hospitality room with “juice, water, cookies and WiFi” will be available prior to our “late afternoon” flight. Obviously their definition of late afternoon is different than mine. Our flight (and I think most folks) isn’t until 11:35pm. Hopefully a visit to guest services tomorrow will result in the day room I was promised twice and my TA once on the phone. 🤞🏻
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