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  1. Outside of meal hours, sodas are charged at reasonable rates.Don’t disagree that it’s a little petty but that’s the way it is. But it’s not a big deal, just like with wine or beer, we are always asked if we want a fill up before we leave the dining venue. Also, have never been refused if on the way out from lunch we ask for a can of soda to go. When we were in V stateroom (where the sodas in the fridge are not replenished) we would replenish it ourselves this way. DH believes ice tea is available in the World Cafe Around the clock (I know coffee and hot tea are). Unfortunately it’s from dispensers that we think use a concentrate which he doesn’t like. He usually asks a server for brewed green ice tea which is done with a smile. Same thing when his Mom was with us and needed decaffeinated iced tea. A server brewed it and brought it to the table.
  2. Since I haven’t had one (whether Jeeves or Niles!) I cant say for sure. But it’s my understanding that butlers don’t clean and make beds. Rather they serve your other requests. I’ve seen butlers on Norwegian and X deliver dinner course by course (actually had the opportunity to have a butler waited dinner ensuite thanks to some fellow cruise critics who were in one of the big aft suites), set up and maintain cocktail gatherings, etc. I know on one of our Viking cruises I overheard a fellow guest complaining that they were in a suite and were missing a butler like they had on Regent. Of course we have also overheard folks complaining about the lack of a casino, karoke, and bingo. 🤪. Have these folks never heard of watching a YouTube video or doing some reading?
  3. I hope not since that is what I usually do.
  4. I can't give a direct comparison with The Haven since it has always been too expensive for us to actually book. But on threeNorwegian cruises we were surprised with VIP status upon boarding which gave us access to the privileges of being in a suite. I agree with the others who say the whole ship is a Haven. However, you must realize that means there are potentially 930 in the haven and not 30-200 as aboard Norwegian. That makes the service not quite as personal IMHO. Also, there is no butler service on Viking, so if that service is important to you keep that in mind.
  5. I was reacting to your “losing interest in even booking” comment. Hope you don’t let dumb Viking procedures like this keep you from having a great cruise.
  6. Just paying it forward and thanks! And it’s two, not a few! 😊
  7. Yes they are but the seared tuna is better! You should be sure and try the grilled lamb chops at breakfast in The Restaurant and a raisin pistachio roll from the Living Room. Those will be my first breakfast on March 7!
  8. Why fight it? Just save the money and have two great cruises! And with the right travel agent you should end up with more obc than if booked as a single cruise.
  9. WhooHoo. Keep her clean please. We board on March 6th! 😊
  10. Last time I checked, the aft balconies weren’t included in the Categories to which a meta double cross upgrade was allowed. That could have changed of course.
  11. Can’t speak to your particular cruise but if you check out my blog for our transatlantic last April, it will give you some idea of some of the special events. Click here for the start of the cruise: https://cruisinwithclay.com/2019/03/29/there-she-is/ and then at the bottom you can press “next” to see each post of that cruise. I thought I had blogged about the chocolate buffet but I guess not. 😢 sorry. During our recent Asian cruise they had an American BBQ night (it was alright but no potato salad-horrors!) and several other special dinners on the pool deck. We have decided that some of the decision on when to hold special events may be tied to how many people are trying to eat in the Restaurant at about the same time. If after a day or two they see tht everyone is trying to eat at the same time in the same place, they throw on an event to draw some folks to another venue. have a great cruise!
  12. In addition to the felt magazine mentioned, PV’s also have the shoe shine basket. We used these two along with the canvas laundry bag to tote our clothes to the launderette. Below is a picture of what I recall the felt magazine tote looked like (from google, not an actual Viking tote) and the actual shoeshine basket (forgive all the dirty laundry) If the OP needs a bag to use other than for laundry (perhaps to carry off things while in port) then bringing your own foldable bag would be a good idea IMHO.
  13. If I’m not mistaken, it is also mentioned in the document package. And is often mentioned on these boards. It is so useful for those of us who only get to make one or two dinner reservations ahead of time. First thing we do once aboard and connected is to compare the menus in the Restaurant and The Chef’s Table and adjust and add reservations in Manfredi’s and TCT.
  14. Presuming you are willing to put the kids in an inside cabin, the best bang for your buck (and points) might be to book two insides and upgrade one to a balcony. But you can only determine this by doing a cost analysis of the price of insides compared to the price of OVs. I don’t know what an OK is. If it were me, I would call the reward number and tell them what you want to do and let them help you figure out what is the best deal. Be patient, you may have to hang up and start over as not all the agents even know what a meta or double meta upgrades are. Also, it won’t be quick even if you get an experienced agent so don’t try to do it when you don’t have 45 minutes or more available. Using vouchers for deposits is allowed. But you won’t be able to book until you have the vouchers in hand. They can’t be used retroactively (unless the rules have changed).
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