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  1. I believe the Sun did this itinerary last year as a segment on the World Cruise and I don’t recall any hearing any significant issues so hopefully the concerns are unfounded. We did a similar itinerary in 2010 aboard Norwegian Sun. It remains our favorite cruise. The perfect mix of sea and port days and absolutely beautiful scenery combined with such interesting wildlife. Have a great cruise!
  2. So, after more emails back and forth than I want to think about, it appears that the $750 anniversary promo is for DV cabins, for a V, they offered us a $500 discount. I think we are going to wait and see what deal the onboard sales person can offer. Or we may just wait as originally planned for a last minute promo.
  3. Thanks it does and your thoughts echo those of other reviewers, but still wonder how so cheap! LOL Unfortunately the last verandas for sale disappeared for the spring TA we were interested in taking so at this point unless they reappear looks like we will be taking someone else....at least this year!
  4. This is five year old news but we had wonderful dinners in the Aquavit Terrace at least twice. The dinner menu was an edited version of that served in the main dining room. There was a small “buffet” section with appetizers & salads and then a chef (he was the eggmeister downstairs at breakfast) who would serve you soup and your entree. There were just the four of us the second time we ate there and when we walked in, he said have a seat and I’ll prepare you a sampler of appetizers. He brought us a lovely platter of shareables and took our order for soup and brought to our table. When it was busier, it had been more serve yourself. He told us about the entree choices and said if none of them suited he would be glad to bring anything from the dining room menu too. For dessert, nothing struck my fancy and I asked about whatever the deliciousness that had been served the night before. After a quick dash down the ship’s ladder behind the serving station into the kitchen, I had whatever it was along with an extra one for the table! We really enjoyed Aquavit. Our cruise was on the Danube in April and it was relatively cool which may be one reason that the Terrace was underused. Enjoy your cruise!
  5. We have found that doing laundry during dinner is often the easiest way to find empty machines. We start a load as we leave the stateroom, set a timer and when it goes off, one of us will run up and move it between courses.
  6. Stay tuned. When I emailed back to ask about the past guest discount was told that it was included which meant I couldn’t make sense of how she got to the price. I was informed the anniversary promo is $750 for this sailing. So waiting now to hear if the same $750 applies to a V2, if so we may reconsider as their air won’t do us much good as we want to stay in Europe until June and you can only deviate a maximum of 30 days.
  7. Yes. Actually I guess I misspoke about the air. It’s $799. “ Last spring, this cruise was offered late in the year for $2499 and “free” (Econ) Air.
  8. Just an FYI, for the March 6 transatlantic the Anniversary Sale promo amounted to $200 off the V2 fare, an upgrade to a DV2 and $200 off the advertised air price. 😢 We have elected to wait until closer to sailing in the hopes they have a better promo.
  9. No idea. Why don’t you log on and see what you have available to book.
  10. Glad to hear! Maybe they are changing their policies.
  11. My experience has been that asking does nothing. Only when we threatened to cancel did I get any response.
  12. Qsine was initially included in the dining possibilities for our Sept 6 2018 Vancouver to Tokyo cruise but fellow roll callers who prepurchased just got an email informing them of the change to LPC (and of a refund). Hate it As we were looking forward to Q.
  13. Let’s hope someone can provide answers!
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