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  1. I got an email yesterday reminding me of their Thanksgiving Sale. See screenshots below.
  2. Will all Canadian pensioners get a stockholder discount? 😂
  3. Now you know I love you but “they aren’t trying to sell me a cruise?” Then what are these almost daily emails with “flash sale”, “just six days left” and “ask for promo xyz”?? LOL
  4. Oh I understand your point but since they are trying to sell me on buying a cruise.....
  5. Is it hard to learn? Maybe I need to take some classes!
  6. Nope! Though usually with Viking I get a no. We keep asking for some consideration when they have a free air promo that we don’t want....they tell us we don’t have to take the free air. LOL
  7. Jim My DMIL was able to “only” pay 150% for our TA in 2019. We booked in December for a March cruise when they offered “free” air as a promo. I’ve looked back but unfortunately cannot find it the reduced supplement was offered or if we had to ask for it.
  8. Maybe this will get us back onboard! 😢 https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/23803-viking-star-gets-first-pcr-laboratory-at-sea-for-covid-testing.html
  9. I guess that is why they aren’t selling any of them as roundtrips. Will they let you buy a B2B? How are they doing the Mississippi cruises? I guess that ship is being built in the US and will have US crew or at least US labor laws if effect?
  10. Interesting and sad. Thanks for bringing to our attention.
  11. I have (twice!) and will check it out. Thanks!
  12. I’m sure they will give you some extra if you ask! i had volunteered for a trial here (was supposed to get the first shot tomorrow) but decided to drop out after doing some research and learning that if I need healthcare due to side effects of the vaccine trial that I would be on the hook for paying the cost. The trial won’t pay them and neither would my healthcare insurance. Decided it was too big a financial risk. 😢
  13. Morning all! Came up for a cup of coffee and a waffle (no brown cheese please). Join me if you’d like. I’ve decided that in addition to all the other issues we face because of Lady Corona’s visit (doesn’t she know a proper guest doesn’t stay this long) I am upset because these boards aren’t just active enough anymore. Back in the old days, I could keep my sanity Between cruises by living vicariously through other people’s cruises or relive my good memories by sharing tips and hints for folks headed to places we have visited. Now, all we have is the occasional post ab
  14. *can’t advise someday I will learn to proof better!
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