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  1. I have not been on Silhouette, we have been on 38 cruises, so far, including 4 Disney cruises.
  2. We had a cruise booked for Japan and the day we were supposed to fly to Dallas to catch the flight to Tokyo the next morning, we received an email from Princess that they were expecting two typhoons to hit Japan during the next two weeks, so a lot of ports had been canceled. We don't mind staying two weeks on a cruise in the caribbean, but we will definitely not fly to Japan to spend two weeks on a ship. We canceled the cruise and got 100% refund. So we always buy insurance from the cruise line. When we travel without cruising, we get it from Generali travel insurance that we found on insuremytrip . com
  3. We take 2,000 mg of Vitamin C every day when we travel and have been able to avoid getting sick. I use to get sick from the cold a/c in the theater, so now I always take a sweater to wear at night.
  4. Le Petite Chef was wonderful. We paid $75.00 pp and booked it on board. The one on the Infinity did not look as nice as the one we seen on the Edge. The tables would go back to normal after the video. I hope you enjoy it!!
  5. I always book online so I don't have to waste time on the phone, but this time since Edge is new to us and I wanted to see how the 4 restaurants set up worked, I decided to call. I see that it was a big mistake. The guy was very nice and even told me that he had just been on the Edge. I wanted select dining, but he said we had to waitlist since it was not available, so he put me on the 8:30 just in case. But he said that we could go to any of the 4 restaurants at 8:30. I 'm glad I asked on cc. Thank you very much for your replies.
  6. We just booked the Edge and chose to dine at 8:30. We were told that we could go to any of the 4 restaurants. Is that how it works? No reservation required? Just show up and we have a table at 8:30?
  7. Yes we did!! This wouldl have been our third time in Venice. The first time was our honeymoon so we spent a week there and another week going around Italy. We fell in love with Venice so we went back to experience the sailaway in 2013 on the Ruby Princess. We wanted to experience that again, so we looked at cruises sailing out of Venice and found this one on HAL and one on the Edge. But the one on the Edge, which we would have loved since we have not been on it yet, did not have the exact dates we were looking for. We read all the posts and watched quite a few videos on youtube. We decided to cancel the cruise and go to Italy on our own. Happy Travels!
  8. I finally found the tonnage and it will definitely be one of the ones banned. 🙄 How soon will this decision be made? It seems that they have talking about this for many years. Is it real now? We may reconsider this cruise if it does not leave from Venice. We have sailed out of Venice before. It is the most beautiful sail away we have experienced on a cruise.
  9. We're booked on HAL Niew Amsterdam for May 2020. Do you think this cruise will be rerouted if they make that decision based on the size of ship?
  10. We have never watched GOT, but we love history and architecture, so Valetta will definitely be a wonderful stop for us on this cruise.
  11. We did a 7 days Norway cruise last year in May with Holland America on the Koningsdam and it was wonderful. It sailed out of Amsterdam which gave us the chance to see Amsterdam for one week after the cruise. We took a two weeks vacation from work. Like you, we are also tired of cruising the Caribbean, so we are now mostly doing cruises in Europe. These are the ports it went to. They were all wonderful. Eidford Scenic Cruising Hardangerfjord Alesund Geiranger Cruising Geirangerfjord Bergen It looks like they're offering it next year. Good Luck!
  12. No, the cruise is labeled "Iceland, Norway and Northern Isles", but we were hoping this would be a good one to see the northern lights and visit Iceland. They have another one leaving Oct 3rd, but it's a 12 days cruise to Norway labeled "Search for the Northern Lights" that only has 4 ports, but it goes to Alta and Tromso. So maybe that is the best option?
  13. We are considering this cruise on Sept 7, 2020 It stops at 4 ports from Sept 13-16, do we have a good chance of seeing the northern lights? I know it's not a for sure, but maybe? Reykhavik until 10 pm Grundarfjordur until 4pm Akureyri until 6pm Seydisfjordur until 5pm Thank you for your advice and if you have been to Iceland during that time in Sept, would love to hear if you were able to see the northen lights.
  14. I think for the title I may have put this on the wrong port forum. But thank you if you can help. :)
  15. We are considering this cruise on Sept 7, 2020 with Princess, but we have two concerns. The most important concern, it stops at 4 ports in Iceland Sept 13-16, do we have a good chance of seeing the northern lights? Reykhavik, Grundarfjordur, Akureyri and Seydisfjordur. The other concern is to make it on time to Gatwick Airport to get on the first flight at 11:15am. The next flight is at 13:25pm The ship docks at 5:00am. What is the earliest we are allowed to get off the ship using express walk off? We have taken this train before and it has 17 stops, that's why it takes 2 hrs, but the other option is to book a taxi, but it's on a Monday morning, not sure on the traffic. Thank you for your advice and if you have been to Iceland during that time in Sept, would love to hear if you were able to see the northen lights.
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