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  1. As I remember there was no band or dancing when we were on board in the Crows Nest.
  2. I was thinking that maybe she would be arriving during twilight, I see she's here now.
  3. Should be a nice sail in, with the ship with it's lights on in the early morning darkness.
  4. Here are a couple of pictures from our cruise on her in 2017.
  5. Lots of history here. Watched program on pirates a couple of weeks back on how Capt. Morgan sacked the Spanish treasure train mule train crossing on the way to the Gulf, it still hasn't been found.
  6. On the HAL web site there are no European cruises listed for 2021.
  7. ski ww

    Canal Webcams

    Thanks for the link, love watching the ships passing through.
  8. I always love early mornings at sea, I'm always out wandering the decks looking for shots just like those.
  9. We always wait until we get to our embarkation port and then purchase our wine, it's cheaper in the States and you don't have to carry it in your luggage.
  10. Good day for that hot chocolate or pea soup, until tomorrow.
  11. NA is coming into sight. Not a good day for doing excursions.
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