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  1. I think the question is, does the time change while cruising in Alaskan waters, the answer is no. All of Alaska is in the same time zone, +9 hours from GMT.
  2. No jogging. If people would stay to their right instead of walking in the center of the deck it would be easier for others to pass on their left.
  3. Happy Easter Roy. Have a pleasant cruise, hope you have great weather for the crossing. Allan
  4. On our recent 9 Mar cruise on Eurodam out of San Diego there was a notice in our cabin that 3-4* cruisers were invited to the Sea View Pool for free drinks. That was the first time we'd ever seen that.
  5. Interesting learned a bit of history. We witnessed a Med Evac on Amsterdam on the way to Vancouver 2010. Conditions changed from good to bad back to good, winds, blowing snow & waves. Great job done by helo crew.
  6. If I can't be on the cruise reading your blog & looking at all the great pictures is the next best thing. Great work, thanks. Allan
  7. Gota go for supper, Bon Voyage fair winds & smooth seas.
  8. Nice long toots from Celebrity, Bon Voyage fair winds & smooth seas.
  9. Sounds like a great itinerary, hopping between ships. I'll follow along with your blog. I'll miss the sail away on Sunday. Bon Voyage. Allan
  10. Just paying catch up, great pictures. Love the shot of the pastries, that's my down fall.
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