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  1. Thank you so much for your wonderful tribute to Trainman Jim, plus pictures and links to his reviews. I was always a huge fan of his and followed him for years. I was particularly happy to see his original Trainman Sandwich followed by your version! I am also following your review with great interest since we will be cruising on Symphony in 2020. Great review and pics!
  2. Thanks so much to Rogue and Fiona for the great review and wonderful pictures. We we are on the Dec. 7 sailing and really appreciate all of your help!
  3. relaxatsea

    MSC Divina - Deck 9 Aft Balcony Cabin

    We did not get seasick at all. In our experience, we feel more motion in the forward cabins. When we have a choice, we always prefer aft balconies. However, I should probably add that we do not usually get seasick no matter how bad the seas (lucky us!). In 2016, we cruised around Cape Horn with its notoriously rough seas, and we were fine. It was quite an adventure! Even so, we always take Bonine with us just in case (there could always be a first time!). Ask your doctor for advice on this.
  4. relaxatsea

    Santiago Hotel Recommendation????

    Sorry, my mistake, Icaro Suites is in Buenos Aires.
  5. relaxatsea

    MSC Divina - Deck 9 Aft Balcony Cabin

    We had cabin 9270 on the Divina in January, 2017 and liked it very much. We did not notice that there was more motion there than in the rest of the ship, and the view from the balcony was spectacular. We also did not notice noise from the lounge. We liked that it was so close to the outside back stairway with its large viewing area. Highly recommend! Happy cruising!
  6. relaxatsea

    Santiago Hotel Recommendation????

    We liked the Icaro Suites, just a block or so off of Corrientes and close to the Obelisk. Our room was large, clean and quiet and they also had a nice buffet breakfast. From there, we walked to most of the major tourist places. In the same neighborhood, we highly recommend Pizzeria Guerrin, and tha famous coffee shop, el Gato Negro.
  7. relaxatsea

    Buenos Aires Hotel Recommendation

    We really liked the Icaro Suites close to Corrientes and the obelisk. Easy to walk everywhere. Highly recommend Pizzeria Guerrin!
  8. relaxatsea

    Fantastica drink vouchers

    I think we will be fine! By the way, I spent all the summers of my childhood in Kingsville, Ontario, and we used to go to London sometimes! See you on board!
  9. We didn't stay in one, but visited one on our cabin crawl in Jan., 2018. It was spectacular with the wrap around balcony. It had lots of light and felt very spacious. We loved the view down to the pool and the proximity to the panoramic elevators.
  10. relaxatsea

    New and "Improved" CC

    My biggest problem now is with the very white backgrounds which really hurt my eyes.
  11. relaxatsea

    What to do in Puerto Montt, Chile for the day??

    We took a cab to Puerto Varas and stayed there for a while walking by Lake Llanquihue and admiring the German architecture. The taxi driver returned to pick us up at a prearranged spot and we came back to the tender terminal and walked a few blocks to the crafts market where we saw a sea lion. It was a great day. I think the round trip cab ride was around USD 25.00.
  12. relaxatsea

    eze transfer to hotel

    We took a cab, it was very easy. Once you go through customs, you will see a counter in the middle of the room. Just tell them where you want to go, pay the fare, and take your ticket to a designated cab just outside. I can't remember what we paid, but we thought it was a fair price. There were two of us with luggage.
  13. relaxatsea

    Fantastica drink vouchers

    Hi Tony, Today I called MSC and asked if we still get the 12 drink vouchers per person since we have the Fantastica experience and do not have any other drink package or promotion with our booking. The agent said yes we will get it, even though it will not appear on our MSC booking per se, she told me to look at the Fantastic perks (the same place you looked when you did a mock booking). I printed this out and plan to take it with me. Feel free to call MSC and let me know if you get the same answer! Barbara
  14. relaxatsea

    Fantastica drink vouchers

    We are also on Seaside Feb. 16 in an inside Fantastica cabin. We did not book the "drinks on us" package, and we are fully expecting to get our 12 drink vouchers per person. Our understanding is that this is still good until March, 2019.
  15. relaxatsea

    MSC SeaSide

    There is a video on You Tube showing Inside Accessible Cabin 15139. Good luck with your surgery!