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  1. Thanks for your posting of Club Class on the Pacific. We are booked on her for March, 2022, a long way off but that is due to the dreaded Corona Virus. We love Club Class and since it was first offered way back in 2017 on the Emerald Princess we have always booked either a mini Club Class suite or a full suite. I know that the Pacific Princess Club Class is different as the dining room is so much smaller and there isn't any Anytime Dining. We love the small ships and have been on them many times, so we thought that the Club Class would be in that small section on the left as you walk into the dining room. Your post has helped us with many of our questions. We have been booked in for 7.15pm dining. I am not sure if that is late dining or perhaps we will be allowed to dine at that time anyhow. Whatever, it will be a wonderful 24 days from Sydney to Tokyo and we are so looking forward to it after this horrible year of not being able to go anywhere. I know it is a long way off but time does go by very quickly. Jennie
  2. We last visited the Jurong Bird Park back in 1978 so I think it may be time to revisit it again as it looks so different to what we saw all those years ago. We will keep it up our sleeves for the next time we spend a few days in that lovely city. Thanks to you Ellie, I booked the Crowne Plaza for one night in the new area yesterday. We are hoping to be there in June next year all being well. We will drop our cases into our room, after our flight back from Phuket, and then go and explore Jewel or else get up very early next morning and visit it before our flight back to Melbourne. We always take the day flight home which leaves Singapore around 11am and arrives back at around 8pm. We prefer to fly during the day than at night. Jennie
  3. Here are the photos of the mini suite on the side of the ship. As you can see there are two rooms, one with the lounge and one with the bedroom. Same bathroom though with the door leading from the lounge area into the toilet and wash basin and the door from the bedroom leading into the spa bath and separate shower. Jennie
  4. They were lovely. We had an aft on the Sun returning back from Hong Kong this time last year. We really enjoyed it though it was a different setup to the mini's on the side of the ship and not nearly as big though it had a long hall leading into it. I will find a couple of photos and post them here. The bathroom was identical to a full suite and the minis on the side. The second lot of photos are of the side mini's, which are so much larger.
  5. Thanks for the info. We did a cruise last year in January on the Sun Princess - a lovely ship that has now been sold - which we loved as the mini suites are nearly as large as the full suites on the newer Princess ships. We went to the same ports as you did except we didn't visit Vila but instead went to Champagne Bay which was lovely but not quite as delightful as Mystery Island. Jennie
  6. Here are my photos of Mystery Island which we visited in January, 2015 on Celebrity's Solstice which is a lovely ship. We have been on her twice and have enjoyed both experiences but like you mentioned Ellie, when boarding a Princess ship, you do feel you have come home! We did have fantastic weather on that cruise with sunshine every day but we didn't go as far as Fiji. Just to New Caledonia and Vanuatu. Our mini suite was at the rear of the ship, our favourite place to be, though on Princess we have been lucky each time to have a Vista Suites on the corner aft. The sand on Mystery Island was just so soft and the water was so very clear and pristine. It is truly a Mystery Island and I am not sure if Princess visits there though Celebrity certainly does.
  7. I cannot believe that I have nearly come to the end of our wonderful adventure with you. I started on Page 1 on Monday and it is now Wednesday afternoon and I am on page 66. It has been great to revisit Sydney - our 2nd home - and has filled in many hours which has helped to make the days go by quicker. We are on the last 3 weeks of a very severe lockdown, I think it has been one of the most stringent in the world. Thankfully Covid cases in Victoria are coming down. I do have a question Ellie, and that is regarding your stay at the Crowne Plaza. We have stayed there many times but in the older part where the passages to our room were out in the hot, open air. I could see that your room ran off a carpeted hallway so I am presuming that you were in the newer part of the Crowne. Also, how far away is the Jewel from the Crowne Plaza? You mentioned that you visited Jewel when you were at the airport on your way to Sydney where you saw a sign directing one to the Crowne. At this stage, we are booked to visit Phuket in June next year all being well, - it was moved from June this year - and we always have a night at the airport after we have arrived from Melbourne before boarding our plane to Phuket and the same on the way home. We would love to visit the Jewel and we will have some time to make the visit. Thanks again for taking us along. We love the Pacific Islands and I have some great photos that we have taken over the years of Savu Savu, Lifou, Dravenu and Mystery Island. By the way, Suva is always wet! We have been there a number of times and that is one place where you can expect rain unfortunately. It is under a rain cloud from the surrounding mountains. Once you drive a few kms away to the Coral Coast, the rain does stop and you get the sunny weather. Living the cruise life on the Majestic brought back so many memories of our times on board a ship,, our last being back in Jan/Feb this year. We are booked on a cruise in 2022 and have our fingers crossed that there will be a vaccination by then. We usually cruise at least twice a year but unfortunately, that is not to be at the moment. Jennie
  8. Ellie, I only discovered your wonderful blog yesterday when I decided to take a look at Cruise Critic after being away from it for quite awhile. We are in our 11th week of total lockdown here in Melbourne, so your blog is a godsend for someone who is running out of ideas on how to fill in the day besides cooking and reading many books! Your writing is fantastic and your photos are incredible. I do feel I am with you on your fabulous journey down to our part of the world. So far I am only up to page 6, so I have a long way to go! We always fly with Singapore airlines when we leave Australia and they are an excellent airline. Over the years we have flown Economy many times, then Premium Economy and now we have moved to Business which makes flying so much more enjoyable. We have been visiting Singapore since 1978 and have seen it develop into the modern city it is today. When we first visited with our small children, we were taken to the Raffles Hotel for a folkloric show. The hotel then was quite rundown though you could see it had once been fabulous and outside its front door was the sea. Now of course, the land in front goes for miles before it hits the water, such is the incredible land reclamation that started in Singapore in the 80's. I think we have visited Singapore at least 36 times over the years and it has always been the safest place to visit. The hotels there are magnificent, our favourite being the Mandarin Oriental though we often stay at the Crowne Plaza at the airport as it is so convenient when flying. I am looking forward to the next part of your blog when you get to Sydney and then on to the ship, visiting the lovely South Pacific Islands where we have been so often. Thanks for helping to make our severe lockdown so enjoyable. We have another 3 weeks to go before we can perhaps visit a hairdresser - you can imagine what we all look like after 3 months - a nail salon, a normal retail shop other than a supermarket, post office or bank, and perhaps to have a coffee sitting down outside instead of buying a take-away! Hopefully before Christmas, we will be nearly back to normal though we have been told masks will be compulsory for a long time. Jennie
  9. No I haven't taken a look so will do that. I would like it a bit later in the year now in 2022 as we have just booked the Pacific for the 24 day cruise from Sydney to Tokyo in March, 2022. I dearly would love to return to Japan as we do have unfinished business there which I have explained in the post above. We too want to get to Europe before we are much older. This year has been a wasted year for us as Peter has turned 81 and I am now 79!!!! Don't feel that age at all and am fit but who knows for how long. We have been to Petra and to me it is probably the most exciting place I have visited and we have been to most of the "must sees" in this world. I was just blown away after that long walk into it. I would have loved to have visited there again, the itinerary on the Grand was fantastic especially as I wanted to revisit Malta which was another great place to visit. Where are you boarding the Pacific and what month? Jennie
  10. Silly me, I didn't realise that you received your payment for your cancelled cruise in F.C.C.'s. We had that happen to us when we were on a Japan cruise back in 2014 on the Diamond and we hit two typhoons. We had the choice of staying on board and going out to the Yellow Sea and wait out the typhoon or disembarking. We stayed on board and we received our full fare back in F.C.C.'s which we thought was a wonderful gesture on behalf of Princess as they cannot control the weather. We still had fun, great meals and good entertainment, we just missed out on some wonderful ports. Jennie
  11. What a great position you are in with the FCC covering the cost of the cruise. Wish I had some that were worth quite a few dollars! I didn't buy enough when we were on our cruise in early February this year. We had no idea that Covid would stop every type of travel in the months ahead. We still cannot travel from home in Metropolitan Melbourne to regional Victoria, let alone the rest of Australia! Jennie
  12. We received the deposit back last weekend and the lass gave me my F.C.C. whilst I was on the phone to her. Our cruise on the Pacific isn't until March 2022 when we leave from Sydney and finish in Tokyo. We are still looking for a similar cruise from Singapore to either Italy or the U.K. for 2022. The World Cruise from Sydney to Sydney in 2022 on the Coral does have a 30 day segment from Dubai to Dover with some good ports in between. It is fully booked and being a World Cruise, to book a Club Class Mini which we normally have, works out at over $1000 a day for us, which is a lot to pay for Princess. So we will just wait and see what is available when the new itineraries are published. I must admit that the $15 F.C.C. was a huge insult considering Princess cancelled the cruise and so many people had made arrangements for Private Tours etc. We had our airfares to Singapore but used F.F. points though we did lose money as there was a cancellation fee. I gather your Princess Cruise is next year. We aren't ready to cruise as yet, too risky visiting ports etc. and I doubt if we could get to Singapore anyway as our International Borders have been closed since March and we have heard that probably they won't be open to some time next year. Even our Domestic Borders are closed between our States so we really cannot go anywhere at the moment. We are all waiting on a good vaccine. Jennie
  13. My apologies for stating that Princess always faces out to the harbour, I have looked at photos and she does dock with her bow facing in so book a Port cabin so that you can get the view. It is the other lines that back into the quay. I agree that coming and leaving Venice is spectacular and a wonderful experience but leaving Sydney on a summer's day is magical with all the yachts out and about on the harbour and with the Bridge and the Opera House right there, does make for a wonderful start of a cruise. Jennie
  14. Princess cancelled a cruise on us for next March just over 3 weeks ago. . I had not only a sizable deposit on this cruise but also an FCC. After two weeks, I needed the FCC's to be used on a new booking so I phoned Princess and asked the lass when we might be getting our deposit returned and the F.C.C's put back into our "Bank" with Princess.. She immediately returned the F.C.C.'s whilst I was on the phone and the money was put back into my Amex account within a few days. That only took just over two weeks for everything to be finalised. Good luck with yours. Jennie
  15. The best way still is to have a $100 FCC, otherwise you will be paying out quite a bit. It depends on the how long the cruise is and where it is going and on what ship. We have paid out nearly $3000 deposit for a Grand Cruise that was 38 days. I love those F.C.C's and always try to have a few in reserve. We have just booked a 24 day cruise on the Pacific Princess and our F.C.C.'s were our deposit ($100 each) Jennie
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