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  1. We had some of ours returned today. We received the $100 FCD plus the $25 goodwill which I have had our Planner use as a deposit on a cruise that we booked yesterday. We are still owed the OBC and the actual cruise is still on my Personaliser. I guess that will disappear when we have received everything that is owing. We were booked on the cruise from Sydney to Tokyo. An earlier cancelled cruise on the Pacific from Tahiti to Sydney which was in early December only took 6 weeks before all our credits were restored. Jennie
  2. We definitely will do that. Thanks once again. Jennie
  3. Thank you for being so generous with all of your hard work. Even though it is nearly 2 years away, we cannot wait to be on a ship at sea. Jennie
  4. We are coming from Europe on a Transatlantic and other than visiting Antigua the day before that is the only other island we will be seeing in the Caribbean. Over the years, we have visited a few other islands before though and I think we used U.S. dollars then as they were widely accepted. Jennie
  5. Thanks for your prompt reply. I am looking forward to sharing your map and following it when we finally get to San Juan. Jennie
  6. Would you mind adding me also to the list. We are not cruising until November, 2022 which is a long way off. Have just paid our deposit today and have already started my research. We are from Australia and I do have a question which I am sure everyone else takes for granted. Do you use U.S. dollars in Puerto Rico? I am sure you do as it is a country that belongs to the U.S. My email is: jennielynton@gmail.com Thanks in advance. We will be in port from 10am to 8pm so we would like to see as much as we can and of course have lunch at good restaurant. Jennie
  7. We were up there this time last year and we had booked to go in June this year but had to cancel. We then booked for November and again we cancelled. We are now visiting both Rutherglen and Canberra next January. We have been visiting the Tulieries for many years, since the early 90's and the same staff are still there. Of course a lot of money is being spent on the property now that De Botoli's have taken over. We just love being there. Jennie
  8. We still love Rutherglen Muscat's and we are members of All Saints Wine Club. Rutherglen is our favourtie place to go, we love staying at the Tuileries where they have a great restaurant plus down in the Main Street is the wonderful Taste restaurant. We love visiting Beechworth and the King Valley as well. Great wineries throughout that region. Back in the 70's when our children were at kinder, a way to make money for the kindergarten was to have a bottling. We would get a huge barrel of wine and everyone would bring their bottles and bottle their own. The wine back then would have c
  9. Today is opening day though we are not rushing to go out and about. It will be interesting to see how many cases we have at the end of next week though I do know the shops and limiting customers. Still, we can go to Bunnings now as we do need a few things from there. Jennie
  10. We have been lucky with our Woolworths orders. I have been using them since we first went into lockdown back in March. Only a couple of things haven't been right. We do have a wonderful Ritchie's IGA here in our shopping centre but my DH has been very strict about shopping. I will return to IGA if everything is fine in a month's time. I was hoping that they would deliver but unfortunately they don't. Carrum is a lovely place to live. I have many happy memories of that suburb as my Aunt and Uncle had a holiday home there when we were young so we spent such a lot of time on Carrum Beach a
  11. Just love Halls Gap and the little cottages that are dotted around that town. My sister in law and family live in Horsham and I know they weren't happy when Melbournians visited Horsham long before we had the "ring of steel". They blamed the visitors in the June school holidays for bringing the virus up there. Mind you, I think their sum total was only 4 but those of us living in Melbourne did get the blame. Jennie
  12. Whereabouts are you Leigh? We are in Mount Waverley and have everything we need here though I have been using Woolworths online, a wonderful butcher on line and a great greengrocer on line. We have really been isolating ourselves except for our walks each day. We are in the age group where we need to be careful and we have certainly done that over the past 15 weeks or so. Jennie
  13. Since Covid I believe there are even more shops for lease. I have heard that in Glenferrie Road, Malvern there are quite a few shops for lease. Small businesses have it had tough and it would be very hard to hang on for over 15 weeks, especially if your landlord expected rent each week. Our small village shopping centre has seemed to survive thank goodness with no for lease signs on any of the shops. Hopefully, this will be the last lock down we experience down here so the businesses can at last start to make some money. Jennie
  14. We are looking forward to going down to Red Hill on the Mornington Peninsula to visit our daughter and family plus spending time with my sister and brother in law up here over a meal. Catching up with friends for a lunch or dinner at a restaurant has been hard though I don't think we will be doing that for quite awhile as I am not sure how they are going to fit us in, especially at one of our favourite French Bistros. We also have missed out on not being able to travel within Australia and Victoria. We usually spend 3-4 months a year travelling, not all at once but a few weeks here an
  15. With zero cases, no deaths and the testing of the northern suburbs showing no cases, we have at last achieved the result for the next stage which means all Retail shops, Beauty Salons can open. . Cafes, Hotels and Restaurants can also open with limits on how many can be seated inside and outside. We are to hear tomorrow about how many people can visit in our homes. We can also meet in a park with 10 people from different families. Then on the 8th November, all being well, we will be able to travel throughout Victoria. This is what I wanted and needed to hear. We are hoping to take off
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