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  1. This is a really interesting question... I have never seen bartenders doing that. But it may also vary from ship to ship, and depending on the number of Elite/Emerald guests, I figure. I am up to try this experiment in 3 weeks 🙂
  2. I very much doubt that (I mean, that the Edge TVs have this option)... I've read before that people were struggling with HDMI hookups because TV's HDMI slot seems to be on the back and it requires a tiny and skilled hand to stick it in there. However, only time would tell. I am buying a longer cord so far.
  3. If you are referring to the Edge, I believe that the POV has a floor-to-ceiling window, just like the infinite veranda, but it does not open (no sliding window panel) - hence there will be no "veranda furniture". "Standard" OV has your typical ~3x4 ft rectangular "picture window" with the window sill in front of it. These - on the Edge - are located on deck 3, closer to the water.
  4. Anyone have already had CC Elite breakfast(s) in Tuscan restaurant on the Edge? If the menu the same as on the other X ships??
  5. One smart feature of new Edge design that I am quite impressed with is the airlock doors heading from OCV to the aft OCV section. Any other ship that I've been at, has a single sliding door that is operated by motion sensor. It may not seem to be like a big deal for some, but you know what I am talking about - when you seat inside the OCV, in the proximity of even good 50-70 feet away from these doors, and yet every single time when somebody goes by them (or pax going in/out, or waiters drag the trays etc etc), the wind tunnel effect is unbearable, especially in colder regions... It blows everything off, from napkins to wigs to salads!
  6. ...why not making even a bolder move? - I am thinking to sanitize it well and then use it instead of the plate! Imagine how much food I could dump on it!! And then I could take it down to my cabin - no spillage, no mess!!! 😂😂😂
  7. I have perhaps one of the oddest reasons why ANY cabin of non-suite type would be a disappointment for me... I am a movie junkie, I use my laptop hooked up to TV during the cruises a lot... There is NO PLACE to set the laptop in the close proximity to the TV in the Edge standard cabins. Older ships have countertops right beneath the TV console. Here, it just hangs on the wall - the moving vanity table is good 2-3 feet away. Yeah, I could buy a longer HDMI cable, just as much as I could buy curtains, folding chairs, large coffee table etc etc There also was an interesting comment from one of the UK guys - he says that, unexpectedly, the space inside the "thingie box" (outlet box) is too small for UK plugs... All of my plugs are of UK size (sorry if it sounds too personal 😂) - I am curious to see how this would work out. And yes, I could use the universal tom-tom to set the laptop under TV, but it will block the way. A few posts above, someone mentioned that the absence of the "standard size" (S/M chips) coffee table is a drag for the Edge cabins... We use the table a lot, actually, and for sure will miss the utility that it carries. But what do you know, I am on the Edge in three weeks... Ha!
  8. There is a substantial difference in terms of "pleasing" these two groups (millennials and X veterans). Older cruisers are ALREADY here (Egde, S or M ships), while X is TRYING to win millennials so far. Replacing traditional cruising features with something that supposed to TARGET a different population is a risky strategy; let's see how it would work out. What is upsetting is that in the quest to win the new crowd, X is hastily getting rid of the things that are dear to the current devotees... and this seems to become soon a company-wide approach (Revolution).
  9. Makes me wonder - would it crush the Eden actors if I tell them that Fairies are imaginary and do not exist...
  10. I look forward to socialize with the Edenists. Maybe we could form a team to compete against the team of theater actors in bag tossing...
  11. All good points, especially about games as a mean to connect people onboard. Wow, basketball... You are right, and I thought about the same once I have found out that the Edge is the first from the last ten or so ships by X that will not have the court! I just did not think about it the way you did - that it is one of the obsolete spaces for the "young refined cruiser", it should go away together with any other games (in your sense, with the activities connecting people). I personally have made a lot of good friends on the court, I play all my life, and have a good fistful of X medals for different challenges on the court (those with blue ribbons) - from tournaments on M ships where they had a full court, to really tough games on S ships (because of the odd location of the courts! Who decided to place them right above the bow?? Open to all and every wind...). It's just sad that the new concept is crossing out games and competitions whatsoever. As to your generous comment "So it will be difficult to attract new people and keep the old... you are going to offend someone... the question is can you hold onto enough while attracting more than you lose." -- I very much doubt that X is doing this transition the right way. Edge is in each and every corner of the ship different from what the "old crude cruisers" like me got used to while onboard of X ship. I still am looking forward to taste it, as you all, and can't wait to get there. It could "revolutionize" my approach to cruising, because despite my passion in sports, I still am an introvert, oddly enough - so it might work for me... What is scary in the X approach, and this is what you perhaps are not taking into account, is that they want to administer the "edgefecation" concept (sorry again for made up word) to ALL fleet, and that in my book is not the right way of keeping the old while attracting the new. I am nervous about that. Luckily, this is not an industry-wide approach, and with X prices going up daily, I would easily take parts with it and switch to O or HAL or MSC. I wish the X and RC a ton of success, but I hate to be handled like an old, scratched basketball that is tossed in the garage corner, because young refined kids in the family have got a brand new shiny one...
  12. Please ask your friends in the higher level with X or RC to teach the rest how to get the BEST discounts available 🙂 Apologies for perhaps sarcastic tone, I just believe that this is at least an overstatement - I wish I would have a chance to say the same, and I am a "loyal" with both X and O, but I can't seemingly get those BEST discounts you - or your friends - are referring to... As someone mentioned in one of the threads here: on the contrary, "loyals" are not going anywhere, they will buy and sail with their cruise line because of the perks more than because of supposed discounts... plus, the sport of catching a good deal has a little to do with loyalty programs, it is more related to a trusted TA or good word from fellow cruisers etc. ... however, newbies - especially in the new markets/new countries - will definitely get better deals... Once I sailed on O with a number of Asians and Russians who were in the same, or higher, stateroom categories and paid by 1-2K less for 10 day cruise on Nautica than we did with our loyalty program. I myself once have got a great deal on X Fiji cruise because X just started selling in my city-state in Asia, and they were literally throwing great deals left and right to win a new market - I've got that deal without even mentioning the loyalty program... so you are right, business is business, but under entirely different angle. As to younger cruisers trying different cruise lines, this is just as correct as ANY other age category - it is a common practice for many beginners, regardless of the age. When we began cruising, we were doing the same, and we were not young, sorry to admit... We all know many people past 40 or even 50 who just started cruising, so age has little to do with trying different lines. Lastly, your statement about X not ignoring their loyals, but they have to pay the bills... I am sorry once again. Cruising is a multi-billion dollar business, I am not going to bore you with math, but trust me they do quite well, so skimping on a few perks for loyals while hoping that the "younger generation" would replace current loyals sounds like a strange business practice to me (if this is true), because X could very much loose far more current devotees than win the newer ones... At least it seems that Edge is not playing to the tune that X's PR campaign was setting it for. I will sail on the Edge in January, and I will enjoy the cruise, the people, the food, and the service - this is what is always there, be it the Edge or Nautica or even a good old Windstar Spirit. Once again, my apologies if you find my post too aggressive - my skepticism sometimes spills out far wider than it should. I wish you a happy cruising!
  13. "There are several parts of the 3,000-passenger ship that blew Samantha away, including Eden, pictured. It’s a stunning garden-themed restaurant, which offers an action-packed dining experience" - I am sorry but this is SOOOO PR'ed, I can't stop giggling..... "Action-packed dining experience"!!! "Garden-themed restaurant"!!!
  14. Thank you for bringing up a definition of a LARGER demographic! Saying that X wants - badly, if you consider experiment of a ....llion dollars worth (Edge) - to appeal to a YOUNGER demographic sounds too belittling to me, I don't know how about the rest of the devoted X cruisers... "Happy medium" is another very good description of what I would have expected from a company who won me over with the Solstice maiden voyage for good. It is nice to set up an experiment, but you better be damn sure before you start it that you would at least get some kickback from your money spent on it, otherwise you might end up like Renaissance. Their R ships were NOT the reason for a company going belly under, they are still in operation and doing darn well, almost two decades after commissioning ...
  15. ...and they already are, judging by several comments I've stumbled over. However, I am curious to learn what - in your view - defines a "young refined cruiser"? 🙂
  16. Can you watch the "Weirdo's Show" while sitting on the ramp chairs?? (I still giggle recalling the post by some millenial earlier, who said that he may suggest a list of things that millenials would like but none of those can be found on the Edge except... plants (!)....). Do NOT take me wrong, I am hooked and curious and I am going in 4 weeks! Can't wait! It's just very unusual to see such a striking difference of opinions about the Eden and Edenists/their function, from seasoned cruisers to newbies to REAL millenials... (I am saying REAL because in at least one phony review I've seen someone relating himself to millenial generation, and the whole review seems very much doctored by the X PR ppl lolol). I for sure will be there, but since I am an introvert as are 85%+ of millenials, I would prefer to observe the mayhem from far above 🙂
  17. I looked at your pictures of Day 2, and it is clear that the length of the balcony is bigger than in standard balcony stateroom on S ships, as I suspected... I am not trying to pin you down (as some say above) - I am trying to find a reason for myself to NOT buy the SS for the Edge cruise :))))))))) So far the things that have been said by you and others are helpful in this approach... I know I may sound inquisitive - however, I am not the only one who tries to use you eyes and your brain for getting things lined up before our cruise. Hope you do not mind this.
  18. You took my sarcastic post about flip-flops way too seriously :)))) Enjoy your cruise!
  19. Look, I know what are you referring for - this is the hanging washer system that runs on the rail along the top deck (or OVC or any other chosen deck...). It can't be installed on EVERY deck, this is my point... In the balcony deck, this washing is done by a guy walking from one unit to another via the folded glass separation panels, at least this is how it's done on S ships as far as I know...
  20. I will try to find and post the comparative pictures - like I said, when on one of your pics your SO sat in the rocker chair, I noticed the shorter - MUCH shorter, mind you - width of the separation board than on S class ships. I was specifically talking about regular balcony size, although I would imagine that in the SS they MUST be bigger anyway... What X writes number-wise about the sg ft, - I am sorry... I am NOT buying it even if I had 16 martinis on the house at the Martini bar. I dare you to get a measuring tape from the customer relations desk and tell me that is measures exactly 79 sq ft... I just thought that these SS balconies could be longer but NOT deeper, so in comparison they should look like shallow, but they have enough length to make it up to 70+ sg ft...
  21. That "mechanical gizmo" is a tiny Burmese or Vietnamese dude in flip-flops with a power wash nozzle in hands... Are you seriously thinking that they will invest into something of that kind (giant squeegee) to clean up salt streaks?
  22. Very ASTUTE prognostication The issue as I see it is in the pricing. Considering current X price increase policy, I very much doubt the prices of these "OV cabins" with "infinite" (albeit crammed) verandas would go way down as they were when more S class ships joined the fleet. Don't forget, there are five of those (S class ships), and - fortunately for us - they all came out at the hedge of recession time, so we all benefited from their abundance and greatness... With E class, X now tries to get back to us, loyal customers, with EVERYTHING possible to squeeze the extra bucks - just look at the activities pages in the dailies, ~50-60% of stuff in there asks for extra money... plus drinks, plus specialty restaurants, plus spa (I personally am outraged by the X/E decision of NOT honoring the Elite privilege of one port day free spa use - this is unheard of, I have been to .....teen X cruises and NEVER was I refused of getting that... I feel sorry for those who are not Elite, because there is NO COMMON access to the steam room/changing room anymore, as far as I understand, and this draws a finite line between sheer greed and loyalty, as far as I see it...
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