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  1. OK, I hate to break the cheerful atmosphere here (and I that one green-envy hater who wasn’t able to watch the Lady E arrival in person…), but I just looked at the menu posted at Celebrity website for all four main restaurants. What is unclear – it states the menu for each restaurant that is split in three parts: theme restaurant Exclusives (Cyprus, Cosmopolitan etc. - three starts and three entrees), then there goes Celebrity Classic (four starters and three entrees), and then there goes Celebrity Signatures (four starters and five entrees). While theme exclusives for each restaurant are different, the classic and the signatures parts are the same for each of the four restaurants. I am very confused because there is no explanation in the web site – is this just a SAMPLE menu for one day, or this will be repeated daily for all four restaurants for the whole cruise?? My understanding of how the four main restaurants will work was that these six exclusives for each of them will be repeated every night, but the classic and the signature dishes will be rotated as it always happens on other X ships… But there is no comment or explanation of this in the pages related to the complimentary dining. Anyone cares to comment?
  2. One of the things that were quite fascinating for me in the early cruising times was the placard on the promenade deck of the Oceania ships that states at what distance from the shore they are allowed to dump the food wastes (and what kind of them!) in the sea/ocean. Very educational!
  3. I am not a paranoia-filled, but these look seriously creepy ... HOUSE OF BOLTONS... 😂😂😂
  4. I missed this one earlier - thanks a lot, this looks really cool! what's the size of it?
  5. By any hotel standards (including cruise ships), the safe distance between two single beds should be 20-24 in, IF there is another space between each of the bed and the wall on the other side of the bed. If one bed is set along the wall, the gap between the beds should be even wider - 24-36 in. Nobody will set it just a foot apart, believe me 🙂
  6. Based on a simple engineering thinking, in this "see-through" version of the room it is impossible to arrange two separate twin beds, sorry to disappoint you... The nightstand on the wall is fixed permanently and will not get detached - look at the round corner, the stand is curved at the left side as well. The headboard is also fixed permanently. No one's gonna do any "unscrewing/screwing" during a few VERY rushed hours of passenger change on Sundays... Someone also said about the L-shape configuration - again, there is not that much space in there to allow such setting. It either needs to place one bed along the cabin separation wall, and another - head-to-head with it (in this case the second bed will block the walk-through from corridor), or one bed should have head at the separation wall, and another - at the bathroom wall, making sort of a "square" (but there's simply not enough room to allow that either; there is a couch that cannot be moved, do not forget it). Either way, for poor stateroom attendants who will be under high pressure to change cottons/clean/tidy up, THE ONLY way to quickly rearrange beds into twin configuration is to just move them apart - which means that the twin bed configuration will be available ONLY when they are NOT facing the window... Sorry to disappoint you again. I hope there will be a more elegant and easy-to-do solution, though 🙂
  7. If two of my kind would sit back-to-back at those 4 pax tables behind young man on the photo, you wouldn't be able to slip a dollar bill between the chairs 😂 ANYWHERE you look in the food venues on the posted pics so far, space is at privilege. This looks nice and all, but listen people, there will be wheelchairs, walkers, volumized guys such as myself... How's that gonna work? 😂
  8. I am very surprised reading such a negative reaction 😂 (sorry for joking about it, it is funny how the posts about "negativity" go boomerang and pop up again and again after every 3-4 pages of posts) But to be honest, it is hard to imagine that everyone here should be posting ONLY "Yay!" (like a bunch of minions would do) reactions... If this is the rule, then let's post this rule in the upper bar... Oh wait, but the name of the site in the upper bar is Cruise CRITIC (someone before had actually brought this up already)! There is a clear line between being negative and poop on everything, and being observant and ask questions. If I personally sound too negative - my sincere apologies 🙂 At the minimum, each of my "negative" posts ends up with a positive expression of my excitement to sail on the Edge soon! YAY!!!
  9. I am absolutely certain that they do keep spare parts to fix those! But the sash panels are not your shower doors, and do not forget that any replacement of malfunctioned motor or slider or rope etc. in the mechanism of the panel will be essentially dealt with not immediately ("swiftly" in your answer may mean anything between 5 to 15 mins, right? :)), and will get fixed not in a matter of 5 mins. Have you ever tried to step out on your balcony when the ship is on the rough seas? 🙂 I do that every now and then, just to enjoy the feeling of safety and comfort when return back to the cabin... But one thing is the balcony, and another - IV sliding panel. It will be wind and water sprays and (possibly) rain etc. literally inside your room for those 5-15 mins of "swift" repair LOLOL I hate to sound paranoid, but - again - I asked this question several times, and aside of "oh, do not worry, they have plenty of spares and will replace it fast" answers no one so far had responded technically sound ))) (Please do not get upset, no pun intended, I am just curious how the crew will handle situations like this, that's all - and I figured that they should have a manual lever of sort to close it, to repair AFTER, in the next port... this is all I wanted to find out) Lastly, in terms of the captain closing the sashes from the bridge, I believe this is just not a sound solution. Pretty much all of the cruise ships have the sliding balcony doors, and no one had actually installed the emergency system that closes them automatically due to an inclement weather conditions. Heck, on this very Edge there still will be plenty of sliding balcony doors - what about those? Would the captain also close and lock those from the bridge? (I will bring with me a ratcheting wrench set, just in case ahahahaha)
  10. This is not the problem that I was trying to bring up... If there is a malfunction of the motor-driven mechanism of closing the sash, then no matter how strict the captain is, the window will not close, since it is broken. Apart of that, I personally doubt that such option (captain closes all sashes simultaneously) will be available, because - as you said - there could be arms and heads on the way, and even if this emergency closing is accompanied by siren etc., I bet there will be folks who will stick inadvertently their limbs in there 😂 We will know the procedure shortly, once the cadets who are scheduled to board first will tell the rest as to how it works. Oh, and I also doubt that there are sensors of sort that stop the sash of going up if there is the head on the way - not that it is technically impossible, it is just not economical to have this system installed in all IV rooms... But time will tell )))
  11. The only "guy" who is banging on anything at 3:28 mark in the video is the polar bear on Deck 7 lolol I suggest to call him EDGAR = EDGe beAR However, on a serious side, I believe that installing IV panels/sashes instead of the normal balcony doors is a gimmick and it will eventually cause Celebrity trouble... I mentioned here a while back that for sure there will be malfunctions of the sashes (not closing completely or getting stuck at some height) - maybe not immediately, not frequently, but there will be some. It is hard to expect that all these motor-driven panels will function flawlessly for years of operation. They should have a manual override allowing to at least seal the windows. Imagine if you have that thing in your room stuck, and the ship is in the open sea, and there is rain+wind... Changing stateroom (if they have a spare) is the least of the troubles in this case. But I am excited, as the rest of the gang here is ))))
  12. Since no ladies/gents changing rooms are shown, I assume they should be there, in that void. Plus staff room, storage etc. (They should have an ample storage for those spare dumbbells, you know :))
  13. There is a channel-shaped aluminum profile on the edge of that cabinet door - this is your handle :)
  14. This is way too funny, good thing I wasn't chewing anything when read your post - otherwise my dentures would've gone airborne :'):'):'):'):')
  15. What about the chest of drawers along the side wall, next to the fridge? ;)
  16. This is the gym; this picture is definitely made on the bow, not Eden - look, there is no open space above it, it's clearly either 14th or 15th deck. But it is not the spa, just check the framework around the entrance - it could only be the gym because in the spa the entrance (per plans) will be a bit more fancy :D
  17. Not only it shows the extra storage space for small thingies, it also shows that in the reverse bed setting (not at the balcony) the curved nightstand now goes next to the bed closer to the bathroom. Mystery solved!!!
  18. Every public restroom on S class ships in men's section has these stainless steel plates with eternal wisdom sayings by the greats. I like them a lot. Beats many of the loos in Maryland bars, btw. (Ladies, I am not going to the public restrooms to get a word of wisdom, trust me. But it is a nice thing to have - regardless of the purpose of your visit...)
  19. Based on the renderings and on the deck plans - no. S class ships have a huge opening from top to bottom in the center of the elevator bundle, where the trees are hanging; they are inverted (elevator doors are facing outward, to the sides of the ship), and thus it is convenient for them to have glass walls facing the drop - and designers used this opportunity to the fullest, with all the nice decor of the library, game room etc.). Edge has a traditional setting - if you look on the deck plans, there are only 2-3 decks where you could potentially see anything outside the elevator shaft. The rest of the decks are just the stateroom decks. So in a way the Edge elevators all will be like the S class forward elevators.
  20. The only two decks that have such square windows are 4 and 5, and since on deck 4 there are no long walkways along the windows, this is it:
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