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  1. It was Bill's idea, but we are seeing an Amish pay on Friday afternoon. Back home on Saturday.
  2. This is not as easy as it used to be getting on board. We both are doing OK. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well. Bill and I are doing something different this year. On Thursday we are driving to Shipshewane, IN for Thanksgiving and to see an Amish play on Friday afternoon. We will come back home on Saturday. Kathy
  3. I see as they have changed things around, as I had trouble getting to reply. I know for Sharon the WW she was going to closed as there were not enough people showing up. So now she is going to another WW not too far away. Enjoy and have a nice Thanksgiving. Kathy
  4. Yes we did. We got back early this afternoon. It only took us 4 1/2 hours each way driving from our house to CLE. It was a very nice 8 days away and how quickly the time flew by. Kathy
  5. You see, Bill is retired from United, and we fly stand-by. So that is what we were doing going there, and we had confirmed seats coming back. So he canceled the return and now we are driving. It is only like a 4 hour drive. We would have had to leave 3 hours before the flight out of O'Hara, and we would be 3/4 of the way there. The nice thing about us driving we will not have luggage restriction, like if we were flying. Kathy
  6. OK, the first place team gets $40, and then the team with the most bocce's gest $30. Since we tied for the most bocce's we decided to split the money. So each 1 of our players gets $55. Each player has to pay $35 to join the team. We fly stand-by, so since the flights are all overbooked we are driving on Sunday. It is about a 4 1/2 hour drive, so not too bad. You are right, it will be good to be away from the jerk for a week. Kathy
  7. We leave Sunday for an 8 day trip to Cleveland to attend a convention. Kathy
  8. Yes, after a long and very hot summer, we all know all to well what is around the corner. Those other 2 teams that were going for first place are indeed sore looses. So we leave Sunday for 8 days in CLE. Going for a convention. Kathy
  9. We won our bocce game on Wednesday night. The games finished at 8:45 and at 9:15 it started pouring rain. So we ended the season in first place and we tied for most bocce's. Kathy
  10. We will just have to keep our fingers crossed as it does not look good with rain coming in later on today. Last year we finished in 3rd. So now we are in first. Kathy
  11. I can tell you this that the rain did not effect any of our plans. Even though it rained everyday, and it even poured back here a few hours once we got home. Now we have to keep our fingers crossed as our last bocce game of the season is tomorrow night and we are in first place, and guess what, rain in the forecast for tomorrow night. Kathy
  12. I have not seen so much rain over the past 3 days. It is still raining around here. Yes, something to look forward to returning to work, not. Kathy
  13. We left for Saugatuck, MI on Friday and returned this morning back home. I have never seen it rain so hard before all weekend long. Came home to more rain just now as well. But it was great getting away. Kathy
  14. Yes, it is nice him being away. This coming Friday we leave for a long weekend getaway to Saugatuck, MI. I am finding it hard to believe that I am doing so good with the weight loss. Kathy
  15. The jerk flew back to Florida and is driving back his Mercedes convertible. At least I have some piece while he is gone. I lost .4 at WW this morning.