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  1. Not even considering this year, next year, maybe 2022.
  2. Nope, what I meant, there are rules in place but some people don’t pay attention to the rules, that’s why I’m working from home. Same for the cruise, rules have been put in place, guidelines established but some people just don’t care! That’s why we’re not comfortable going on a ship now, maybe 2022.
  3. You can use it for a cruise in 2022 but you must book it before 12/31/21. I believe you can book a May 2022 cruise.
  4. I agree 100%, that's why I'm not going back to the office but, instead working from home. People who ride public transportation, know the rules but, try to circumvent the rules. Some don't care. Same would apply to cruising; so, enforce the rules.
  5. Unfortunately as things start to open up, looks like the numbers start going back up! I don't think we'll be as excited about cruising now, as we did back in 2003! It's just not the same feeling about cruising, 😒
  6. What about a cruise that we cancelled before the cruise was cancelled by Celebrity? Can that FCC be converted to a refund?
  7. Scotland Report post #41 Posted 11 hours ago Here’s what Costa(part of Carnival) are proposing once sailing resumes. http://www.sailcosta.com/8115_Safety/8115.03_FAQs.pdf I would imagine most lines will adopt a similar policy.
  8. Scotland Report post #41 Posted 11 hours ago Here’s what Costa(part of Carnival) are proposing once sailing resumes. http://www.sailcosta.com/8115_Safety/8115.03_FAQs.pdf I would imagine most lines will adopt a similar policy.
  9. Ok, we know that you will have to wear a face mask inside the ship (bummer), but what about the pool deck, relaxing on your chaise lounges? And are they placing the chaise lounges six feet apart on the decks?
  10. Absolutely, that's what we're doing in New York, ban people coming in from certain states; look at the US, and see which state has it under control!
  11. Hi, Nope, not I-- We've been cruising since 2003, and have NEVER removed the automatic gratuities AND have always given extra gratuities to the staff: cabin steward, assistant, butler, maitre-d, servers, waiters, assistant waiters etc. I was trying to extend some humor saying that the guy that brings us our soda, winds up with a 10 spot in his pocket. I do know how it got there. 😉
  12. Additional Tip goes to the pool, I agree with that. Some how, a $10 always seems to go into the servers's pocket, 😉 I wonder how that happens? 😊
  13. RE: have to sail by 12/21: not true, you have to book a cruise by 12/21.
  14. I tried last Saturday and was told wait time was at least an hour; after 1/2 hour, I hung up. Then on Sunday, I tried again as was told, wait time: 13 minutes; huh? Waited 20 minutes and got thru; so, just keep trying at different times.
  15. Pickels


    thanks for the info, I checked-- my past deposit was credited back to my account!
  16. Here's an issue to ponder---if you paid-in-full for a cruise that was cancelled and, you did receive a CWC voucher for a future cruise; would you have to make another deposit for the future cruise. You make a deposit for the first cruise; and now, you have to make a second deposit?
  17. I got two different answers from Celebrity, one said it cannot be extended; another staff member didn't say that it can't; said she was going to check to see if it could. It's very frustrating. I'm trying to go this route because I was told no refund will be provided. I've been very nice, [spent over two hours on the phone with Celebrity this morning], exercised a lot of patience; but it's going to get to the point where I'm going to have to escalate this matter.
  18. Can't get a straight answer from Celebrity, so, I'll present my question here knowing there are fellow cruisers who may have obtain accurate info... I have a voucher for a future cruise resulting from our cancellation of a cruise; the expiration date is December, 2021. Question: Can I use the voucher for a cruise in 2022 if I make the reservation before December, 2021? Thank you. Have a great day, be well, be safe.
  19. You're right twenty-knots; we had a cruise back in March to the Caribbean, total cost was just over $6,000, The same cruise, same itinerary, same cabin category, same [4] perks, for March 2021, cost: just over $10,000. Starting to make a vacation at an all-inclusive resort sound very inviting .
  20. This can't be right! Maybe Celebrity hasn't updated the website yet. I checked a cruise for next March 2021 to the Caribbean-- suite selection cost $10,000 for two. Then I checked the same cruise, same cabin selection but for November 2021-- same cost! That can't be correct.
  21. Pickels


    E-Mail; but based on the volume for refunds/credits/vouchers, it may take a while.
  22. Thanks Gordon; great pictures, we are hoping to cruise on the Equinox next March; the sister ship of the Silhouette. Thanks for posting!
  23. Oh that's really gotta burn! It must be some sort of automatic mailing, that they never got around to cancelling.
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