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  1. Not sure if Carnival stops there anymore or not but when we went to Cuba in 2017, we had to have a valid passport and a VISA.
  2. This was posted in another posting on that subject. "In December, Port Canaveral had facial recognition IPad like things stations that people with passports were able to go through. You just stood there and the machine would beep and you were off. No customs officer. I don’t think you’d be able to use these if you don’t have a passport."
  3. I don't understand why it's an unrealistic cost perspective when it's tax deductible and they get it back. I have done enough bulk buying to know that the more you buy, the cheaper it gets. Gift giving is suppose to be something that the recipient would use...not something that a lot of people have no use for.
  4. Then they must have changed it because I copied post #3 info right from their site.
  5. Debarkation depends on the ship. For our last cruise on the Horizon, we were Platinum and were suppose to meet in the middle dining room at 7:30. We got off of the elevator about ten minutes early and they directed us to just get in line and get off the ship. The three previous cruises, we had FTTF and were told to meet in a certain dining room. When they started debarking D/P and FTTF, they let us all go together. Maybe it depends on how many Priority passengers there are on that particular cruise.
  6. I have been a member of this board for twenty years and I don't ever recall reading where there was any trouble in the teens club.
  7. We always stay on the Panorama Deck and love it. Very little foot traffic because there are fewer cabins on that deck. We always stay right outside the elevators and never hear any noise from them. We too never hear any noise from the Spa deck. Massages don't make a lot of noise. 😄 At night while underway, if you go out on your balcony, you may hear some music playing from the Lido deck but it's not that loud. We like it because if you're enjoying the Lido deck, you're only one flight of stairs back to your cabin to use your own bathroom or grab something you forgot.
  8. I'm not an accountant but as long as what they give out has Carnival on it, wouldn't it be considered advertising and be tax deductible? If so, in the long run, it's not costing them anything.
  9. Not knowing what ship or what port, there is a good chance that if your check in time is 12:30 - 1:00, you most likely will be able to check in and walk right on the ship. Checking in earlier would mean that you would just have to sit and wait in the holding area until they start boarding passengers.
  10. That's not true. Our next cruise is February 27, 2021. Our check in date is November 22, 2020 and final payment is due December 7, 2020. I can even print our luggage tags right now if I wanted to.
  11. If you are gambling just to get the free drinks on us card, you are better off just buying your drinks. If you are gambling for the enjoyment of gambling and you hit the desired points, then it's an extra bonus. It's kind of like the VFP program. Do you cruise the 75 days to enjoy a cruise get away or do you cruise just to get free laundry and a luggage tag.
  12. Seeing that it doesn't cost anything to have your photos taken, try it one way. The following day, look at the photo and if you don't like it, try it a different way. There are photo ops every night.
  13. If you are playing the slots, insert your S&S card into the slot on the machine. You will set up a separate account just for the casino. Enter your birth date. Then set up a PIN. Put money into the machine and play. When you are done playing on that machine, tell the machine you want to leave and it will put your remaining money into that account. (If there is any left). Make sure you take your card back out of the machine. Now go to another machine, put your card in and enter your PIN. It will ask how much of your "bank" you want to add to the machine. Punch in those numbers and it will transfer that amount to the machine. Your "bank" is completely separate from your regular Sail and Sign account. At any time, you can go to the cashier cage and cash out your "Bank". Slot Players: Any guest who earns the required number of points during a single voyage departing from North America and Europe will be eligible to receive the 'Drinks On Us!' card. The standard point level that must be reached to qualify from slot play is 1,000 points on sailings less than 5 days and 1,500 points on sailings 5 days or longer. Table Players: Table players will be awarded a 'Drinks On Us!' card when they reach comparable table play. You will get 1 point for every $2.50 spent either in the slots or at the tables. As an example, you put $25 in the machine. You win $25. You now have $50. You play $25 again. You now have 10 points and you still have your original $25. If you are really lucky and keep winning, you could reach the required points by using your winnings instead of money out of your pocket.
  14. There should be a child size life jacket in the cabin. Check as soon as you get to your cabin. If there isn't one in there, contact your cabin steward and they will get you one.
  15. I do remember that at the Deli, they had two different kinds of cookies.
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