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  1. Must be the same recipe they use for their pie crusts. I've seen cardboard that was flakier.
  2. If your excursion says it starts at 8:30, that means that you should be at the end of the pier where all of the bars are. Look for a sign that says Submarine Excursion. Give the person your name and they will check you off. Then they herd everyone down to a pier where they take your photo. They then board you on a boat and take you out to where the submarine will surface. They unload the submarine (Probably not in your case because you may be the first excursion of the day.) Then you board the sub. There will be a worker on the sub who will explain hot to get out of the sub in an emergency. At the opposite end from where you entered, you can see the driver sitting in front of a glass wall. The sub has windows all along both sides. There are two benches that run the full length of the sub. There are pictures of fish identifying them so that you can tell what fish you see. Because we didn't go down all the way, we did just stay at 64 feet for probably ten minutes while the worker pointed out different coral and explained how much it grew per year. He also pointed out a huge black grouper. I seem to remember that full submersion was 100 feet down. Then we surfaced. The boat was waiting on the surface with new passengers. We got off and they got on. Then we headed back to the pier where we got on. On the way back, they handed out orange juice and went around with a bottle of vodka and spiked all of our drinks. They were very generous with the vodka too. 😃 They dropped us off at the pier and the whole excursion took probably less than two hours because we didn't go down all the way. If your ship is leaving port at 3 PM, I would get in line to get back on the ship no later than 2 PM. Everybody waits until the last minute to get back on to take full advantage of the port. Then they all have to stand in line and wait in the hot sun. The line will stretch almost the full length of the pier which is quite long. As long as you're in line, the ship will wait until all have boarded but no longer so make sure you're at least in line. I hope this helped and didn't scare you away from having a ball on the island.
  3. That would depend on what you do for a living. 😉 I wouldn't advise it if you were a livestock farmer or a sanitation worker or a stripper. I think you can thank or blame the airlines for the relaxed dress codes. People don't want to get charged more for the extra luggage they have to pack just for one or two dinners.
  4. I agree and most islands will have your specific brand where the ship is limited to the amount of brands they carry. And if you buy them in St. Thomas, you are allowed to bring more home duty free. I think it was five cartons unless that has changed.
  5. When you do your check in, it will ask who you want to have charging privileges on your card. If you put your kids on your card, it will charge against their folio but will also show up on yours. You will only be charged once but it will also show up on the account of the person that the cabin was booked under. As an example, I give my wife charging privileges on our card. She buys a tee shirt. Her folio number shows the purchase. Mine also shows the purchase. At the end of the cruise, only the charges on my folio are charged against our card. If you put your kids on your card, the gratuities will be charged against their folio first. As Sanger727 said, the best way would be to pre-pay them before the cruise. Or you could not give the kids charging privileges and just put cash down on their folio each day.
  6. 1. What I was implying is that by the glass, you get half ice whereas if you buy it by the can, you get the full can and a glass of ice. 2. It was not directed at you. It was just a statement of comparison for anyone.
  7. Keep in mind that they fill the 16 oz glass with ice first, then pour in the soda. You are only getting about a half can of the soda. If you buy it individually, you get the whole can plus a glass of ice. The Bottomless Bubbles package is $8.50 + 18% gratuity or roughly $10 per person per day. Will you be drinking more than 3 sodas per day? As others have said, you each can bring on 12 sodas in cans when boarding. You can also replenish your supply from the ports you visit. A little more work but a real cost savings.
  8. There's no need to apologize for asking questions. That's how we learn before we cruise. 1. Yes, the Lido Deck is the place to go. There are several areas to eat. Guys, Lido buffet, (By the way, there are two. If the first one is full, go further back and there is another identical one.), Pizza, deli, etc. 2. Correct. The way connecting cabins are laid out, both doors are side by side with the divider in between them. If you were to open the divider and swing it around to the bulkhead for storage, it would block one of the cabin doors. 3. Honestly, for all of our cruises, the hot tubs were usually full of people. 4. Can't answer this one, Haven't been on the Breeze.
  9. Our last cruise was on the Horizon out of Miami. When we got off of the shuttle bus and handed our luggage over to the porter, I told him that we needed the orange stickers. He put them on my brother and SILs luggage because they had FTTF. I told him we needed them too. He looked at our luggage tags and said that because we were Platinum, we didn't need them because it already had Priority on the tags. That was in February, 2019.
  10. Carnival is making their money from the first time cruisers. They buy more pictures, more t-shirts, drinks, bingo, etc. Carnival's cruises are usually more affordable and flights are less expensive than flying to a ship that would get to the Baltics. As long as they see their ships sailing full, they don't see a need to enter that market. As others have said, Carnival Corporation own other lines that go there so they see no need to sail Carnival Cruise line ships there.
  11. You and your Aunt will be able to check in as soon as you get to the terminal. Being Platinum, you will have early access to your cabin. As soon as you board the ship, you can go straight to your cabin. There will be a sign on the hallway doors saying that the cabins will be ready at 1:30 but if your are P/D or have FTTF, you can go in. The Sail and Sign cards will be in your mailbox outside of your cabin door. Your cabin is suppose to be ready but lately, sometimes they aren't. You can still go in and drop off your carry-ons though. Carnival has not changed to the self serve soda machines.
  12. You should have gotten in line. The most I have ever had to wait no matter how long the lines were is less than five minutes. The line moves real fast. And what a lot of people don't realize is that there are two lines. The one facing the pool and there is one around the corner towards the buffet.
  13. Yes, the shops are closed until you reach international waters which is always after 1:30 anyway. You would already have your card. Until that time, the only place to use your card would be at a bar and you would physically have to go to the bar yourself. If you order a drink from the waiters that walk around, they only take your folio number and the person ringing it up never sees your face. I can honestly say that even going up to the bar and ordering a drink, they barely look at you when you order. As others have said though, as long as it's been in effect, nobody has ever mentioned that their cards have been stolen.
  14. Both decks are covered. The Lido balconies are covered by the Panorama balconies and the Panorama balconies are covered by the Spa Deck balconies. We aren't prone to sea sickness but have never felt any more movement up there than anywhere else on the ship. We really like being up there. If you're out on the Lido deck and forget something, it's just a quick walk back to your cabin. On sea days, the bathrooms on the Lido deck can be quite wet and sometimes crowded. We just run back to our cabin and use our own.
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