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  1. Unfortunately, it cannot be purchased once onboard the ship. They only allow a certain number of FTTF for each cruise. Your only hope is that they add more. Keep checking daily and check around time for final payment. Some that have bought it will cancel their cruise and then those will go up for sale. Good luck! FYI, there is no guarantee that you will be on board by 10:30. Wedding parties are the first to board but the ship has to be cleared from the previous cruise before boarding starts. The ship could be late coming in, Customs inspection, people not getting off the ship from the previous cruise, etc. There are a number of things that "might" delay boarding.
  2. I don't want this to come across as being rude but think about it. If those four people didn't get the three bowls, that means that each of those twelve would be standing in front of you instead of the four. You still wouldn't get served any quicker. The workers would still be making twelve bowls.
  3. I still bring mine in the original bottles. I like the security of not having to worry if for some unknown reason we are delayed in returning home. I take 8 different scripts and just carry them in a separate shaving kit. I'll bet that those that were stuck on the Triumph during that ill fated cruise that had meds wish they had taken their full bottles with them.
  4. Technically I used the wrong word when I said opinions. It should have been experiences. Carnival's website does not say anything other than it's two twins beds that can be made into a one. As some have said, there are certain cabins that can't be made into one because of the configuration of the cabin.
  5. I'm not sure about Galveston but in most embarkation ports now, they have three lines. One for Priority, one for On Time and one for Early/Late. With Priority, you can check in any time. Without priority, you have to get in one of the other lines.
  6. Our last cruise turned out to be a Premier cruise even though we didn't book it that way. I don't know if they gave any out to the ones that booked it as a Premier but the free coil ones were hanging on the back of a chair in the casino the first night.
  7. I don't know if it's always this way or not. When we were in Grand Turk and went into the water, you would be walking along and all of a sudden, there would be a four foot deep hole. The bottom wasn't very smooth at all. It was all nice sand with no rocks but there were a lot of areas where there were holes (deeper spot). Not that big of a deal but it just caught you off guard.
  8. And your point is? You will always find numerous opinions on any given questions on here.
  9. First off, it's only a suggestion as Steve551 highlighted. Second, I interpret it as checked in luggage. It's putting a limit on the luggage that they have to handle. They don't really care what you handle.
  10. I don't have a picture to show you but they are not private. Anyone can look around the divider. Also be careful in what you say out there. You can hear every conversation from your neighbors.
  11. It use to be where you could print out one boarding pass for all passengers in your cabin. Then they changed it to each person had to have their own boarding pass. Now they don't even take them. They just scan the bar code and you use it until you get to your cabin for your S&S cards.
  12. We were on the same cruise that you were on and found just the opposite. Self disembark has always been the first to get off the ship. We were Platinum and Brother and SIL had FTTF. We were told to meet in the Reflections Dining room at a certain time. We went down there about fifteen minutes early. We got off of the elevator and tried to get into the dining room through the crowd. A worker told us to get into the line to leave the ship. Within five minutes, we were off the ship. We got to luggage claim and someone had taken one of our bags off of the belt and sat it with a bunch of other ones. Finally the other one came around on the belt. Customs was easy now that you don't have to fill out a form. They looked at our passports and waived us through. It was the earliest we've ever been off of a ship.
  13. After I retired the first time, I went to work at our schools as a Maintenance/Custodian. We had a salesman that always came in wanting us to buy his "great" products. He guaranteed that it would disinfect the toilets with just one wipe. He packed up his "great" product when I asked "What happens after one person uses that toilet? Is it still disinfected?" I had to laugh when they first came out with a battery operated soap dispenser for home use. It was suppose to eliminate germs because you didn't have to touch it. OK. Get soap, wash hands, now you have to turn off the faucet that everybody has left their germs on when they turned it on.
  14. There were a lot of people that commented on that. Along with forks was sheets, plates, glasses , backs of chairs, hand rails, etc. 🙄
  15. There was a woman complaining to John Heald the other day that she brings her own towels because she can't stand the thought of using a towel on her face that someone else has dried their "privates" on. I can just imagine the backlash caused by using a reusable straw. We have insulated cups that have straws in them. It's not that easy cleaning them let alone sanitizing them. The cruise line's excuse for not using plastic is that they wind up in the ocean. If plastic straws wind up there, what's to stop metal ones from doing the same? Personally, I've never seen a straw fly overboard.
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