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  1. I can see it now. In the future there will be all kinds of questions asked on here. "Can we make a copy of our shot record for proof?" "Does it have to have a seal on it?" "Do we keep our original in the safe?" "Do we have to guard it like we do our passports?" "Do we have to take it ashore with us?" "Can we laminate them?" For anyone that hasn't gotten the shots yet, the proof cards are 3x4 inches. Not something that you can just put in your wallet. What happens if you misplace it? Is there a record somewhere that you can get a replacement? Lots of things to think about
  2. The influenza rate was at a record low because of the quarantines. People weren't around each other to pass it back and forth. Kids weren't in school to catch it and bring it home. People were working from home and not going out in public.
  3. I heard Dr Fauci say the other day that we may still be wearing masks in 2022.
  4. There is something special about the cabins. If it only has a capacity for two people, there won't be any pull down beds in the ceiling.
  5. We like to cruise but I would never say that cruising is in our blood or DNA. I come on here to see what is happening with the cruise industry. There are a lot of things we enjoy but it's not the end of the world if we can't do some of them. Cruising being one of them. Until things return to normal for cruising, we "positively" won't even think about booking another one.
  6. Our Grand Niece is a pharmacist and deals with the county health. She found out that Rite Aid Drug stores was giving out the shots. She went online and found that you could register for the shots. She called me and told me what the online site was. I went online at 1:20, filled in the info and got an appointment for the first shot at 2:45 that same day. Wife went online after me and got her's for 3:00. We both went in at the same time. I gave them my insurance card and ID and they told me to wait until them called me. In the meantime, they called my wife over and took her
  7. I'm more worried about me staying afloat. They have more money to lose than I do. If I truly need something, either from a multi billion or neighborhood business, I will get it. At this point, I truly don't need to cruise.
  8. We were relieved when they did cancel it. We had a non refundable deposit and would have stood to lose $463 if we cancelled because we had paid $500 on top of the deposit.
  9. Our February 20, 2021 Mardi Gras final payment was due December 7, 2020. It was cancelled on December 3, 2020, four days before final payment. We had not made final payment and we were offered the FCC and the $600. By the way, we took the refund not knowing when cruising would be back to "normal".
  10. Your cruise is over a year away. I personally would take that tax money and put it in a separate bank account and wait until final payment to pay it off. At this point, we have no idea of when or even if cruising will happening by then. When is the last day that you can cancel for a full refund? Make your decision to either pay it off or cancel then. You don't have to be paid in full to get your refund of what you have paid.
  11. We have been on ship sponsored excursions where there was a full bus load of people. Not all of them are small bubbles.
  12. I get at least five a week. Most of them are casino offers. Some come with free drinks on us, most a reduced deposit, two cat upgrades, etc. Until cruising gets back to normal, we won't even think about booking a cruise.
  13. We replaced our pool and deck. Only time we see waves is when somebody cannon balls into it. The drinks cost a lot less than on a cruise. Granted, we still have to cook and make our beds but consider ourselves lucky that we at least have that for about four months a year.
  14. When we found out that there was a possibility (which became truth) that you would have to wear masks, couldn't get off the ship without going through one of their excursions, might possibly be guaranteed in your cabin, we kicked the can into the ditch right then. That's not cruising to us. We won't even think about booking a cruise until this mess is over. From what I've read on here, if you paid with a CCL gift card and ask for a refund, it will be with a CCL gift card.
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