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  1. We have bought pops/sodas at the ports on several cruises. Nobody ever questioned it when we re-boarded .The one thing we noticed though is that it tastes different because of the water they use to make it.
  2. 1999 Destiny...When we got married, we said we'd either do Hawaii or a cruise for honeymoon. We chose Hawaii and said at 25 year anniversary we'd cruise. At 20 years, wife's friend ask if we wanted to join her group for a cruise. So we did it five years early.
  3. Wife and I both got snail mailings yesterday for free cruises. Wife's was free balcony with $200 FunPlay and Drinks on Us and Hot Streak Bonus Offer with free Interior with $200 and DOU. Mine on the other hand was free interior with DOU and the Hot Streak Bonus was Exclusive Casino Rates with $500 Onboard Credit plus DOU. Looks like she's lost more at the casino than I have. 🤣
  4. Yes, the first day. And then only until everyone was boarded. What about 24/7 for the rest of the cruise. Three different banks of elevators manned 24/7 would cost the company more than what they are willing to spend. They are cutting back wherever they can, not adding staff.
  5. True, but the new elevators have touch screens which are just as bad as the buttons.
  6. This brings up another hot spot. What about all of the elevator buttons and the newer touch screens for the elevators. As mentioned in your other posting, low is not zero. To me, the way things look for future cruising is like buying a new car and not being allowed to drive it. Why spend the money if you can't enjoy it. Being served at the buffet doesn't bother me. It's all of the other restrictions that will make it not worth the money for us.
  7. Thank you all for the replies. We were thinking that it would probably take longer now. That and if and when cruising starts back up again, there will probably be a rush on everybody getting theirs either for the first time or renewing an old one.
  8. Has anyone had any experience with the turn around time for Passport renewals since the virus hit? Mine is good until February, 2022 but I don't want to wait until the last minute and not have it when I need it.
  9. Unless I read it wrong, the OP was questioning if the four of them would be seated at a booth or at a table with others. We always cruise with my brother and SIL. Usually, they put us in a booth. On our last cruise on the Horizon, we were at a table for four and there was another table for four less than two feet away from our table. They were as close to being a table for eight without being together. The eight of us got to know each other before long.
  10. We are both vaccinated but aren't about to step on a cruise ship until cruising gets back to the way it was before this pandemic hit. If the rumors are true about all of the restrictions placed while on a cruise, it's not worth it to us. We'll wait until we can go on a cruise and enjoy ourselves to come and go as we please. At this point, they can't even tell us how long the vaccine will last.
  11. John Heald posted yesterday on his FB account that as of right now, the only ship that currently has a CD is the Mardi Gras. He said that as soon as they start hiring them, he will post who they are and what ship they are assigned to.
  12. Again, that's not helping anyone that will only cruise from the US.
  13. I found this in an interesting article: Even though you have gotten the shots, it's possible that you could still test positive and pass it on to someone else. If that's the case, more than likely they would quarantine everyone. "Dr. Weiss agrees those who have been vaccinated should be cautioned that it's possible they could potentially transmit the virus. "We have seen that phenomenon with some other infectious agents, so it will be important to examine this issue for COVID-19," he says. Because there are so many asymptomatic cases of COVID-19 (more than with other viruses),
  14. Can you imagine what it would cost Carnival to move it's home port. They would have to build terminals to hold and facilitate the handling of passengers and their luggage. Hire and train employees to handle luggage and load supplies. Are any of the piers even set up for something like that? Most US ports that we've sailed from, you aren't any where near where they load supplies. In the Caribbean, you would have passengers walking down the same pier that has lift trucks going back and forth loading the ship. That's just asking for trouble. Speaking of supplies, i
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