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  1. This price drop is not a promotional fare. it is an actual drop in price. I would not expect any cruise line to ask for extra money for increases. However, your passage contract does state that they have that option. You know, I don't think the sarcasm helps when the purpose of my original post was informational only. Pure FYI for those who might not know Viking's policy. I did not expect a Go Fund Me account! Concerning yourself with my reading skills is not really helpful, is it?
  2. Yes, insurance is with VO. Had to do it at booking due to the pre-existing clause.
  3. Thank you for your thoughts. Many of your comments do not address my issue but it is kind of you to take the time to respond. As I was merely hoping to get the price drop of several thousand dollars it seemed appropriate for me to ask. We have cruised many times on lines and are not "nickel- and- dimed" and do not cruise on "cut-rate" fares. Again, I thank you for your thoughts but I doubt you really know if I will "get over it".
  4. I found today that our B2B2B for the Far East in October 2019 had a significant price drop in one of the segments. I contacted my TA re: this and have been informed that the price at booking is "locked in" and can not be changed. Interesting-- and I will never book Viking Ocean again. Stuck now as my insurance is paid. Just FYI for anyone who wants to book a VO!
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