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  1. I also loved the Encore. I am not a fan of the Prima Thermal Spa. I agree with you that it is narrow, claustrophobic, and the jets have the intensity of a 5-year-old blowing bubbles.
  2. I'm wondering the same thing, especially since they have gotten rid of all of the spa cabins.
  3. I was just searching for the answer to this question. Are the menus for breakfast and lunch the same as the ones for ships with actual Haven restaurants?
  4. A traveler's rules for tipping according to the Emily Post Institute (usatoday.com)
  5. You're welcome. That's just the way the spreadsheet was given to me. In retrospect, I could have changed that because it is difficult to read. However, I did print it one time with the intent of trying a few of them on my cruise (LOL) but am more of a wine drinker so that didn't work out. I'll try again in April. 😄
  6. Here are a few suggestions in excel format. I've had it for years and can't remember who to credit, but thanks! NCL Drinks (1).xls
  7. She's missing out. Memories are forever. 😁
  8. Having been in the Haven proper and also having a Haven cabin aft or forward outside of the Haven, I can admit that having a room in the Haven is a bit better because of immediate access to all of the amenities of the Haven. That said, when I have had Haven rooms outside of the Haven, I didn't feel like I had a diminished experience and enjoyed the Haven perks as well.
  9. Thanks for this information. I have the Escape coupon as well. I had no idea they even did this, so thank you for the heads up.
  10. Do you mean it was full after you bid or before?
  11. Exactly, I grabbed one in Dec 21 thinking it was included like in previous cruises and they charged me $45 and wouldn't apply the excursion credit. I'm also glad it's back.
  12. Me too! I had offers for Celebrity and RCL a couple of months ago that I didn't need and I just booked and paid in full for NCL. Just checked after seeing this post and there it is. I will figure out how to use it for 23.
  13. You're referring to the Jewel Class ships, not the Away Class ships, correct?
  14. Thank you! I just learned something. Will definitely save this link.
  15. It doesn't. Just keep the message with the link so you can access it.
  16. I almost pulled the trigger on an MSC yacht club cabin for my next cruise, but couldn't do it because the food and entertainment, from many reviews, seems a bit disappointing. I'm sure I'll try it for the value, but I'm looking forward to the food and entertainment on NCL Also, taking a first timer so at least I know what to expect.😊
  17. OP asked "Where does NCL fall price wise compared to say Princess and RCL? Best cabin type?". Does anyone have any recommendations on the best cabin type? I prefer at least a balcony on NCL has the insides and OV's don't have couches and I enjoy having the extra sitting room.
  18. That's exactly what I would recommend. I would actually even go so far as to order from Amazon before departure, so you can ensure sizing is correct.
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