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  1. My DW and I have always enjoyed getting to know a particular waiter in The Wheelhouse Bar or Crooners during our cruises. We often end up getting to know our waiter quite well, and they us. After only a couple of visits our waiter knows what drinks we always get and how we like them. On our last cruise our waiter in Crooners always know that I like extra olives in my martini. My question is, with the introduction of the Cruise Medallion, will that affect our continuation of this delightful practice? (The remote ordering feature got me thinking about this) Will we be able to tell the waiter we get to know where we will be sitting, or will he/she be able to see us and greet us at our table?
  2. My DW and I are going to be on the Crown Princess in February, 2020. This will be our first cruise on a ship with the Ocean Medallion available. Does it replace the old cruise cards? What are the advantages & disadvantages of the OM compared to the cruise cards?
  3. I know that Princess will let you bring on board 2 bottles of wine, one each for my DW and I. Is there a size limit on the bottles? Is it limited to 750ml bottles, or can I bring 2 larger bottles? Thanks.
  4. My DW and I will be in Dominica on a cruise stop next February. Does anyone have a suggestion for a good place to go for lunch in Rouseau?
  5. Yes, my DW and I just got off the Royal after a 7 day cruise on Saturday. We liked it. That is why the new Sky deck plan seems so potentially disappointing. I would not mind if they kept the Royal deckplan and Piazza layout.
  6. I hope that my eyes deceived me when I looked at the deck plan for the new Sky Princess! I saw no Wheelhouse Bar or Crooners Bar! My DW and I love to hang out in both, and if we are on the Sky Princess in the future, we will really miss them! What have they been replaced with? I, again, may have poor eyesight, but I can't find anything other than the "Crown Grill Bar" that could be anything like them. Am I missing something?
  7. Does anyone have a copy of Bourbons and/ or Scotches available on the Royal Princess that they can share? Is it the same on all Princess Ships? Thanks.
  8. My DW and I will be departing on the Royal Princess in December. I am, admittedly, one of those people who like to get on our cruise ship early. With the ship departing from Ft. Lauderdale, when is the earliest that we can board the Royal? We are not Premier or any thing like that. This is our third cruise on Princess, and we enjoy getting on board, exploring the ship and getting some lunch before sail-away. Thanks.
  9. On December 8, 2 other Carnival Corp ships are in port, Carnival Conquest and the Oosterdam. Will those have any impact on the Royal Princess berthing at Terminal 2?
  10. My DW and I will be sailing on the Royal Princess on December 8 from Fort Lauderdale. There will be 5 cruise ships in port together that day. Is there a way of knowing ahead of time where the Royal Princess will be berthed? Will it be at the Princess Terminal or another location? Thanks.
  11. My DW and I will be on the Royal Princess which, on our cruise, stops at Mahogany Bay. I have seen a lot of information about what there is at Mahogany Bay...the shopping, restaurants, and the zip lining, as well as the beach. I noticed at $9.95/pp opportunity listed to take a gondola chair to the beach. The website makes it seem like that is the only way to get to the beach. Is that true? Do my DW and I have to take the gondola chair to get to the beach, or can we walk? Are there buses to some other transport available if it is too far to walk?
  12. What does Princess charge for cocktails in the Wheelhouse Bar, Crooner's and the like? What (if any) is the price difference for a drink mixed with house liquor vs name brand (like Sapphire Gin, for instance)? What are they charging for single malt scotch? How about a good bourbon (like Maker's Mark or Evan Williams)? My DW and I have not been a cruise on Princess for a few years and I'm curious. Thanks.
  13. Just to clarify, I'm not concerned about the 15 Specialty Coffees that are allowed on one card. We do not use those much, if at all. I am talking about the unlimited brewed coffees you get with the purchase of a "coffee card".
  14. I have seen so many threads and comments about the new coffee cards on Princess that I am now thoroughly confused...so please forgive me for any unintended redundancy. I have a few questions: 1. I understand that the new "coffee card" is not a card at all, rather an account added to your cruise card. Correct? 2. Does the new coffee card get you unlimited cups of brewed coffee during your cruise? 3. Can I use the new coffee card to get 2 cups of brewed coffee (ie at the International Café) at one time? 4. Where on the ship will I need the new coffee card to get a cup of brewed coffee? 5. Will my wife and I each have to get a "coffee card", or will one suffice? Under the old system we used to get just one card and use it for both of us. Thanks. Your responses will help me, and perhaps others, who might be confused, understand the new coffee cards better and how they can be used.
  15. My DW and I are going to be on the Royal Princess out of Fort Lauderdale beginning on December 8, 2018. I noticed on the schedule that the ship returns from a cruise on December 1, but there is no indication of her being at sea between December 1 and December 8? Is the ship undergoing maintenance then?
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