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  1. I tried to price out cruises using the attached codes, there is no flash sale that I could see.
  2. I always start my cruise with an icy Miami Vice at the Sunset Bar!
  3. We have gotten the Arizona zero lemon ice tea and sugar free Vitamin water at pool bar and ocean view bar on the Equinox.
  4. I would love to know the week price on the Edge if anyone knows. Thanks
  5. Thanks for letting us know RE Feb 22,2021 cruise. We haven’t got the letter yet. We also don’t like the replacement cruises but find an Apex cruise interesting. Does anyone know if we book this Apex cruise on board within the next 2 wks; can our TA then transfer the $200 from the cancelled cruise as well as the on board booking $. ?
  6. It’s really seems strange that Celebrity would cruise to Puerto Rico on a 5 nighter. on March 6 and March 15, doesn’t it?
  7. My favorite is the Strawberry Fields at the World Class Bar.
  8. Thanks for the info. We are booked on several Infinity cruises next winter. Can you advise about options they gave you, specifically were you given certain cruises you could rebook, and could they guarantee your current prices on the new cruise.
  9. Thanks so much, Jim. It’s mentioned in the Daily’s under bars. Open 5:00 pm to 9:30 pm. Your photos are a big help.
  10. I’m on the Edge in a month and would like some more info / photos re this bar on the Edge. Is this a bar we can go without eating in the Grand Bistro? Any menus? is this a bar we can sit in?
  11. No need to book reservations in Blu- just show up when you want to eat and they will seat you immediately or give you a beeper and call you when a table opens up. The service is wonderful and we love the selection.
  12. We are on the Equinox now also, and we have had wonderful meals everyday so far!
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