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  1. From some of the sunburns I've seen on people during cruises I'm sure that would wreak havoc on the temperature checks as well.
  2. Actually, we've only had about 30 people tell me on the roll call that they have left. Before Covid we had over 425 people on the roll call. We are currently at 396. I'm sure there are more that have cancelled the cruise but didn't let us know. It will be interesting to see how many are on the TA (if and hopefully it happens).
  3. I just hope everything goes according to plan and we are able to sail on the TA out of Barcelona. Fingers crossed that borders open and no quarantine period at either end.
  4. That is my thought. They were ready to go into that dry dock when they arrived in March so everything is probably sitting there at the shipyard. This was posted today: https://www.diariodecadiz.es/noticias-provincia-cadiz/coronavirus-cadiz-ralentiza-reapertura-astilleros-epi_0_1457854639.html "We have always opted for the reactivation, but one of the conditions was that the security protocols were complied with. Masks, gloves are missing ... We cannot continue like this, " said Sierra, who has given as an example the situation of the cleaning staff. . "They have the same masks for days and do not change them," he said. "If this is happening here, we have been the first to start, to see what happens next week in Puerto Real and San Fernando, " said Sierra. This lack of means could be exacerbated if jobs that employ a large number of auxiliary industry operators are reactivated, such as the remodeling of the 'Allure of the Seas' cruise ship, which was suspended due to the state of alarm and which the works council trusts. to reactivate in the coming weeks.
  5. We had our carpet changed while we were in port on Explorer many years ago. We were asked to put all of out stuff the was on dressers into the dressers and to put our luggage out on the balcony. When we returned in the afternoon we had new carpet and just had to bring our luggage back inside and stow under our bed and take our other stuff out of the dressers. No big deal.
  6. Are you using our website? I have lots listed there.
  7. I would invite you to our house to clean our our fridge and make it pretty like yours but that would defeat the purpose of social distancing ;o) In the meantime I will drool over yours. Thankfully we are both safely working at home, but because of that there is no time to clean the fridge.
  8. You sound EXACTLY like irzero. Did you get blocked and have reincarnated as a "new" poster? Language and tone is exactly the same.
  9. Thanks for this! I find that very helpful. Hopefully they will be able to do the full amplification once Spain has reopened.
  10. My thought is that as you mentioned, Allure already has cruises booked in the Mediterranean until the TA in November. Once Europe opens up (and it will be before the US does), RCI will be wanting to be bringing in revenue as quickly as possible. I do not see them canceling cruises in order to bring Allure back to the Caribbean before it is time. Those cruises are already sold and they have guaranteed passengers for the Mediterranean season. Those European and Mediterranean ports are going to want to start making money, too. I wouldn't make any changes at this time. Your September cruise will most likely still take place. Besides, if you cancel and get your deposit back what are you going to do with it? If your cruise takes place you can always book another future cruise onboard. If it doesn't take place and they cancel your cruise you can either get a refund then or 125% FCC. You are better off sitting tight and waiting to see how things unfold. Spain is hitting its peak in the virus now. Hopefully by mid April it will be declining as Italy now is declining in new cases. Then they can get Allure into Cadiz for whatever work can be done and then open for business. Now is the time to remain calm and not panic about something in the future that might not happen.
  11. Well that's a bummer. We would love to have you up here in NE. Guess that leaves you with more $$$ for our (hopeful) Allure TA in November. Keeping my fingers crossed and thinking positively! Otherwise, just fly up here to Boston, rent a car and do a Canada/NE drive. We've been talking about it for years. You can fly into Boston, drive to Portland, ME, go to Kennebunkport, drive up the Maine coast then head up into New Brunswick, Canada and then up to Nova Scotia. I think there is a ferry that goes from Nova Scotia to Maine that you put your car on and spend the night. We've been contemplating that as a possibility. Or just drop off the car and fly home.
  12. That's way too far in the future to do anything. I'm not changing my reservation for the Allure WB TA in November unless Royal tells me something. Think positively!
  13. Yes, but if you have a septic system you should only use septic safe paper and those other places don't always have that. Was at CVS yesterday and there was only 1 roll of TP available and it wasn't that kind. Not that we need any. We did a Target run 2 weeks ago and each bought a 24 pack for each of our bathrooms. We should be good for awhile. ;o)
  14. At least you have an "in" on when the next load of toilet paper will be available! ;o)
  15. My mom got that offer. She’s supposed to sail from SF to HI on Grand Princess on April 20. She has until March 31 to cancel. I told her to wait until the 27th to see what is going on and then decide. They can rebook any cruise thru December 2021. She would probably do next spring since we are doing Brilliance from Boston to Tampa in November 2021.
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