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  1. Do you have to have a minimum number of people to book a 2 bedroom suite?
  2. Ugh. Not a fan of Giovannis. I was hoping for Hooked.
  3. What time did you arrive in order to board at 10 a.m.?
  4. Please come back and let us know what time you boarded and how it went. Does anyone have pictures of the waiting area at the port? I know it is Moll Adossat, but is there a particular terminal that the Oasis class ships dock at?
  5. I called and they issued me new tags with no problem. I wanted them to reflect my status since I keep the tags and put them in my scrapbooks ;o)
  6. I guess I just don't understand why all the fuss about the DL. I think the 3 free drinks in other venues is a fantastic idea. "Spread the wealth" so to speak. I would much rather be able to get a free drink at a venue I'm in rather than getting stuck in one location since I also understand you aren't allowed to take your drinks out of the DL (unless I'm wrong on that). Plus, having the drinks at other venues allows Ds to stay with their non-D friends or family members. I will finally reach Diamond status on our TA next year, but it sure won't be any fun to go to the DL without my roommate who will become a "lowly" Platinum on the TA. But then again, I'm not a boozer cruiser so it isn't that important to me.
  7. I guess I will just have to be there extra early ;o) I definitely will. I don't plan on doing another suite unless the cruise is 10 days or longer. Jr. Suite is fine.
  8. I know that, John. We've already got some Pins signed up on our Roll Call. Then again, they owe me a seat and a drink in the SL for all my hard work on our website and spreadsheet ;o) Couldn't do TA this year and I wanted to do it next year anyway. 400 year anniversary of my Mayflower ancestors crossing the pond, ya know! We also chose the GS due to the "crowded" conditions onboard the ship for the TA. If I want to hide I have plenty of space in my cabin and big balcony. Oh, and thanks for the food porn. I'm hungry now, too!
  9. How early was early for you? I have a GS for next year's Allure WB TA and we plan on eating most meals in CK. We aren't big drinkers, but a splurge on our cruise with a pre-dinner cocktail would be lovely. I'm an early bird so how early should we show up to get a seat in the SL for our pre-dinner cocktail?
  10. Just show up at the pier whenever you want. I've never had any time enforced.
  11. I am sooooo jealous of that 1 day to go! Mine would read "548 days to go". Have a WONDERFUL cruise!
  12. I booked a GS for our Allure WB TA next year and I am really looking forward to all the perks (not to mention the space!).
  13. I've done Radiance class (Jewel) and was bored out of my skull with little to do. We love Voyager class. Been on all except Voyager. Perfect size. Been on Freedom and it felt much more crowded than Voyager class. Now we are trying Allure next year on the fall TA. We had heard many times that people went on the ship for a week long cruise and didn't get to experience everything. With a TA we get 2 weeks to explore and we also got a Grand Suite so if it does feel crowded we can retreat to our extra spacious cabin and balcony. Plus the Coastal Kitchen and Suite Deck in the front of the ship are also nice perks.
  14. If you are booked on the 11/1/20 Allure TA come over to the roll call board. I started a thread there and we've already started chatting. There are a few there who have also booked Star Class for the TA.
  15. I'm wondering if that Allure March TA glitch was indeed a glitch. There has been talk for quite some time that the spring "TA" would be a non-revenue trip to prep the ship for dry dock.
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