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  1. Ive been to Rome thee times and we always use Rome In Limo for our excursions. My first was very similar to your in and out of Barcelona and a 12 hr stop in Rome. Rome In Limo do a great private tour for 8ea and we focused on the Vatican and Colosseum and a few other main sites. Enjoy your visit to my favorite city in the world.
  2. Hey Larry and Barbara, This is Larry aka (SOFTAIL) I see you are on the roll call for the Solstice Hawaii on 4-30-18. Are you still taking this cruise? We are on it and would love to see you. Larry
  3. Yes indeed me too. Just make sure they are longer than 7 days cruises. :D
  4. I agree that they were both listed on this site. But as of now they are both gone from the 2018 dates?
  5. Rumor is that at the end of season in Sydney she will sail to Europe through the Suez canal to start cruising there. Hopefully a different S class ship will do the Sydney to Honolulu and Honolulu to Vancouver then Alaska for the summer
  6. I stayed at the Cesari in September and location was most important to me. It's a nice hotel in a great location withs lots of places to eat at close by. Has a very nice roof top bar and dining area. The Bracco is 4 star in a more upscale area. So I'm sure it may be nicer but location always is my number one criteria. Bottom line your in Rome and on vacation. How bad can it be lol.
  7. 6-1-17 6-8-17 6-15-17 6-22-17 6-29-17 All 7 day cruises out of Stockholm RT
  8. Captains club members get 50% deposit also 1 cat upgrade
  9. 5-8-17 6-19-17 7-31-17 9-11-17 Reflection 8-28-17 Connie No overnights just 1 day stop
  10. Well as of right now i see no reason to book. The prices are way high the drinks packages obc etc is gone.
  11. Ok thanks. Have you received an email today?
  12. So if its on the Website for booking now then whats the purpose of Captains Club? I thought we had 3 days before the general public?
  13. So has anyone received an email today from Celebrity concerning the European booking? If so any perks obc/cat upgrade/red deposit etc.
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