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  1. I don't even have the medallion app, and I got the email. Definitely spam, IMO.
  2. Not just Princess, but ALL cruise lines.
  3. Selfishly speaking, August 1 would be perfect. My cruise leaves on the 9th. But I'd rather have a cancelled cruise and a 100% chance of not catching COVID-19 than a cruise and a "small chance".
  4. Agreed that they'll be under contract, but I doubt they'll "force" anyone to go on board. Hence the volunteer comment, IMO.
  5. It was a quarantine, not isolation. The quarantine was to keep the people on board, not essentially keep them away from each other while on board.
  6. There shouldn't be any issues. The weather is always a crapshoot in Alaska anyway. It's just as likely to rain as it is be sunny, sometimes all within the same hour. Even if you went in July, you should pack a rain parka. Go, enjoy, you won't regret it!
  7. Doesn't say. But MY guess is why take a chance? Even if it's a PR thing, at least new passengers will know that the ship is 100% clean then.
  8. Oops. I always forget my browser at work allows me to see WSJ articles since my company pays for it. Basically, the ship is going to undergo a very DEEP cleaning, not just on the surface. All surfaces, air ducts, etc. All linens and towels completely replaced. And then back in service in April.
  9. I posted this link on the previous page: https://www.wsj.com/articles/coronavirus-cruise-ship-will-set-sail-again-in-aprilafter-a-thorough-cleaning-11582195707 Sharing it here for those who missed it.
  10. Check the cancellation policy of your current TA. It may actually cost you more money to move the booking than what you could possibly save.
  11. Personally, I'd do Fairbanks. But only because it's surprisingly cheaper to fly there than to Anchorage from Chicago! (Plus I've already been to Anchorage and I'd love to see Fairbanks.)
  12. I seem to recall there being an article that someone posted on here (or was it Facebook?) that the ship will go into drydock and there will be a deep cleaning and disinfecting done. No idea for how long. ETA: Looks like April: https://www.wsj.com/articles/coronavirus-cruise-ship-will-set-sail-again-in-aprilafter-a-thorough-cleaning-11582195707
  13. MAJOR breakthrough in the mapping the virus: https://www.livescience.com/coronavirus-spike-protein-structure.html Even though a vaccine is 18-24 months away, this discovery helps immeasurably.
  14. It's pandemic in terms of its spread across China. Thankfully it hasn't reached worldwide proportions, regardless of the few cases outside of China. When it starts to spread over other countries the way it has in China, then we should be concerned. IMO, it's probably the lack of any decent healthcare in the rural areas that has caused it to really "explode".
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