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  1. I've got 2 cruises and an all inclusive to Cancun booked currently..... all booked between August 1 and September 13. Right now I'm 76 days from Cancun, 303 days until my Celebrity cruise, and 576 days until my Panama cruise with Princess. When I booked my Princess cruise it was 642 days out at that time. I do tend to book things pretty far out sometimes. 😊
  2. And I was able to finally get mine done. I remained on hold for over 45 minutes before giving up, but I was able to chat online with someone on Celebrity website and they got it done for me. I suspect I wasn't the only one calling today...
  3. I'm doing that right now. Not going to take the chance. And thanks to all who answered!
  4. I haven't read through the entire thread to see if this was answered or not, but does anyone know, for those of us who booked BEFORE this charge was implemented, that we'll be charged this fee if we wanted to upgrade to the higher drink package? So basically the $10 pp per day, plus the additional gratuities, PLUS this fee to upgrade? If so, that will really and truly suck.
  5. First of all I'll say this: I've never been on a NCL cruise, nor have I been on a cruise where a port was missed for any reason. With that said, the people on that cruise need to take a step back and look at the reasons why safety is paramount. While I'd also be upset, I wouldn't be upset with the cruise line. Sometimes vacations just don't work out because of weather, it could happen with any vacation. But as for that 25% credit? I'll take it if they don't want it! By the way, the one time I had a cruise "affected" by high winds was a cruise I had sailing out of Long Beach. High winds forced us to go to San Pedro to board the ship. We were instructed to go to Long Beach as scheduled and Carnival would transport us, free of charge, to the new port. It did not cost us any time nor did it delay us leaving. But to heard the complaints from the people on board, it was like someone called their momma a bad name. Matter of fact, the only "negative" I can think of about the change of port is that it was Memorial Day weekend and the USS Iowa is stationed in San Pedro, so they had a TON of visitors to that port that weekend, making traffic a nightmare. I wasn't driving, so I didn't care. Anyway, props to the NCL crew that had to deal with that chaos. They excelled under extremely difficult circumstances.
  6. Maybe I'm the only one, but I cannot help but chuckle about this. Not the situation on the cruise, but that the OP is named "verizon" and they start a thread that says, "Can you hear me?" Methinks we've been had...
  7. I'm the type to turn things over to lost and found if they're unattended for that long. That way when people come back to collect their items, after not using the chairs at all for the entire day, they know where to get them! I'm nice that way.
  8. You obviously must look extremely young to be turned away!
  9. You ain't the only one! But good to know that there are no required shots!
  10. You need to bring home the bacon to afford these.
  11. Di, you were far from alone in your difficulties: https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/tour-company-thomas-cook-ceases-013726732.html
  12. If it was me, before leaving the hotel I would've made sure i had a 100% refund on what i paid. Otherwise they better have a room for me. That's inexcusable, regardless of the company going out of business or not.
  13. While I know you're joking, that would be impossible to do though... You can only have either a passport card or a passport book, not both. Be that as it may, it truly is best to just get a passport book and alleviate any issues.
  14. A passport book is the way to go to eliminate any and all issues. This way you can travel the world as well. I just hope Bob & Sue come back to let us know when they get their new passports!
  15. It may not be Celebrity requesting this, it may be one of your destinations. Who knows? Best bet, get a passport book and have a stress free wait until vacation. By the way, I needed to get a new passport because I thought I had lost my previous one (I didn't, but that's another story...). I expedited it and got it within weeks. So if you're going to get a book, better to do it right away.
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