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  1. Carnival Corp. is working with eMed on this: https://cruiseradio.net/carnival-cruise-line-now-accepting-at-home-covid-19-test-results/
  2. I'm hoping the need for an antigen test isn't carried forward to 2022. Especially 2 days prior to the cruise. There is no way I can do it since we've already booked our flight and hotel to be there 2 days prior to the cruise. 3 days before I can do, but probably not 2 days. That's definitely worrisome. (I have no problems with getting a test, it's just the amount time prior.)
  3. You got lucky then. It makes one wonder why they felt the need to "upgrade" you when they already had a cabin available to give to the people who originally tried to get your booked cabin. Makes no sense to me.
  4. Assuming cruise lines will still require this in 2022, I'm eager to hear how people's tests went in terms of timing. We I fly out for my cruise in February, I'm flying out 2 days prior to my cruise, so I'll need to be tested the day before I leave! Thankfully, Princess is accepting Antigen tests.
  5. In all my years of cruising, I've never had either occur in terms of it just happening without me knowing. However I did get a phone call once to see if I wanted to upgrade to a mini-suite, though I had to pay for it. I had to pay an additional $300 total. Had I booked it, it would've ben significantly more. It ended up being a great surprise for my wife for her birthday cruise.
  6. I go on cruises to get away from my cell phone.... I use it in port, I use it to take pictures, and that's it. I've never been on a Princess ship before, so I'm definitely wonder how these medallions work and why we need our cell phones....
  7. Thanks! Celebrity did, but I still got dressed up. For Alaska I wore the jacket, for the Caribbean I did not. For my upcoming cruise, I definitely plan on getting dressed up. Unlike many, I actually enjoy getting dress up on occasion.
  8. That'll be a problem for me if the require a collar, I have dress banded collared shirts that I wear with a jacket. I have not worn a tie in over 10 years. On the non-formal nights on Celebrity, I do tend to wear jeans (mainly black or dark blue) and collared shirts. Though my shirts tend to be of the Hawaiian variety. Acceptable on Princess?
  9. Well, this creates a massive problem for me and my wife. For our next cruise we'll be flying in 2 days prior to our cruise. Hopefully this will change by the time we cruise, otherwise I don't know what we're going to do. Our travel plans are already set.
  10. The question asked wasn't Princess specific nor did you indicate you only meant Princess. However, if one cruise line is allowing B2B cruises, I'm sure others will as well. Edit to add: To further answer Daniel's question, there are no Panama cruises available prior to Nov. 1st. However, in a normal year, I think Princess offered Panama cruises only in Feb./March and Nov./Dec. Their first 15-day cruise is Nov. 7th this year going to Hawaii.
  11. The answer is "yes". Someone posted that they're doing a B2B on Edge the end of this month: LINK However, the answer is "no" for any cruises 14 days or longer in 2021.
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