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  1. We've become such an "all or nothing" world....
  2. I've seen that as well. There are MANY very knowledgeable people in a thread on the Celebrity side of the board called "Are Vaccines the light at the end of the tunnel?" who have mentioned this. 99% of what I've learned about the virus and the vaccines has come from there because actual doctors. et al, have commented and offered their insight. Just another reason why this is such a great site and message board.
  3. Over a decade ago I had some rather major neck surgery performed on me. I had very good odds of pulling through just fine, but there was a chance things could go wrong. I had a blown disc pressing up against my spinal cord. I forget the odds that I could end up paralyzed after the operation (I think 10-15% chance), but I had a 100% chance of eventually being paralyzed if I did nothing. I know you didn't ask me that question, but hell yes I'd do it. Just like I got my shot. Always got with the odds.
  4. I have friends who are not anti-vaxxers, but they didn't want to get vaccinated because of them being so "unknown". BUT the moment they got a great deal on a cruise, they got their J&J shot. Not kidding. They didn't do it for their health, they did it 'cause they wanna cruise dammit! Whatever it takes, I suppose.
  5. And yet she couldn't answer a simple yes or no question that Dr. Fauci had already answered days before. She was asked about whether masks still needed to be worn outside. And, yes, I'll hammer away at that because anyone who is somewhat sensible knew the answer to it. She had to "refer it to other people" and get back to the reporter with a response later on. That does not exactly "scream" qualified, IMHO. Seriously, if not for Dr. Fauci recommending mask, social distancing, etc., I truly wonder what the CDC would've done. Because all they did as follow suit and recommend w
  6. And this is a bad thing? I'd take a 6% chance over a 100% chance of being infected. And even then, if you're vaccinated, the effects of the virus will most likely be far less than if you were unvaccinated.
  7. Welllllll..... they have been cruising for months now. Since, IIRC, last August or September.
  8. Correct, but there's a FAR less chance of infection. And even if there is, odds are that people won't be nearly as sick as they would be if they were unvaccinated. Vaccines are not a "silver bullet", the vaccines, for most part, make the virus far less deadly to those who catch it.
  9. We're there. Many states are asking the government to stop sending additional doses because they're going unused. It's not because every adult has been vaccinated though, it's because there are people refusing to get vaccinated for some reason or another that's not based in science.
  10. They're anti-vaccine until they're not. If they want their kids to go back to school, odds are they'll need to be vaccinated. And, unless I misheard it this morning, kids are having a far better reaction to the vaccine than adults in terms of fighting off the virus.
  11. CDC is taking the "Chicken Little approach" to this now. Look, we need a true authority on what's going on right now. And the only one who has been correct throughout, even when ALL the scientists and doctors (including him) were trying to figure out Covid and the data changed, has been Dr. Fauci. Listen to him and we'll be fine. I have and I've made it 15+ months without an illness of any kind. As you mention, the CDC is using highly exaggerated data. IMO, the CDC is still stuck in August of 2020, while the rest of the world is operating in the here and now. Unfortunately, t
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