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  1. I’ll definitely look into changing my flights. I didn’t pay for business class seats to get stuck in the back row. It’s the reason I paid extra for the legroom.
  2. Maybe I’ll extend my vacation another day and check out the new TWA Hotel that opened up in the old TWA terminal. Sounds kinda interesting but a bit expensive for an airport hotel.
  3. Thanks for the heads up, yes I am on the 5pm flight out of San Juan. I didn’t know there’s was no other flights out to Toronto that day. I’ll definitely be looking at ATL bound flights instead.
  4. Thanks Cocopico and Jack. I also read 40 minutes is the minimum connection time at JFK. I don’t think that’s plausible in any airport. I don’t leave until October so I still have time to re-negotiate with the airline
  5. Not sure if this this the proper forum to discuss this but Delta changed our connection times between flights to only 41 minutes. We are arriving from San Juan to JFK airport and must catch a departing flight to Toronto Canada (YYZ) in 41 minutes. (I don’t know which terminals yet) Delta changed the original flight leaving SAN Juan to JFK and didn’t even bother to notify me. I had allowed just over an hour to change planes in my original flight plan. Anybody have experience at JFK with connecting flights to Toronto Canada?
  6. Thanks to everyone’s input. Tanqueray Imported although a good gin is the brands “regular” gin and has a different flavour than Tanqueray no. 10. I’ll just bring my own bottle, can’t have everything go my way on vacation just go with the flow and don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s great Viking allows us to bring our own most cruise lines don’t allow you to bring your own wine or liquor
  7. G&T with ice and lemons on the balcony sounds great! Thanks for the excellent suggestion.
  8. My DW and I like to have a gin martini at the beginning of our dinner. We prefer Tanqueray Ten gin, which is a “top shelf” gin brand for our martini. Does Viking carry Tanqueray Ten gin or are we going to have to BYOB (bring your own bottle)and will they allow us to bring it to the table like a bottle of wine. Not sure how we’re going to carry the bottle and martini shaker down the hallways yet!
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