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  1. I priced out my upcoming cruise and the net price after the 30% discount (with same offers) is actually $30 more expensive per person than it was last week. Not impressed.
  2. Yes, NCL uses the same method, and I sometimes find those tags on my clothes months later! Luckily they've always come off cleanly when I've removed them.
  3. I usually bring a small bottle of laundry detergent along with one of these, in case there isn't a good sink stopper in the sink: https://www.amazon.com/Self-Sealing-Universal-Kitchens-Bathrooms-Laundries/dp/B01LZFRWUQ I've had very good luck with the NCL laundry service, but I do a few things like delicates and swimsuits in the bathroom sink.
  4. In case it's relevant, here's the FAQ from NCL's website on alcohol consumption. I bolded a key sentence. I think as an aunt you won't qualify as an "accompanying parent." (This may not be an issue if you'd prefer her not to drink anyway!)
  5. Hi all - I combined all the Dailies into a single PDF file, in case that helps folks! See attached. 🙂 EscapeBermudaDailies_04-30-2019.pdf
  6. Adding my thanks -- these are very helpful for those of us cruising soon on the Escape!
  7. I moved towels off a heated lounger on the Jade last year. The person who left them was in another part of the thermal suite, and there was a sign prominently displayed right in front of the lounger telling people not to leave their towels on the heated loungers. I'm sure the woman wasn't happy, but she knew the rules and didn't complain to me about moving her towels. I made sure to also follow the rules and never reserved a heated lounger for myself and never stayed more than 30 minutes. If you follow those rules, the loungers can be enjoyed by a lot more people each day.
  8. If I remember correctly, there are single-sex relaxation rooms to the left and right of the main thermal suite area. They have padded chairs and ottomans looking out the forward windows. They were pretty comfortable, but there weren't a huge number of them -- maybe 8 or 10? I don't remember those ever being full. The heated loungers were often full, but not the padded chairs in the single-sex area. There are also a few padded chairs in the main (unisex) area, behind the loungers and near the thalassotherapy pool.
  9. FYI, apparently Viking Ocean Cruises have no kids whatsoever. You have to be 18 years old to sail with them. They also have no casino and the cruises cost an arm and a leg, but they have no kids on board.
  10. Maybe that's the next step -- the "how to make towel animals" demo is on Embarkation Day, right after Muster Drill, and from then on we get to make our own towel animals. :-) I enjoy the towel animals, but it has always struck me that they were a good idea that snowballed into too much work. One cruise would be an unexpected fun treat, but the room stewards would probably feel a lot of pressure to make them nightly in order to keep their passengers happy & get a bit of extra tip. If the ship simply bans them, that takes the pressure off the room stewards to do something that isn't necessary to keep the room clean.
  11. On NCL, I love a Rebellious Fish! Another favorite is the martini with cucumber and basil... whatever they call that one. But I admit that I usually start with something simpler, like a Prosecco or a glass of Sauvignon Blanc.
  12. I looooooved Greece. So amazing. But I haven't been to Spain or Portugal, so it's hard to compare. But wow, Greece is amazing. Spend some time in Athens.
  13. I loved the aft balcony I had 2 years ago on the Dawn. No problems whatsoever with motion or privacy. The view was fantastic, and we had a particularly large balcony. We had the room steward bring us a couple of loungers. Balcony size varies by deck. I think decks 9 and 12 have the largest balconies on the Escape. I'm in an aft balcony on deck 12 for an upcoming cruise, and I'm thrilled! I've also heard there can be noise issues depending on what's above or below the cabin -- but you would need to research that. Will you have a choice of cabin?
  14. I just noticed that Norwegian Cruise Line's website now allows you to view accessible cabins by checking a box during the online booking process. This is great -- previously we always had to call NCL before to find out if any accessible cabins were available for my disabled friends/family. I'm glad that NCL is catching up with what some other cruise line websites already offered. My friends and I are booked on a cruise to Bermuda on the NCL Escape in late May. I would have thought that all the accessible cabins would be booked already, but now that I can check on the website, I see that there are several ADA-compliant rooms still available for those who want to book closer to the cruise. I don't know if they have been available all along or if they opened up after the final payment date. But it's nice that a person can now check online rather than having to wait on hold for a customer service rep to check availability for them.
  15. I'll bet you will know every corner of that ship by the time you disembark! I went on a an NCL Norwegian fjords cruise last year from Hamburg, and about 2/3 of the way through the trip, we all found an unexpected $60 credit on our onboard accounts. No explanation. I went down to the front desk to ask, and discovered that it was a reduction in port charges and fees that had been passed back to the customers. The thing is that we hadn't changed any ports, so one or more of the ports must have changed the fees. It was weird that they didn't announce it or explain it. I think a lot of the passengers thought it was a mistake in their favor and just kept their mouths shut. 😄
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