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  1. Now Royal is banning anyone who has been i. Italy the last 15 days. I am thinking my TA/Med/etc cruises are doomed.
  2. Ok I did find this. https://time.com/5793068/trump-border-covid-19-travel-iran-south-korea-italy/ Sounds like a lot of hot air, but at least it is only the land border.
  3. As Americans who live in Mexico your post is deeply troubling. I am not seeing any reports of this press conference. Can you tell me where to find this? The only references I found mentioned closing the land border to refugees from South America and they were from a year ago. Closing arrivals by air and sea would be extremely disruptive to commerce and to the American expatriate community in Mexico. We plan to fly from Guadalajara to Florida to catch a transatlantic cruise. We would have to fly to Bermuda and miss the first 4 days of our cruise. We are not aware of flights from Mexico to Bermuda. We would have to probably fly from Mexico to canada to Bermuda? Where there is a will there is a way...
  4. Did your doctor diagnose and treat you for influenza or did you just have flu-like symptoms?
  5. We made final payment before the virus’s spread beyond Asia on a 21 day Tampa to Venice B2B. No doubt the Barcelona to Venice portion will have itinerary changes and will likely finish somewhere else. We had booked a non refundable flight from Venice to Istanbul on disembarkation day. No doubt we will have top book a different flight. Thank goodness for travel insurance. We also are planning to go from Istanbul to Athens 2 days precruise and a 14 day Med cruise from Athens to Southampton with stops in Italy. We made final payment on that cruise prior to spread of COVID-19 beyond Asia. We plan a week in London followed by a QM2 crossing to NYC in June. We then plan to spend a week with our daughter and family in Massachusetts before our return home JFK to Guadalajara, Mexico. We will do as much of this as the cruise ships and airlines allow. Last year, on a similar itinerary my husband and I had terrible cases of bronchitis/pneumonia while staying at a B&B in London. Since then, we travel with a stockpile of medication prescribed by our doctor to be used in case of illness. I am asthmatic and am prone to respiratory illnesses. We are not panicking but plan to take all appropriate precautions including attention to hygiene and avoidance of buffets and sick people. We shall see what happens in the coming months. We are due to leave home early April.
  6. My husband and I have booked room2 Hometel for a precruise night. We will be arriving by train and taking a cab to the port in the morning. Does anyone have any experience with this hotel? Thank you!
  7. Thank you everyone for your help and feedback! He is planning to wear the cream suit on an informal night. Cruise Critic is always the best place to find answers!
  8. Here he is in the cream silk suit at our daughter’s July wedding.
  9. Thank you for your response Stuart. He may prefer to wear this suit for an informal night.
  10. We are experienced cruisers but have booked our first Cunard cruise for the crossing May 31 Southampton to NYC. My husband has a cream colored silk suit. Would this suit be appropriate for a gala night with proper shirt and tie? Thank you for your assistance as we are considering our packing options.
  11. We are planning a week post cruise in Ireland and want to use a timeshare in one location. Can anyone suggest a city or town centrally located for touring the rest of the country?
  12. We are planning a week post cruise in Scotland and want to use a timeshare in one location. Can anyone suggest a city or town centrally located for touring the rest of the country?
  13. We are arriving in Miami on an International flight. We were wondering, in light of the government shutdown, how long it might take to retrieve bags and process through customs and immigration. I am trying to arrange a car to Ft. Lauderdale and wondered what time to tell the driver to meet us. We may just get a cab if that is easier.
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