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  1. Azulann


    I am bringing three masks with blue, yellow , Monet type vibe. I also have a red one I bought at Target, for the Viking color. I am wearing a N95 type mask on the plane though. Explorer lounge will be busy at the cocktail hour before dinner...
  2. Speaking of other media sites. I saw on Viking FB today a wonderful Welcome from the crew of Viking Orion. But I have no idea how to transfer a FB post to this thread. It warmed my heart, all were saying see you in four day!!! Maybe some one can post the short video here.
  3. As a Viking cruiser leaving for Bermuda in July, I would not cruise from any US port this year. I will have do a PCR saliva test on day we board ship , Bermuda has us doing a prePCR tests least 4 days pre arrival plus another test at airport then tests on day 4 , 8 and 14. berumda currently has 7 active Covid cases on the whole island. I appreciate the protocol that Celebrity had in place once a cruiser tests positive. But too many variables with RCI ships including Celebrity at this time. Hope Crystal has more protocol in place on their upcoming cruises.
  4. At this point in time ,I would not book a cruise out of Flloridq for all the tea in China. I am flying to Bermuda in July to board the Viking Orion for a 8 day cruise around Bermuda. I will jump through all the test hoops that they have, knowing both Viking and Bermuda are doing the right thing to protect both cruisers , tourists and citizens of Bermuda.
  5. Hope there will be a new Iceland thread about the actual cruises. Look forward to your report from the actual Explorer lounge on the Viking Sky.
  6. YEA!!! you are in final countdown. Do you have. along layover? I love our airport. I always get there early and have a nice meal and drink before going anywhere . Look forward to the trip reviews from you Icelandic trail blazers for the Welcome back cruises of Viking.
  7. Cocktail hour here in the North ... I will have a gin martini three olives, please. Bartender, please pick the gin. Weather is changing for the better. Bought my granddaughter her first ring with her birthstone , peridot. Bezel set, Sterling silver. She was sized to wear it on her middle finger. She is 11, then later she can wear it on her ring finger. Then when full grown , the jeweler will size the band for her . She was so excited. Now maybe she will not bite her fingernails so much when she is nervous. We are getting a manicure next week,: her , her mom and me. Whate
  8. Wow, what happened to moderators of these threads and forums? CC used to be moderated and posts that were not about topic were deleted .
  9. Hope you Trail Blazer cruisers start a new thread about your adventure once you are in Bermuda and on the Viking Orion! Good luck with testing and travels cheers to all of you 🎉
  10. No,, but they have liverpotsi in Mamsen deli. It is not as good as my grandmothers, but still very tasty. Also lots of Norwegian pastries and lovely lunch sandwiches .
  11. Thank you so much for the great pictures. the ship is indeed right next to the street. How cool it would be if one could come and go on your own. I hope Viking goes to Bermuda on a regular basis during the US Caribbean season.
  12. So sorry about the injury and cancelling the cruise. As others said, you could reschedule. for later this summer. I hope your DW still has a wonderful Birthday , just not on the Viking Orion.
  13. That is great news! You are all set! Have a fabulous time in Bermunda and on the Viking Orion. I will continue to search for a private lab /testing site here in the Twin Cities that is more in line with the cost you paid. but I am willing to pay $295 if I cannot find a better deal. My other hope is that in July Bermuda will drop its pre PRC covid test?! They had no new cases in Bermuda on Tuesday...
  14. Your question about the hotel will be answered quickly under North America Ports forum. Go to front page of Cruise Critic to find this forum. Congrat on booking your first Viking Cruise. I love Viking, my first choice now for crusing.
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