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  1. i see no one has replied. My suggestion is to post this on the Forum for the Caribbean islands. You will find lots of helpful folks. Be sure to go to the paticular island forum and ask where are the beaches from the port. I do know on St. Martin there are beaches close to port. Taxis available. I was there after a hurricane months before so no one was doing beach stops. They were still in recovery and clean up.
  2. Great ad. Great song. Geared to boomers or their adult children. Loved the ending. Much better than a former Crystal ad with a woman in a ballgown sitting in a tree, whcih made no sense.
  3. You might have better luck with posting this on CC main page under the country forum you will be in. There is always lots of talk about different private tours and reviews on those threads.
  4. I also bring some small purse size packs of tissue to take with me to use in port and on the plane. They always seem to come in handy.
  5. I love mojitos bu never knew they came frozen? Is the mint and limes frozen or are just juices ?
  6. Hope you mke it aboard and the ship does not leave without you. I remember when you were first looking at this cruise. Enjoy and please post during your cruise. And you are sailing Jim Avery, that will be very cool. Say hi to Jack Patti 💕
  7. Thank you for your detailed review of your family cruise to Greece aboard the Constellation. I love the M class ships and have sailed the Connie three times in Eastern Med. I always loved eating in the main dining room with great food. it is sad that the cutbacks in staff makes others work harder and longer shifts on board. You are so right about walking hazards anywhere in Europe and the crowds during the summer. We too walked down the donkey trail on Santorini . It was September and still in the 90's and saw some older folks take terrible falls. And I am older.! What a great gift you have given your boys with this cruise and trip . The best part for me is also meeting folks from all over the world. I have only cruised in Europe, with one short Caribbean cruise ( which was totally diffrent vibe) , and love the international favor of the passengers and their interest in travel worldwide.
  8. An overnight at St. Maartin sounds like a good alternative. BTW, let us know how the hurricane recovery has gone after one year+.
  9. ebtrip. I hope you post your feedback about the cruise when you are on board in April. I have bookmarked this cruise. I love the idea of another canel and three ports in Denmark.
  10. I want to do a cruise that stops in Denmark, but do not want to go to Russia. Trying to figure out a cruise with my sister who is a school teacher so can only cruise in June or July. Or try to fit in a cruise in the Carribbean with her during one of her week breaks. It is complicated. I could find a friend to cruise with and go anytime, if all else fails.
  11. Thank you for your detailed review as an experienced Viking cruiser. I hope to book my second Viking cruise this year. In the meantime ,I love reading the Viking forum.
  12. I loved reading the posts from the first WC and a couple of blogs folks kept too. Now SantaFe1 you will be on board posting here, not from your armchair at home. So happy for you and all WC's that you all took the plunge and are doing a world cruise.
  13. I agree with the writer's review in every aspect. Viking Ocean cruises adn their ships are exactly what I had been looking for. I used to think sea days were a waste of time. Not when in a Viking ship. I loved my 8 sea days on my 2018 Transatlantic. Will book another Vinkg cruise in 2019.
  14. Great live review and loved your pictures.. thank you for taking us along your adventure. As a first time cruiser, do you like cruising? Have you book your second cruise?
  15. Glad you and your TA worked out the Quantas air flights. i agree with others about trveling with others and booking excursions together. have the conversation bwfore you all book. Merry Crhistmas and Happy New Year. My vent is where is the live blog or live report of the next World Cruise folks for 2019? I so miss reading about their adventures.
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